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How Mobile Became the Go to Gaming Platform for Millions of Gamers

More and more people are looking for a good mobile jackpot casino for their online casino gaming.  As a result of this ongoing phenomenon, we are looking a bit closer at how mobile is taking over online casino gaming and many other aspects of life as well.

Which is Key: Graphics, Price, or Convenience?

Actually, all three are extremely important in making mobile the pervasive communications and entertainment medium it has become!  Which of these three elements is most important is really a matter of personal preference and taste. 

In this article, we at Jackpot Capital casino will talk about each in no specific order.

Graphics Keep Getting Better and Better

It is not a secret that mobile graphics were not so good when online casinos started looking into expanding into the mobile gaming market.  Without the great advances in mobile graphics, we are sure that price and convenience would not have been enough to make land based casino players or desktop online gamers into mobile gamers.

So, graphics may very well be the straw that stirs the drink!

Slots Rely on Graphics

Modern slots are stories.   This is borne out by the thousands of slots available online at the thousands of casinos online.  Every one of the few hundred game providers emphasizes their slots.  The game providers that can have a number of teams working on different slots at the same time can come out with a new slot every month.

That is exactly what we do at Jackpot Capital online casino.  Our exclusive game provider, Real Time Gaming, comes out with a new slot every month and we almost always run a new promotion based on that slot.

Many slots mean many different storylines and the need for realistic graphics.  When we speak about realistic graphics we don’t mean blood and guts.  We mean that within the parameters of an online slot, the graphics have to draw the gamer in.

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Once gamers are playing the slot, they need to be both entertained and amused.  Even if the storyline is somewhat sinister and serious, it is paramount that gamers be amused as well as entertained.  There are many television series or movies that can be categorized as comedy dramas.  Slots, in their own way, are the same: they may be funny and they may be dramatic and often they are both!

This combination of the dramatic and the humorous can only be accomplished through excellent mobile graphics. 

The Wild Symbol Has Become Truly Wild

Graphics have also enabled game providers to expand the nature of the wild symbol. It is no longer just a wild card as in some card games.  It may expand horizontally or vertically, it may get fat and cover more than one reel, it may stack up giving you many winning chances, it may carry a multiplier, it may stick to the reel for a determined number of spins.


We remember well when a mobile telephone was a monstrous device that not only did not fit into a pocket, it didn’t fit into most women’s pocketbook!  In some cases, it was hard to fit it into a valise, back pack, or other shoulder bag.

It was wildly expensive.  No one thought that this medium would one day soon eclipse all other ways of playing casino games!

The battery ran out of juice quickly.  The screen was minuscule compared to the apparatus itself, sort of like the first televisions that dominated a room as furniture but with a tiny little screen that some needed a telescope to see!  Just kidding but you get the idea!

Just as televisions are now sleek and thin and so much larger than the first ones, mobile devices have become sleek and thin and so much larger than the original ones!

Prices have come down for mobile devices so dramatically that many people can afford to buy a new one even though their old one is still very useful but it doesn’t have all of the uses and power of the latest models!

Is it any wonder, then, that online gamers have become committed mobile casino gamers?  Actually, there is still one aspect of the mobile phenomenon that we haven’t yet touched upon!

Has the Convenience of Mobile Devices Caused a Boom in the New Sofa Market?

We think not but the idea is that mobile gaming is so financially accessible and the graphics are so clear and precise that many gamers simply prefer to curl up and play on their sofa rather than sit down at their desktop to play.  So, those gamers whose sofa is not so very curl-uppable may actually be in the market for a new soft and cuddly sofa!

The convenience of mobile gaming has other manifestation in addition to the curling up factor.  Many gamers like to play for progressive jackpots but are limited in the budget they can put towards such slots because they have to bet the maximum to qualify for the big jackpot.

Mobile gaming gives players like these a chance to take a few spins every day on a progressive jackpot slot using their mobile device.  This means that they can play a little for the big progressive jackpot and spend most of their gaming time on any of the other 300 and more games we have on offer here at Jackpot Capital!

Mobile is Taking over at Land Based Casinos

Some land based casinos have set up a mobile gaming platform so that their players can play online through their mobile device when they go back to their rooms!  This may be the most ironic development in the entire casino gaming business.

It is like going to a sports event and watching the game on a hand held television.  It is like going to a fancy restaurant and ordering a simple hamburger.  It is like going to a concert and listening to a recording through your earphones.  But the convenience of mobile gaming coupled with the great graphics have made it difficult to attract gamers to land based casinos without a mobile gaming platform for those gaming hours people spend in their rooms.

Mobile is Taking over Communication

Social media are all products of the great advances in mobile in the last twenty years and especially in the last ten years.  As mobile has developed, social networking websites have been spawned to fill in niches in communication.

Even driving is now so much more dependent on mobile directions than on maps.  In fact, mobile directions can change in real time while maps are out of date the moment they are published!

We can only imagine the grand ways that mobile will further influence our inter-personal communications going forward!  One thing is certain: mobile will surely be the go to platform for online casino gaming for the indefinite future! 

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