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What Makes Jackpot Capital’s Mobile Platform So Amazing?

As we write this, toward the end of 2019, we are simply amazed at how far our mobile jackpot casino has come!  Our mobile platform has become in the past few years, the most popular gaming platform here at Jackpot Capital online casino.

It was not always like this at Jackpot Capital or at any other online casino.

Let’s take a quick look at the awesome developments in mobile gaming over the past twenty years and you will also be amazed at how quickly online gaming at Jackpot Capital casino has changed!

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First There Were Only Land Based Casinos

This is quite obvious.  Land based casinos are housed in buildings and the science of construction is already thousands of years old.  ONLINE casinos are “housed” in a place that only the most imaginative people could have imagined just a couple of decades ago: cyberspace!

To put it mildly, land based casinos had a big head start on online casinos!  When online casinos came aboard they usually had only one gaming platform, for desktop computers.  This was way back in “ancient history” in the 1990’s!

Online Casinos Begin to Spread across the Landscape

As more and more people bought early generation desktop computers and the internet began to become part of daily life for those few who were connected, online gaming started to take some hold on the gaming public.

First, people quickly saw that they could play casino games for short as well as weekend-long gaming sessions.  The convenience of online casinos became apparent and more and more people signed up to play.

At that time, everyone was playing on their desktop computers.  Then laptops began to make some headway with the computerized public and gamers began to play online casino games on their laptops.  But the early laptops were heavy and hot.  The element of increased convenience was there for the first few minutes but soon the weight and the heat became more than people could bear.  In addition, we were warned, especially men, that the heat from laptop computers was not good for their, ahem, potential fatherhood experiences!

So, gamers went back to their desktop computers!

Mobile Comes Along

Then another technological development caught the world by storm: mobile telephones.  They weren’t very smart, at least not by today’s standards, but they made communication faster and a lot more convenient.

Online casinos felt the need to bring along a mobile gaming platform.  These early mobile platforms were not nearly as good as today’s mobile platforms are.  This was seen especially in the early mobile graphics.  So, gamers went back to their desktop computers!

Another problem mobile casinos faced was that up to that point the game providers had formatted all of their games for desktop and laptop computers.  The providers had to reformat games for mobile and this wasn’t exactly the most successful way to present online casino games.

Laptops Come of Age

Finally, the technical geniuses found a way to make laptop computers lighter and less hot.  So people once again left their desktop online platforms and began playing casino games on their laptops.  This was very convenient and comfortable as gamers could play eb riytwhile lounging on a soft sofa or even outdoors.

Still, laptops are big and, as light as they are, they are still just a bit too clunky to excel as a gaming medium.  Gamers yearned for a lightweight gaming device that had a big enough screen to make the gaming visually accessible and clear graphics to make the gaming easy on the eyes.

Gamers yearned for a device that was so easy to use that they could play en route, while lounging on their comfortable sofa or even outdoors!

Mobile Devices Come of Age

The age of the smartphone and the tablet arrived.  There was much fanfare as communication remained fast and convenient, the multiplication of apps made it possible to do almost everything on a single easy to hold device, and, for our purposes, it was in the area of online casino gaming that convenience and technological excellence merged.

Who Plays Casino Games on Their Mobile Device?

It truly is too simplistic to say everyone!  Let’s look more closely at the mobile online casino gaming phenomenon because given the speed with which it has spread it is certainly a phenomenon.

Quickie Gamers

Some mobile casino players are very busy most of the time.  When they have a very few moments to relax and calm down a bit, they often go to their mobile casino at Jackpot Capital.  All it takes is a tap or swipe and you’re in!

When a person is stressed out, casino gaming is a very quick way to get away from the noise!  There are of course other ways to play games on mobile devices.   Games like Sudoku are not calming.  Many computer games are loud, noisy, even a bit mean.  They also take a long time to play out.

You can play slots or blackjack for a few minutes and each minute will be therapeutic!

Progressive Jackpot Players

If you want to go for the big progressive jackpot you can do so for a few moments on your mobile device.  Many people have won a progressive jackpot on their first spin on a mobile device during a short gaming session.  It could happen to you too.


Let’s say that you are on the commuter train going home.  In the morning, you worked on the train.  Now, hours later you just want to relax.  Put a slot on auto-play and lean back.  You can even drowse off and the game will wake you up when you get three scatters or more and enter the free spins bonus zone.

Relaxing at Home

You can’t go out every night!  The television has hundreds of channels and nothing to watch!  Whereas...Jackpot Capital has hundreds of games, each one exciting, challenging, and with potential wins!  The choice seems obvious!   

In Bed with Ms. or Mr. Right

Here is where the great technological advancements come to wonderful fruition for many gamers.  You probably won’t play blackjack in bed with your favorite other - or maybe you will. may choose to play slots.  A romantic slot for her or him and a swashbuckling slot for him or her.  The possibilities are endless.

And it is all made possible by that small piece of miraculous technology: the smartphone or tablet!

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