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Neon Wheels 7s, Spin Logic’s Newest Slot

Spin Logic just released Neon Wheels 7s, which is their newest slot and one of their latest and greatest projects to date. There’s been a ton of work that’s been put into Neon Wheels 7s, of course, and the whole development team at Spin Logic deserves some praise for what they’ve been able to create.

Neon Wheels 7s is a 5-payline, 3-reel slot that has the potential to pay out up to 50,000 times the max bet per line. It has tons of different features and outcomes, and the player can really get wealthy or at least make a good amount of money off of this slot if they’re persistent. Most of the math is weighted in the favor of the player.

Let’s dive into some of the biggest features of the slot and show it off!

Wilds, Multipliers, and Other Features

Spin Logic usually puts variations on the Wild feature in most games, but here, it’s pretty effective. Players receive a Wild that substitutes for anything other than a scatter symbol, which makes it much easier to win spins and actually make money. There’s also something called a Multiplying Wild, which takes any win that the Wild gets you and multiplies it times three!

Multipliers are another mechanic and feature in the game. The Bonus Wheel feature is probably the biggest source of any kind of multiplier: it features several different spaces that go up to 100x the bet in terms of a reward. You can play this Bonus Wheel feature whenever you manage to roll 3 Scatter symbols in a spin.

Finally, there are a lot of other notable features in Neon Wheels 7s. Things like Free Games, Extra Prizes, Free Spins, and a lot more are offered by the Bonus Wheel. It just depends on what you end up getting, of course.

Huge Wins and Payments

Compared to most other slots, Neon Wheels 7s offers absolutely gigantic payments if you’re able to score a win. 50,000 times the max bet per line is very substantial: enough to win you a significant windfall if you manage to score just once.

If you’re looking for a slot that you can play to set yourself up with some huge wins, you’re looking in the right place. Spin Logic always design their slots and their games to really offer a lot for each player: the chance of winning big is real and huge. It’s not a falsehood!

Definitely give Neon Wheels 7s a try if you’re looking for huge payments and you want to be sure that if you win, you win big.

Graphics/Visuals, Sound/Music

Of course, as with every great slot and game, the graphics and visuals are top-tier compared to competitors. Neon Wheels 7s features great graphics and visuals: but also stunningly top-tier sound and music, good enough to remain memorable even after you’ve walked away from the game. Spin Logic always puts a great deal of effort and focus into the presentation of the game, as is clearly seen here with Neon Wheels 7s!

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