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There are definite and specific connections between our Jackpot Capital no deposit bonus codes and things people can do at a land-based casino that they don’t do while gaming here at Jackpot Capital. It all revolves around the documented advantages online casino gamers have over players at land-based casinos.

So, let’s get on with the discussion!

What is a Bonus Code?

Here we have one of the biggest differences between online casinos such as Jackpot Capital and land-based casinos: online casinos offer deposit and no deposit bonuses while land-based casinos do not!

The deposit bonuses at online casinos often run into the low four figures! Online casinos keep track of the bonuses, the wagering requirement, and all other gaming data in our giant data bank of computers! Land-based casinos do not have such computerized data banks; they track their players’ gaming on the player’s cards each player gets.

This puts the onus squarely on the shoulders of players to remember where they put that player’s card and to remember to take it with them if and when they travel once again to that land-based casino.

What is the Wagering Requirement?

This is a factor of any bonus a gamer receives that he or she has to complete before they can withdraw winnings. The kicker in all of this is that online gamers can complete a wagering requirement at their leisure over time!

This might be a few days or a few weeks. Players at land-based casinos do not have enough time to complete a wagering requirement in the two days or less they are at the land-based casino.

The advantage here is entirely on the side of online casinos that can offer thousand dollar deposit bonuses that the gamer can enjoy for as long as they need to before they can withdraw winnings. No player at a land-based casino would deposit $1000 in order to get a bonus of $1000 only to have all that money sit in a drawer for who knows how long (forever?) until the next time the player is at the land-based casino that gave them the bonus!

This simple reality translates into two facts: online casinos offer big deposit bonuses with a wagering requirement and land-based casinos do not!

So, What is a Bonus Code?

At any given moment, Jackpot Capital has thousands of gamers playing hundreds of games and working to complete many wagering requirements. Our massive data bank keeps track of all of this data in real time! We connect your casino login with the bonus code for that specific bonus and that’s all we need to keep track of all of your gaming activity in real time!

Do Land-based Casinos Offer Anything as a Bonus?

Now we are finally getting to the list of things that players at land-based casinos do that gamers at Jackpot Capital and all other top online casinos do not do.

Here is the list of things people at land-based casinos do when they are gambling or when they are not gambling:

  1. They get drunk.
  2. They eat a massive meal at the buffet.
  3. They lose track of time.
  4. They turn gaming into gambling.
  5. They go to a show.
  6. They buy souvenirs and other useless junk.

These are the top things players at land-based casinos do. There are, of course, other things they can do such as use the health and exercise facilities of the hotel, play on the hotel’s in-house mobile gaming network, go for a walk, wish the weekend was already over, and many other things. But none of them are the things online gamers do when they finish a gaming session!

Let’s take a look first at our Top Six things to do at a land-based casino.

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Do All Land-based Casino Gamblers Get Drunk?

Of course, not.

But the casinos look around for players who are ripe for a few free drinks! That loosens one’s libido and it makes it a lot more likely that a player will turn gambler and make expensive gambling mistakes.

We often remind our gamers that fun is the name of the game and that they should eschew all alcohol until after the gaming is finished for the evening. Even one drink often translates into playing mistakes.

While most gamblers at a land-based casino will not get drunk, many will become inebriated. They also can harass other players. One of the least pleasant experiences any woman (and these days any man) can have at a land-based casino is to be harassed by a tipsy person.

The casino’s gendarmes almost always eventually escort the player out the door but the unpleasantness has already happened!

Eating Should be Fun and Healthful

Free buffet meals are a staple at most land-based casinos. They know that players will overeat when the food is free and when there is an overwhelming choice of foods high in sugar, oils, and other food items that cause players to become drowsy as their digestive system tries to deal with all that food!

Rather than go to their hotel room to sleep it off, most players will come back to the casino floor where they will be too tired to make good decisions.

Where are the Windows?

At land-based casinos, there are no windows on the casino floor. You would be amazed by how many hours some land-based casino gamblers lose track of time! We encourage gamers to set reasonable time budgets for gaming. When 30 to 60 minutes expire, we say: “close this session since you can always come back to Jackpot Capital any time you want.”

Since our gamers can play as often as they like, there is no reason to stretch a gaming session beyond what is reasonable. It seems that many land-based casino players purposely stretch a session on the casino floor since they know that they only have a couple of days at the most to gamble.

Stretching gambling sessions in this way often leads to a stretch of hours and not mere minutes!

All of this Means that Gaming is Less Likely at a Land-based Casino

We stress as often as we can that online casinos are the perfect casino type to turn gambling into gaming. See playing casino games as fun and as entertainments and you are well on your way to turning gambling into gaming.

It is true that people like to play casino games for real money. Sound time and money management go a very long way toward taking the gambling out of the activity and turning it into gaming.

Players at land-based casino do the exact opposite: they turn gaming into gambling!

Going to a Show and Buying Trinkets are Two Peas from the Same Pod

Casino shows are first of all way too expensive! They might be great shows but hundreds of dollars to see magicians and ventriloquists? Okay, the guy makes his doll “talk”. What kind of an adult hobnobs with dolls all the time anyway?

As for the magicians: whoop de doo for my Subaru! These are guys who have devoted their lives into tricking the people in the far away back rows that they really did make the coins disappear!

Casino village souvenirs are also wildly overpriced. Why people think that they have to bring something back to give to family or friends every time they travel is a boon to souvenir stores but it makes no sense given the prices!

Remember, sound money management turns gambling in gaming. Unsound money management turns shopping into blowing next month’s rent or mortgage.

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