Gaming Online at Jackpot Capital Frees up Time for a Real Vacation

What Advantages Do Gamers Have at an Online Casino?

Accepting the sign-up bonus from an online casino may be the most misunderstood aspect of online casino gaming!  That's because the Jackpot Capital online casino bonus is relatively modest.  So, what are the benefits of signing up to play at Jackpot Capital?

In order to fully grasp the many benefits of online gaming, we might look to other areas to see if there are similarities with online casino gaming.

A Great Meal at a Restaurant

If we could cook a gourmet meal at home every day, would we ever go out to a gourmet restaurant?  The answer is that, while we can prepare our meals exactly as we like them, and home-cooked meals are a lot cheaper than restaurant meals, we would probably go to a fancy restaurant once in a while just to give ourselves a break and to absorb the public atmosphere of a really good restaurant.

There are two points here.  One is that a restaurant meal will always be more expensive than one you cooked at home.  The second is that the atmosphere at a restaurant is often worth the extra cost of the meal.  If the atmosphere is blasé, if the service is wanting, if the portions are too small, you would likely never go back to that restaurant again and you wouldn’t recommend it to your friends.

Comparing a Land-based Casino to a Fancy Restaurant

Many gamers choose to travel to a land-based casino once in a while for the atmosphere alone.  There is really no other reason to make this expensive trip!  At Jackpot Capital, you can play all 300+ games at your leisure.  You never have to give up your seat to play a different game.

At Jackpot Capital, we run a promotion almost every day.  These promotions are good for cash prizes and sometimes for free spins.

People who appreciate good cooking will from time to time accept the cost of going to a restaurant.  The same applies to going to a land-based casino.  But what if the room in the hotel is not as good as you expected?  What if the only tickets you can get to the show are for 3:00 in the morning?

What if they offer you so much free whisky that you feel yourself making poor gambling decisions?  What if social distancing at land-based casinos in the corona virus era makes it impossible to achieve the camaraderie you expected at the roulette or craps table?

Overall, atmosphere is the only reason to travel a distance to a land-based casino and for the foreseeable future the atmosphere at land-based casinos may be lacking.  In addition, we can come up with many better reasons to travel!  The reasons we have for traveling are to have a real vacation!

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Spending Money on a Real Vacation is Money Well Spent

First of all, the possibilities for a real vacation are endless.  Not only are there thousands of excellent choices in your home country, there are many more excellent choices in other countries.

Now, we might not be ready yet to travel to a country or a region with a high covid incidence of disease.  If that is the case, then travelling to a land-based casino should also be at the bottom of your list of possible destinations.

If you are determined to travel, it is always possible to go to an out of the way place in nature.  Especially in developed countries, there are many state or regional parks where you can enjoy the great outdoors with little to no risk of catching the virus.

Concerts, Theater, and Sports Events

These are three of the mainstays of the “normal” way of life for most people.  Even before covid hit, we encouraged gamers to spend their money on non-gaming experiences.  But with the advent of the corona virus pandemic, we are doubling down on our advice!

If you want to spend money on an excursion, go to a stadium, a concert, or a show.  Follow the protocols and you will enjoy the event much more than playing the sane games at a land-based casino that you can play at Jackpot Capital.

One of the great benefits of gaming at Jackpot Capital is simply that you can enjoy all of the casino gaming you want and then you are free to pursue any other personal interest or to get down to work on a project with a deadline.

Broadway Re-opened and then Re-closed

We have heard that the many theaters on Broadway and off Broadway had re-opened a month or so before the omicron strain hit full force.  What would you have rather done if you had the choice: seen the Nutcracker Ballet, To Kill a Mockingbird or the hit musical based on 911 Come from Away or spend the same amount of money travelling to a land-based casino?

We suspect that Broadway would have won out!  And even if you can’t easily get to Broadway, there is local theater all over the USA and in every other developed country.

I am New to the World of Online Gaming

It is unusual to find someone who is still new to online casino gaming two years after land-based casinos had to shut down because of the pandemic.  Naturally, then, you would like to know what you get exactly for signing up to play at Jackpot Capital casino.

First, we have to point out that even as hundreds of land-based casinos shut down for months, Jackpot Capital and all other online casinos stayed open throughout each successive wave of covid!

We Offer Over 300 Games

Land-based casinos also offer a lot of games but many of their terminals are duplicates.  It might be that ten players can play the same game at the same time!  At Jackpot Capital thousands of gamers can all play the same game at the same time!

We Offer Many Promotions

We spoke above about promotions worth real money or free spins.  At land-based casinos you can get free alcohol and free meals but not free money or free spins.

We offer Safe Banking

Your money is a safe at Jackpot Capital as it is at your online bank.  That’s because we use the most sophisticated encryption software to guarantee the safety of your assets.

We Offer Higher Return to Player Rates

Land-based casinos have a lot more overhead.  It is expensive paying for all that “entertainment and atmosphere”.  So, our slots pay more than the slots at land-based casinos.

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We are sure that you will discover many more advantages of gaming at Jackpot Capital over gaming at a land-based casino. JOIN JACKPOT CAPITA CASINO NOW!

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