We made it! With years of safe and secure game options, a whole lot of Vegas-worthy bonuses, new games every month and an overall thrilling playing experience, we’re proud to announce that Jackpot Capital has been awarded the prestigious OCR Seal of Approval! This is a massive accomplishment for any online gaming website, and more importantly, it gives you, the player, a friendly reminder that we’re here to give you only the best of the best when it comes to doing what you love - Playing great games and winning bonus cash!

 OCR Seal of Approval

As you may imagine, all of us here in the office were incredibly happy to be rewarded with such recognition; while having such a coveted icon on our site is one of the highest honors you can receive, what more so touched our hearts, is to see that all of the hard work we put into what we do pays off - it makes people happy! The players (You!) feel safe playing with us, you feel confident in our ability to provide you with exactly what we promise (and more!), you know that we are here for you in a time of need or panic; you TRUST us!

The trust between the customer and a business is a trust not easily built, but very easily broken, and for all of us here in the Jackpot Capital office, knowing we have your trust gives us the motivation to just get better and better!

The Criteria is “In The Cards!”

Have you been an avid gamer for years and have yet to hear about the OCR Seal of Approval? Well, prepare to be enlightened, as once you discover just exactly what this Seal of Approval represents, you’ll surely be checking for it before your next game round!

The OCR Seal of Approval (or, badge of honor, really!) is an internationally recognized stamp amongst the iGaming industry, a stamp which follows high standards on regulations for the many online casino websites available today. Why is such a credit necessary? Players always want to feel safe when they spend their hard earned money doing what they love, and let’s face it, we all like to have fun - without the risk!

In efforts to bring awareness to safe, secure and fair gaming, the OCR Seal of Approval was established and has since been helping worldwide players find a quality gaming experience - like the Virtual Vegas you’ll find here with us, at Jackpot Capital!

For your own personal knowledge, online casino’s may only receive an OCR Seal of Approval when they rank with 4 stars or more (based on the OCR criteria): Commitment to quickly resolving player complaints, a clean reputation, industry seniority, while they also measure site speed, responsiveness, conduct software tests - It’s like that one exam you just have to pass!

The OCR is widely recognized within the iGaming industry as the literal “Stamp of Approval”, so when we (Jackpot Capital) were notified of such an honor, well, you could just say we were thrilled at the news (and not entirely surprised - We’ve been working hard to make players happy!)

 OCR Seal of Approval

What’s Our Claim to Fame?!

You must be wondering - What, exactly, did Jackpot Capital get recognized for? We’ve been making Vegas dreams come true for quite a long time, so what gave notice to the kind folks at OCR?

As mentioned above, the OCR are always performing tests on the many online casino sites, at a very frequent increment, and by consistently passing all of their test with flying colors, OCR thought it was about time Jackpot Capital received their official OCR Seal of Approval! Our hard working staff are always finding innovative ideas and solutions for how to improve our website, customer service and overall gaming experience, making this surely a cause for celebration!

Additionally, OCR has commented that our incredibly user friendly website stood out amongst competitors, and with help from our new design earlier this year, player feedback has been above and beyond! What’s more, with minimum 1 new game every month, we’ve managed to feed the demand of new opportunities for our players - a definite plus!

Last, but certainly not least, OCR mentioned our vivacious bonus offers…

“Its promotions are quite generous ranging from significant welcome bonuses to periodical special features and free spins.” - OCR

Well, we’ll certainly take all of the above as a compliment! From all of us here at Jackpot Capital, we owe a massive "Thanks!" to you, our players and supporters, who inspire us to make the iGaming experience better every day!

To all of our beloved players, please contact us anytime if you have any feedback, no matter what they case; we’d love to hear! Contact us via Live Chat and get in touch, we’re here to listen!

Cheers to More Great Gameplay! If you’re tempted, grab a bonus now and have some fun with us!

Check out the full Press Release by OCR here!

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