Great Graphics and Animation Continue to Improve the Jackpot Capital Casino Experience

Gaming at a jackpot casino such as Jackpot Capital is better than ever. Fun is the name of the game, as it should be. The proliferation of online casinos such as Jackpot Capital shows no signs of abating. Instead, we get more online casinos every year!

What is the Driving Force behind the Meteoric Rise of Online Casino Gaming?

We will posit that it is graphics and animation that drive the rise of online casino gaming and, especially, of mobile casino gaming. One related fact will give us a look at just how important graphics and animation are in casino gaming circa 2023.

A lot of land-based casinos are now offering an in-house mobile casino platform for guests at the casino’s hotel! Even though there are live games available just a short elevator ride down to the casino floor, these land-based casinos know that mobile casino gaming is the preferred method to play casino games these days!

What, then do graphics and animation offer to enhance the enjoyment of online casino gaming?

Graphics and Animation are Two Sides of the Same Phenomenon

Some people have started using the term “motion graphics” which really gives one the perfect mental image of the synergistic relationship between graphics and animation. Simply stated, great graphics are no longer enough as gamers increasingly want and expect movement in the characters of a slot, in the ways the cards are dealt in video poker and blackjack, and even in the way Banana Jones moves up the trail as he pursues the Crystal Banana.

In a similar way, great animation is not good enough if the graphics are not top level as well!

3D Graphics are, By Definition, a Form of Motion Graphics

One of the biggest trends in computer graphics is in 3D. Now, 3D implies movement; 2D is linear and 3D is more complex. It is the visual complexity in motion graphics that attracts gamers.

The trend to 3D will inevitably generate new generations of online casino gaming values in the short time period ahead.

3D graphics are pronounced in games like craps and roulette. Motion graphics give gamers the most realistic dice, roulette wheels, and craps and roulette tables.

It is an uphill climb for craps and roulette to get the attention they get at land-based casinos and to compete with slots, video poker, and blackjack at online casinos such as Jackpot Capital and motion graphics are paving the way for a small revolution in online casino gaming as craps and roulette gain popularity.

The Wild is No Longer Just West

Already, we see how great motion graphics affecting slots, especially in the way SpinLogic uses the wild symbol. Here are a few ways SpinLogic is using wild symbols in slots:

  1. Stacked wilds.
  2. Expanding wilds.
  3. Sticky wilds.
  4. Travelling wilds.
  5. Wild reels.
  6. multiplier wilds.
  7. Exploding wilds.
  8. Jumping wilds.

All of these wild ways need both great graphics and great animation to work.

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Mobile Casinos Rule the Roost in Online Casino Gaming

This is a trend that began very slowly more than 15 years ago and has gained both speed and momentum in the ensuing years. We remember that 15 years ago, motion graphics were in their infancy in all manner of mobile gaming, shopping, and communication.

It is the massive improvements in motion graphics that have fueled the growth of many social media platforms. Without spectacular motion graphics, these social media platforms would not be even fractionally as popular as they are today.

Great Graphics for Mobile Require Great Mobile Devices

It is no secret that mobile devices have made exponential strides in every way in the last two or three decades. Some of these improvements were slow in their development and some seemed to happen overnight as a new generation of mobile devices were introduced to the public at relatively affordable prices.

One if the aspects of the modern mobile device is its power to support moder motion graphics.

Where once the family television served as the “babysitter” when one parent, usually the mom, needed time to get dinner ready, now individual tablets “babysit” each kid at his or her level and interests.

Kids are very picky as far as what they will find interesting, so it is great modern motion graphics that keep kids immersed in their screens.

Great Mobile Gaming Means That Gaming at Jackpot Capital Beats Gaming at Any Land-based Casino

We feel that the excellence and constant improvements in motion graphics have made online casino gaming far superior to playing at a land-based casino. Slots and video poker are the same at both casino venues. Why, then, do so many players still travel to land-based casinos?

That is a rhetorical question. Here are many advantages gaming at Jackpot Capital has over land-based casino gaming.

  1. Travel costs keep going up. Online gaming at Jackpot Capital has no cost at all.
  2. Jackpot Capital offers promotions almost every day of the week.
  3. Players at Jackpot Capital do not have to carry a player’s card with them. Everything the casino and the gamers need to know is kept in Jackpot Capital’s giant data bank.
  4. At Jackpot Capital, gamers are encouraged to emphasize fun over gaming volume. As a result, frequent, short gaming sessions are common among Jackpot Capital’s gamers while marathon sessions are de rigueur for land-based casino players.
  5. Jackpot Capital urges gamers to wait until after gaming to enjoy alcoholic drinks while land-based casinos try to “sell” free alcohol as a big part of playing at their casino.
  6. No one ever has to wait to play a game at Jackpot Capital. Very few players at land-based casinos can make that claim.
  7. Short sessions mean that Jackpot Capital gamers rarely feel regret at the results of their gaming while at land-based casinos, regret is common. A long weekend at a land-based casino is a very long time to be there.
  8. Jackpot Capital gamers know the joy of taking a real vacation. This is a theme we have covered in the past and that we will return to soon.

Becoming a member of the Jackpot Capital family, gamers can experience the best in online casino gaming AND have the best travel experiences.


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