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How is Online Casino Gaming Better than Land Based Casino Gaming?

There are so many reasons why online casino gaming is better than land based casino gaming!  Here are just a few of those reasons.

Mobile Gaming

Online gaming at Jackpot Capital casino began only about twenty years ago.  At that time, mobile gaming technology was less enjoyable than desktop gaming technology.  In the last decade, that has completely turned around!  Most gamers at Jackpot Capital online casino play our large number of games on their excellent, newer generation, mobile device.  Online you can take your casino on the go with you.  Sure can't do that with a land-based, brick-and-mortar casino.

Go for the Big Win

Gamers who use their mobile device to play our casino games either take a few minutes to play when they are waiting somewhere or commuting or they play at home.  Gamers on the go may make a few spins on a progressive jackpot game when they have a few minutes time. 

Progressive jackpot games require that you make the maximum bet in order to be able to actually win the progressive jackpot, which can tip into the millions of dollars!  So, many players who watch their bankroll carefully, use the few moments they have to play on their mobile device to take a flyer at winning a large progressive jackpot.  Real casino jackpots do not get this high.

Cushy Comfort

When those players are at home, they still play on their mobile device but they play many other games.  After all, at home you can curl up to play.  Getting comfortable is one of the great benefits of mobile gaming. 

So, why would anyone travel to a land based casino just to curl up in their hotel room and play casino games on their mobile device?

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Online Gaming Involves No Travel Costs

When you’re at home, it costs exactly nothing to move from the kitchen, where you might have been eating dinner, to the sofa or desktop to play a few casino games.  However, if you travel to a land based casino, you have airline costs or driving costs, hotels, meals, and every other cost of talking a short vacation.  So, online gaming actually allows you to play with a larger bankroll or, better yet, save the cost of going to a land based casino to cover the cost of a real long weekend vacation.

Go to a National Park.  Go to a big city for the weekend.  If you already live in a big city, go to the countryside for a long weekend.  Why would anyone spend the time and cost of a long weekend vacation on land based gaming when online gaming at Jackpot Capital is right there at your fingertips?

Jackpot Capital Means No Waiting

We said that some players use our mobile platform to play our casino games when they in a line waiting somewhere.  At a land based casino, you might have to wait in that line for the game you want to play.

The casino might have only one terminal of your favorite slot.  It might have only one $2 blackjack table or none at all!  You might find, especially if you are at a land based casino on a busy weekend, that there is no room for one more person at the craps or roulette tables.

This never happens at Jackpot Capital casino!  Our “address” is 1 Cyberspace which means that we have unlimited room for as many players as want to play at our casino!  Even if there are a million players at the “blackjack table”, there is always—always—room you!

Jackpot Capital Has More Games

A land based casino may brag about having hundreds of games.  However, in order to possibly have enough terminals for all the players who want to play Deuces Wild video poker or any other game, they need to add an interminable number of terminals!

At Jackpot Capital, we have so much space that everyone on the planet can play Deuces Wild at Jackpot Capital - at the same time!

You Never Have to Give up Your Seat

Gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino means that you only need one seat or comfy sofa to play at - yours!  You can play every game we offer without worrying about being able to come back to that game later on.  So, online gamers play a lot more games than players at land based casinos play!

This means that online gaming is a lot more flexible than land based gaming.  Most players at Jackpot Capital have tried out every one of our games.  This is extremely difficult to do at a land based casino.  In addition to the likelihood that a terminal won’t be available, at a land based casino, you have a limited number of days to play.

At an online casino, you can stretch your exploration of the casino over many days, weeks, and even months.  “Game at your leisure” is a true statement for an online casino but leisure is actually not something that land based gamers often feel!

We Return More Money to Our Players

Land based casinos have a lot more operating costs than we do at Jackpot Capital.  Think about it!  A land based casino is a building.  The building requires constant maintenance.  It almost always has a hotel with many rooms that cost money to maintain but may not be filled for that night, weekend, or month.

A land based casino may overbuild based on a faulty business plan.  Jackpot Capital cannot overbuild because we don’t have a building to house our casino.  We have cyberspace!  The last time we did a surveyor’s test of cyberspace, there was unlimited space!

Gaming Online is A Lot More Flexible

When you go to a land based casino for a long weekend, you are actually limited in what you can do.  You can gamble, eat, drink, sleep or take in a wildly expensive show at 3:00 in the morning!

It is a lot harder to limit your casino gaming at a land based casino because the nature of land based casinos is to get you to sit and play for hours at a time.  To make it “easier” for you to lose track of timer and to play when you are really too tired to play effectively, land based casinos have no windows and no clocks.

At a land based casino, it’s easy to play well past midnight and still think that the evening has just begun. 

In addition to getting you to play when you’re tired, land based casinos make it easy to play when you are slightly or even more than slightly inebriated.  Free alcohol goes a long way to cut into your bankroll.  At Jackpot Capital, we always say to wait until you have finished playing our many games to have an alcohol drink.

Bonuses and Comp Points

For today, this will be the last entry.  Bonuses and comp points have one thing in common: they take time to reach the level you want.


We offer many promotional bonuses: new player, daily, weekly, monthly and more.  Every bonus has a reasonable play through requirement.  When you take a bonus at Jackpot Capital, you have as long as you need to complete the play through requirement. 

At a land based casino, the "bonuses" are often free drink coupons.  And we've already discussed why that is advantageous ONLY to the casino.  A tipsy you will not be making the best betting decisions. 

If they do give you a cash bonus, your playthrough requirement may be so high that you will not have the time to complete it during your visit at the casino.  And who knows when you’ll return to that casino?

So, a cash bonus at a land based casino may end up with you having some winnings but no way to take them home with you.

Comp Points

The problem here for gamers at land based casinos is similar.  You get comp points for every bet you make but it takes time to get enough comp points to be able to convert them into casino credits.

At a land based casino, you may have a lot of comp points but still not enough to get those valuable casino credits, it’s time to go home, and when will you ever have a chance to use those comp points?

Again, this never happens at Jackpot Capital because you continually add to your comp points every day, or a few times a week, or a few times a month and you never run out of time!

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There are even more reasons to play at an online casino over a land based casino.  For now, we will let the reasons we delineated here suffice.

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