Bonus Codes are a Great Boon to Online Casino Gamers at Jackpot Capital

The title above actually asks three important questions. They are especially important to people like you who are deciding whether or not to join an online casino such as Jackpot Capital.

  1. What is an online casino and why should I join one?
  2. Is a no deposit bonus a good deal?
  3. What is a bonus code and how does it work?

We encourage gamers to use the Jackpot Capital no deposit bonus codes whenever they want to accept an offer of a no deposit bonus. We also ask gamers to use our deposit bonus codes as well when they want to take a deposit bonus!

Those three questions and sub-questions are also a mouthful so let’s see if we can answer them to your satisfaction.

What is an Online Casino and Why Should I Join One?

At this point, even though online casinos are not yet 30 years old, most gamers know what an online casino is. A simple definition is that an online casino is a full-fledged casino that competes with land-based casinos by offering all of the games land-based casinos offer, more games than a land-based casino offers, and promotions that a land-based casino cannot offer.

The biggest difference between the two competing types of casinos is that online casinos are entirely digital while land-based casinos are partly digital and partly real-life casinos.

Why Should I Join an Online Casino?

To tell the truth, we could probably write an entire book on this subject so we will touch on the highlights here. First, it costs you zero dollars to “travel” to Jackpot Capital. Anyone who has travelled to a land-based casino recently understands the cost and the hassle of travelling by air these days.

Online casinos offer more gaming opportunities. We don’t have any space restrictions unlike land-based casinos which are always as full as they can be to make full use of all of their available space. Thus, we have one digital “terminal” for every slot or video poker variation we offer. In contrast, a land-based casino can accommodate one slots player with one terminal at one time!

So, when a land-based casino decides to bring in a new slot, it might bring in, say, ten terminals of that slots and it then has to take out ten older terminals.

The same conundrum besets land-based casinos in terms of video poker variations, blackjack variations, and other ostensible table games.

Online Casinos Offer Many Bonuses

Here we have arrived at the conjunction of deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and bonus codes.

In short, whereas online casinos such as Jackpot Capital can and do offer many bonuses, land-based casinos cannot offer even modest bonuses!

The reason that is so is because a bonus has a wagering requirement before the gamer can withdraw winnings from the account assigned to that bonus. The wagering requirement is a fair way to prevent some players from cashing out a bonus as so as it appears in their casino account.

Very few gamers at land-based casinos can complete a wagering requirement before they have to go through the travelling hassles once again as they return home!

How Does the Casino Keep Track of Bonuses and Wagering Requirements?

And just like that we are talking about bonus codes! Some gamers are intimidated by bonus codes so we will first explain that everyone in the modern world uses codes in everyday life. A bonus code is simply a code a gamer uses to receive a bonus.

Here is a short list of codes we all use:

  1. Credit card pin number.
  2. User name and password for any number of online activities.
  3. Flight code.
  4. QR code to get on a bus.
  5. Membership code to access information online.
  6. Bar codes.

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Data Bases!

The no deposit bonus code you use to get a no deposit bonus at Jackpot Capital is one tiny drop in a sea of data kept in data bases by Jackpot Capital! We suspect that there are entire buildings that were built expressly to house the computers in which are housed the similar but not exactly the same data bases for billons of people!

Through the deposit code and your individual identification code at Jackpot Capital, we can keep track of your bonuses and the bonuses of all of the many thousands of gamers who enjoy our 300 or so games here at Jackpot Capital.

As such bonus codes act as gateways to a broad range of gaming opportunities at Jackpot Capital.

We have shown how understanding the significance of bonus codes greatly enhances your gaming experience at Jackpot Capital.

Do Land-based Casinos Keep Track of Gaming Data?

They do, but not in a way that is as favorable to gamers as the data bases we use are. Keep in mind that land-based casinos don’t have bonuses to keep track of. They do, however, keep track of comp points.

Jackpot Capital also awards comp points that gamers can redeem for casino credits. Here is yet another way that we feel that online gaming has advantages over land-based casino gaming.

At a land-based casino, you keep track of your comp points on your player’s card. That means that you have to bring your player’s card with you when (if) you go back to that casino. It could be just a few weeks or it could be years or it could be never!

We wonder how many comp points are stored in players’ drawers at home under layers of clothes hiding “secrets” like the strata of sediment in rock formations hide geological secrets!

Jackpot Capital Offers Bonuses Almost Every Day

New gamers begin with our welcome bonus and follow up with deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback, comp points, and more. We have promotions for weekday and weekend gamers! The most common aspect of our wider range of promotional offers is that they all use bonus codes!

Land-based casinos offer free alcohol, free meals at the buffet, and some players get free hotel accommodations and free show tickets. In most cases you have to be a high roller to get the latter two gifts.

Add up the cost of travelling to a land-based casino and subtract the cost of free meals and free alcohol and you can easily see that what land-based casino offer the average player for free costs the casino a lot less than getting to a land-based casino costs you!

Do New Gamers Sign up Because of Bonus Codes?

We are quite sure that the answer is NO!

New players sign up because of the product and service an online casino such as Jackpot Capital offers. Bonus codes are powerful tools that online casinos use to keep track of tens of thousands of individual bonuses! Thus, new gamers sign up because of how we can keep track of tens of thousands of gamers and billions of bits of data in our massive data bank!

Of course, gamers also sign up for the 300 games we have on offer, our many promotions, safety and security, and every other aspect of casino gaming that you can do from home comfortably ensconced on your sofa with your significant other next to you!


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