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Jackpot Capital offers several casino deposit methods.  This is mainly because there are millions of casino gamers and many prefer one deposit method over all others.

When online casinos came aboard in 1994, gamers could make direct bank transfers, use a money order, or use a credit or debit card.  Ewallets had not yet become a prominent way to transfer money and the cryptocurrencies were just a hypothetical kind of money.

Jackpot Capital Deposit Methods

Here at Jackpot Capital, we have winnowed all of the many casino deposit methods down to four that are excellent for certain gamers.  We accept credit card deposits, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Litecoin, bitcoin lightning, and Payz.

From this very small number of deposit methods, we can see how depositing at Jackpot Capital has evolved.

Credit Not Debit

There was time when most people did not have a credit card.  For these gamers, a debit card as a deposit method made a lot of sense.  In these days, gamers who want to use a credit card for deposit have a major credit card.  Most people have more than one.

Of all the credit cards out there, we have found that almost all gamers have either a MasterCard or a Visa card.  Accepting credit card deposits from just these two credit cards had the effect of streamlining our credit card deposit method.

Why Does Jackpot Capital Need Other Deposit Methods?

One reason is privacy.  We will talk about privacy when we get to the cryptocurrencies as deposit methods.  For now, we can say that a large number of gamers did not like the lack of privacy in credit card deposits.

It isn’t that anyone could see that the gamer had made a deposit to an online casino; they can’t.  The problem was that gamers didn’t want the bank to know and didn’t want the credit card company to know.

Using a credit card to deposit at an online casino is still a very popular way to deposit.  The advent of ewallets and cryptocurrencies came about simply because some gamers wanted that extra measure of privacy.

What is a Ewallet?

This is simply a kind of bank in which the “bank” provides basically two services only: to accept funds to a client’s account and to distribute funds from a client’s account.   An ewallet does not give clients checkbooks, it doesn’t handle credit card accounts, it doesn’t handle loans, and so on as a real bank does.

The ewallet does provide a huge measure of privacy for the gamer.  No one needs to know why a person deposited x dollars in an ewallet.  The transfer of funds from the ewallet to a casino is thus much more private than the same transaction through a credit card or a bank.

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Ewallets Made Online Casino Gaming Easier

The main benefits of using an ewallet to deposit funds at an online casino were anonymity and privacy.  Ewallets became so popular as a deposit method that many online casinos worked out arrangements with several ewallets to facilitate depositing through them.

Some casinos offered special bonuses to gamers who made a deposit with a specific ewallet.  Some online casinos still have this protocol in place.  Jackpot Capital has found that PAYZ offers such superior money transferring service that we now use PAYZ as our exclusive ewallet.

People Use Ewallets for Many Purchases

It has become as normal to buy things online with an ewallet account as it is to make a purchase with a credit card.  Money orders and even direct bank transfers have become kind of dinosaur methods to move money.

How Do Online Businesses Protect Money?

The problem is simply that the internet is an open forum and hackers have a way of infiltrating information that is none of their business.  Encryption is the best way for online businesses to protect customers’ money.

Encryption is software that so scrambles information as it is being transferred online that hackers cannot read the information.  It isn’t just Jackpot Capital or other online casinos that use encryption software to protect customers’ assets.  All reputable online businesses including banks, investment firms, Big Box stores, to florists and chocolatiers use encryption to facilitate online purchasing.  Encryption is as of now a permanent feature of business on the internet.

Cryptocurrencies and the English Language

The prefix crypto means false and hidden.  Thus, many people thought that the term cryptocurrency came from that prefix and was affixed to bitcoin and other such currencies by central banks and other entities that use government money.

In fact, cryptocurrency derives its name from encryption!  Cryptocurrencies are the most private of all means of using money.  Cryptocurrencies exist only on “ledgers” on the internet.  While many people still cannot wrap their heads around how cryptocurrencies work, the plain fact is that they do work.

Jackpot Capital accepts deposits from Bitcoin and Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Lightning.  Bitcoin lightning came about because using bitcoin to move money had become so popular that bitcoin transactions were no longer lightning fast.  They are if a customer, client, or gamer uses Bitcoin Lightning.

What Does Jackpot Capital Offer?

We have spoken about deposit methods here but the lingering question is what does Jackpot Capital offer a new gamer?  We offer about 300 great games in several game categories.  Unlike even the largest land-based casinos, we can offer many variations of blackjack and video poker plus many other games that land-based casinos have no room available to offer them.

We pay 3-2 for a blackjack whereas many land-based casinos offer only 6-5 for a blackjack.  We pay 9-6 for a full house and a flush in video poker whereas many land-based casinos pay only 8-5 or even 7-5.

We run many promotions which give gamers free spins and deposit bonuses.

We run slots tournaments.  We add a new slot every month from SpinLogic our exclusive game provider.  We never have to take out an older slot to make run for a new slot.  Thus, gamers who like a particular slot that has become a classic might play it but once or twice a year at Jackpot Capital while it is nowhere to be found at land-based casinos.

Jackpot Capital has a huge library of articles that often are about ways to play our online casino games better.

Jackpot Capital’s very own Glamma is on a world tour going from country to country and event to event throughout 2024.  This month Glamma is in Hollywood and environs for the Oscars and the many other fun things travelers can do in Southern California.

There are many other great reasons to play online casino games at Jackpot Capital.  To learn more, we invite you to…


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