In this sunny month of June 2016, we have the pleasure of celebrating holidays that are held dear to our hearts; Flag Day and Father’s Day are upon us, which calls for double the party, and triple the bonuses! Are you a true patriot of your great nation, who will wear their flag with pride? Do you have (or are you) a hard-working Dad who always gave support when it was needed most? Whether you answered “Yes” to one or both of these questions, we’ve got something special for you! To commemorate a week with two very notable holidays, here at Jackpot Capital, we want to show our appreciation to YOU - Our valued players! Keep reading and see exactly how you can play and profit during this celebratory week!


“Hat’s off to Dad, Hat’s off to the Flag!”... This is surely the mantra of the week! With Flag Day coming up on June 14th, and the beloved Father’s Day following on June 18th, we figured this was the perfect time to launch a bonus bonanza which gives you the chance to celebrate in style - and make some extra cash! But first, let’s take a quick look at the origins of both popular days - giving you a chance to reflect on what they mean to you (and how you could spend the potential cash winnings you make with us!).

Where Does Flag Day & Father’s Day Originate?

Both Flag Day and Father’s Day are holidays which are celebrated world-wide, showing a certain kind of special appreciation for both your country, and your father! While these holidays may not resonate with everyone, most places in our world have a special day for both - a day to relax, spend time with friends and family, make a few ‘Cheers’, and have an all-around good time (hopefully, with some good weather to spare!).

When it comes to Father’s Day, it’s a moment to celebrate our dear ol’ Dad; take him out for lunch, have a long chat, just spend some time with him (and when you see our 3x bonus offers & VIP offer, you’ll foot the bill!). This special day first came in the early 20th century America to complement Mother’s Day, where the inspiration came from when a woman, Anna Jarvis, celebrated her deceased mother in West Virginia; now we ‘bet’ that’s a fact you may not have known!

The victorious Flag Day symbolizes a different kind of ‘love’ - a love for your flag, and for your country! More specifically, Flag Day represents the citizens celebrating the historical events in their given country, such as the occasion where they adopted their one and only flag! You may find most countries put their flags at half mass, with many local celebrations honoring the country in which they live! (Fun fact: The American flag, mostly known as the “Stars and Stripes”, is also known as “Old Glory”!)


Get Ready to Raise the Flag for Dad (For Cash!)

Now that we’ve given you a little bit of a fun history lesson, how about those Patriot Dad 3x Bonus Specials (+ VIP special)?! Yep, we’re certainly making this a notable occasion here at Jackpot Capital, and we want YOU to be a part of the bonus party!

Login and play with us from June 14th - June 19th for a celebration like no where else! Grab our regular Flag bonus offers (below) - All 3 of them, if you like - and if you’re a VIP, there something extra for you, too!

Regular Offer:

Deposit: Bonus: Coupon Code:
$50-74 50% Bonus + 20 Free spins on Football Frenzy FLAGS
$75-99 60% Bonus + 30 Free spins on Football Frenzy FLAGS
$100+ 75% Bonus + 45 Free spins on Football Frenzy FLAGS

And that’s not all…

As one of our VIPs, with just a minimum $100 deposit, you can cash in on a up a plentiful 100% (up to $400) VIP bonus, then you can choose 3x bonus offers!

Game Options Coupon Codes Spin Rewards
Football Frenzy FOOTBALL75 75 FREE spins on Football Frenzy
Double Ya Luck LUCK75 75 FREE spins on Double Ya Luck
Triple Twister TRIPLE75 75 FREE spins on Triple Twister

To sweeten the offer for all of those VIP Dad’s out there, we’ve one more treat! On Father’s Day only, with a deposit of $600, go BIG with a 50% (up to $1000) VIP special bonus + 50 Free spins on Double Ya Luck with the Coupon code: BESTDADS! Talk about a cause for celebration!

We weren’t kidding when we said we like to go big on these specials day - We’ve got the bonuses to prove it! Make sure you share some of that newfound knowledge about these two International holidays, and after that, login to your account and scoop up these great bonus offers! Happy Father’s Day and Flag Day to all, from all over the world!

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