Check out our capital slots showdown! Is it better to play on PC or mobile? Find all the information and the answer right here!

Jackpot Capital Casino is filled to the brim with SpinLogic Gaming slots. Do a bit of quick math and you’ll find that the game menu has about 180 slots gaming titles – and counting – each offering a unique experience with their own themes, paylines configurations, features payouts, and more.

That is on PC, when playing via your internet browser. What about mobile? You’ll be happy to know that our selection of capital slots measures exactly the same as the desktop counterpart. So, apart from game selection, how do you choose between PC and mobile gaming? Is there a notable difference?

Jackpot Capital Slots Design & Development

Firstly, and as we’ve already mentioned, SpinLogic Gaming powers our game menu. The level of quality and experience that goes into the design and development of our games is unmatched. Games pack a punch with vivid colors, eye-popping graphics, silky smooth animations, and surround sound audio.

All our games – including our capitals slots – are ‘streamed’ to players in full HD. Even if you’re gaming on a 32” monitor with 4k resolution, the games will display in stunning detail offering you a riveting gaming experience that is first-class.

Playing Capital Slots on PC

If you have a PC or laptop that you use as your go-to device already, playing capital slots on your device will deliver a gaming that is as good as your device specs allow. We’ll talk more about how your device impact gaming in a bit.

Assuming that you’ve got an average setup, which is more than adequate, you’ll land on our full-sized lobby where everything you need is a click away. You’d want to navigate your way to the Jackpot Capital slots menu, where you’ll find our comprehensive collection, either with large thumbnails, or in a list – the choice is yours.

Playing slots at Jackpot Capital Casino can have a few benefits. Of course, you’ll have a larger screen – and if you’re using a headset, the audio will be more intense and enveloping. This could be particularly nifty when playing games with thematic soundtracks like Bonus Wheel Jungle or Fortunes of Olympus.

If you’re well acquainted with using your PC mouse or your laptop’s trackpad, then clicking the spin button and navigating your way around will be a breeze. The only drawback we can think of here is that a PC isn’t convenient for on-the-go gaming.

Playing Capital Slots on Mobile

As you’ve read, playing capital slots on mobile at Jackpot Capital Casino by no means limits the number of games you’ll have access to. Our browser-based casino syncs the action as it unfolds, meaning that even if new games are added, they’ll be available cross-platform.

In terms of gameplay, the experience will be slightly different to playing on a PC or laptop. Luckily our intuitive interface is responsive, which will result in a ‘version’ of our capital slots that is optimized for your device to be delivered to your screen.

Most smartphones of today have either full HD or 4K screen resolutions. As such, playing at Jackpot Capital Casino on your mobile will pack the same punch as it does on PC. There will obviously be a difference in how you navigate your way around as it will involve taps and swishes instead of clicks.

Our mobile interface is also more compact, but you’ll easily find what you’re looking for under the game menu. One drawback of playing on mobile exclusively is that you might rely heavily on mobile data. Having said that, our games use very little data once they’ve loaded on your screen.

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Are Free Spins PC and Mobile Bonuses the Same?

If you’re after free spins bonuses to use on our capital slots, get ready to spin, spin and spin! We offer a wealth of bonuses and promotions here at Jackpot Capital Casino, and everyone gets to benefit from these rewards – whether you play on mobile or PC.

The same is true for our Welcome Bonus, comp points rewards system and our exclusive VIP program. That said, every now and then you might come across a bonus that is dedicated to a certain platform, such as a mobile exclusive bonus.

We have a way for you to circumvent the FOMO. Why not play capital slots across different platforms? With one shared account, you can enjoy all the benefits we offer, and you’ll never miss out on a thing! Power down your PC and enjoy some gaming on the couch. You might just like it!

How Your Device Impacts Capital Slots

The final subject we want to touch on before we answer the ‘PC versus mobile’ question is your device and internet speed. You don’t need the latest smartphone or the most advanced graphics card and CPU in your PC rig to play our capital slots, but what you have could impact on what you experience.

Remember we mentioned that Jackpot Capital slot and games and our interface overall are responsive? This is an important word as it means our platform will also adapt to your device, irrespective of your screen size of display resolution.

When it comes to PCs and laptops nowadays, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a machine unable to handle the small load that our HTML5 casino delivers. If you were playing a resource-heavy open world game like Ark Survival instead of capital slots, then sure, you might run into problems!

In terms of internet speed and connection, and for Jackpot Capital Casino to function flawlessly on your end, you’d need to have a halfway decent connection. Having slow internet, intermittent connection could result in games lagging or disconnecting. Again, having said that, the lowest average connection speed of today will more than suffice.

The PC vs Mobile Capital Slots Verdict

Without the slightest bias, choosing to play at Jackpot Capital Casino on your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet is ultimately a personal choice. Quality, quantity, variety and even rewards won’t be affected to an extent where we can say that one option is better than the other.

If you’re deadest to sticking to your keyboard, monitor and mouse, then go ahead. In the same way, if enjoying capital slots on the move is more your speed, you’ll be equally impressed. If you like a blend of both, no problem! One Jackpot Capital Casino account is all you need to enjoy endless top-quality gaming fun on any device!


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