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Jackpot Capital Casino: Penguin Palooza, A Great New Slot

Spin Logic has managed to do it again: created a super impressive brand new slot that has the capability of getting a ton of people rich. Plenty of their past projects have been incredibly impressive: from Christmas themed-slots to fantasy, to sci-fi and various other genres and themes, Spin Logic has always hit the ball out of the park with every game they try their hand at. They’ve been producing slots for two decades and have terrific work.

Their latest project, however, Penguin Palooza, is a standout hit even from them. Right away, there’s tons of benefits for any player that wants to try out Spin Logic’s latest project.

Let’s jump right in and see everything that’s so great about Penguin Palooza!

Penguin Palooza: Huge Payouts, Respins, Free Games

Penguin Palooza has a massive 50,000 times the bet per line payout available to anyone who’s lucky enough to score that high! Spin Logic always makes it so that its players have the ability to win big if they’re lucky enough. It’s why so many people love their slots! And there’s plenty more to love about Penguin Palooza besides just that.

Another great feature that Spin Logic offers in this slot are things like respins and free games. While they’re very similar, both of these features make it much easier to continue playing, and they assist players with fighting off losses, since respins and free games don’t cost the player anything, but definitely give quite a large benefit.

Penguin Palooza is a terrific game when it comes to getting big payments, winning your money back, or just having a great time! It’s very rare when a slot can be fun and profitable at the same time. Even most of the most entertaining slots aren’t as generous as this one is!

Penguin Palooza: Tons of Features and Great RTP

It’s hard to talk about one feature with Penguin Palooza. From free games, to respins, to scatters and multipliers, there can be quite a lot to keep track of. It isn’t just the fact that all of these things are available: they interact with each other, and understanding the features in this game is the path to being able to collect a truly huge payout. With 50,000 times the bet per line as the max, thousands and thousands of dollars isn’t an exaggeration.

The RTP of Penguin Palooza is quite high: while we don’t have specific numbers, most Spin Logic slots are between 95-97%, which is a terrific range for customers to play at. Because the volatility of the slot is high, you may experience long periods of losses, but the volatility means that wins will be massive as well. It’s not quite as standardized of an experience, but for some, that means Penguin Palooza is perfect.

If you’re looking for more features, check out the Locking Scatter feature and the associated aspects. No matter what, Penguin Palooza provides a great experience for its players.

Penguin Palooza: One of Spin Logic’s Greatest Slots Yet

Ultimately, Penguin Palooza has everything that it needs to be able to lure in the best players. Everyone is inevitably going to want to play this slot: if only for the chance of getting some huge payments if nothing else. You’ll have the best chance to get a big payout if you play Penguin Palooza and give it a try. 

Whether you want cool features, large payments, great graphics and sound, top-tier performance from a slot game, or anything else, Spin Logic’s latest projects has the chops to be able to offer it.

Come play Penguin Palooza at Jackpot Capital Casino on 18th of May 2022!

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