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Here at Jackpot Capital, we offer about 300 great online casino games from the creative geniuses at SpinLogic our exclusive game provider. Our Jackpot Capital slots have many amazing characteristics that deserve repeating.

Slots Were Once Mechanical Devices

We live in the digital age which came upon us very quickly at the end of the last century. Even the CEO of IBM, a company you may have heard of, did not see any use for more than a handful of computers!

This was in the post-war 1940’s!

We might give him a small amount of slack since computers at that time were giant machines that operated slowly and, truth be told, did not seem to have a lot of usefulness.

The Most Famous Line from the Movie Appollo 13

Most people think that the most famous line is “Houston, we have a problem.” It is, but for our purposes, there is a line that talks about a computer that “fits into a room!” from the moment a computer could fit into a room, the digital age was upon us!

Even in the movie Appollo 13, when the team back in Houston had to quickly solve the many mathematical equations they needed to solve to get the astronauts home, everyone reached for his slide rule! No one reached for a pocket calculator!

Still, the digital age had arrived!

Digital Slots Have Many More Options than Mechanical Slots

Before digital, or video slots, were developed every slot machine was a machine. It was financially unfeasible to develop slot machines with themes since they had to be mass produced slowly and painstakingly by hand in a factory.

Video slots only need software. It is true that the software for modern video slots is mass produced in a factory but these are hi-tech factories not the laborious factories of yore!

The most obvious option modern slots have is themes.

Do Gamers Actually Like Slots with Themes?

They most certainly do!

Slots are no longer gambling machines; they have evolved into educational games. That is why we say often that online casino play is gaming while land-based casino paly is gambling.

Online gamers can set reasonable time limits on their real money gaming and segue from that to any of the other pursuits and activities they enjoy or have some responsibility for.

What Kinds of Themes are There in Modern Slots?

There are so many categories of themes that we will simply list them as bullet points:

  1. Slots about ancient cultures.
  2. Slots about holidays.
  3. Slots based on mythology.
  4. Slots that feature military characters.
  5. Slots that are based on movies or television series.
  6. Slots that feature bright colors as their “theme”.
  7. Slots based on space travel or extra-terrestrials.
  8. Slots with animals as the primary characters.
  9. Slots based on modern cultural icons.
  10. Slots that incorporate humor.

We may have missed a category or two but you get the picture: modern video slots are much more creative than the old mechanical slot machines were!

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Game Providers Have Very Creative Staffs

SpinLogic works on several slots at the same time. The teams brainstorm the general story line. This is a lot more difficult than you might think. How many Cleopatra slots can a casino carry?

Once the team has decided on the general story line, the artists on the team start fleshing out the characters. While they are working on the characters, a small team works on the wild symbol and the scatter symbol.

What are These Symbols?

The scatter symbol is called that because it wins in all positions. That usually means that if you need three or more scatter symbols to go to the free spins bonus round, those three scatter can appear anywhere on the reels; they don’t have to be on an established pay line.

A lot of big wins are won in the free spins bonus round. In many slots, a gamer renews his or her free spins by getting three or more scatter symbols while playing the free spins! This can go on for a long time if Lady Luck is shining upon you!

Many free spins bonus rounds have a built-in multiplier that increases wins by several hundred percent. One of the most interesting “quandaries” SpinLogic puts on gamers is to choose between more free spins and a lower multiplier or fewer free spins and a higher multiplier!

There are strong opinions as to which option is better. A lot depends on how high the multiplier can go and, concomitantly, how low the free spins might go!

Modern Wild Symbols are Truly Wild

Here is where excellent graphics and animation play a major role in making slots more entertaining than ever. Here is another list, this one about the many ways the wild symbols work in slots:

  1. Stacked wilds.
  2. Expanding wilds.
  3. Multiplying wilds.
  4. Sticky wilds.
  5. Traveling or moving wilds.
  6. Duplicating wilds.

This is just a short list and the creative people at SpinLogic and other game providers continue to develop yet more ways to run the wild symbols.

Graphics and Animation Get Better All the Time

Without great animation, all of these wilds would either have little to nothing to do or they would move and expand but they would look amateurish doing so. Modern slots are gaining popularity specifically because the animation has improved so much in the last ten years and continues to improve year to year.

How Long Does it Take Gamers to Play Every Slot at Jackpot Capital?

It can take a long time! But that’s the beauty of online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital: gamers can play as often as they wish! We encourage relatively short sessions since our brand of gaming is a pure form of entertainment that can and should last and last and last.

We might conclude by pointing out that Jackpot Capital also carries wide assortment of other games including blackjack, video poker, Fish Catch, roulette, craps, Banana Jones, plus we run tournaments and offer a lot of promotions.


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