Play, Get Lucky, Win a Progressive Slot

Of all the categories and subcategories of games we offer here at Jackpot Capital, the most popular may be progressive slots.  It is not really surprising as the jackpots are often in the seven-figure range.  It is also interesting and important to note that there are other kinds of progressive jackpots in addition to progressive slots online!

So, we would like to delve into the world of progressive jackpots and talk about the single most salient issue that gamers who like to play progressive games are concerned about: How to win a progressive jackpot.

Most Progressive Games are Progressive Slots

The big jackpots are too big even for a top online casino such as Jackpot Capital.  These giant jackpots are provided by the game developers themselves.  Think about it.  Where Jackpot Capital has thousands of gamers from all over the world, SpinLogic, our exclusive game provider, develops games for hundreds of online casinos!

The reach that SpinLogic has is a lot bigger than our reach or the reach of any single online casino!  So, SpinLogic takes a penny or so from every bet and adds those pennies to the progressive jackpot and, voila!, the jackpot reaches and usually exceeds a million dollars!

Sound Money Management is Vital in All Casino Games and More

The “and more” in the headline translates into: everything!  Even rich people try to save money, earn more money, and manage their money well.  Average people need to do the same!

Money management in general is the subject of books and seminars.  In short, we all need to be careful how we budget our money and how we spend it.  Here we will talk about the money management side of progressive slots.

All Slots Have a Measure of Volatility

We need to understand both volatility and return to player rate in order to be better able to budget money for progressive slots play.

Two slots might have the same return to player rate but they may also have very different volatility.  Let’s say that two slots return about 97% of all money wagered back to the players.  A slot with high volatility will return those 97% of wagers to relatively few players and the payouts will be relatively high.  On the other hand, a slot with low volatility will return those 97% of all wagers back to many more players who generally share in much smaller payouts.

Money management in all casino games and especially in slots with high volatility means being very careful with your budget and gameplay.  Most progressive slots have high volatility.  That enables the game provider to take a penny or two from every wager more easily.

Online Casino Gaming is a Form of Entertainment

We have spoken about this many times before!  Still, it is a fact that gamers need to fully understand and accept.  When a gamer accepts that online casino gaming is entertainment, he or she will be able to fit online gaming into all of the other forms of entertainment they enjoy.

Let’s combine the entertainment side of playing progressive slots with sound money management, the return to player rate, and the slots’ volatility.  Now we get a formula of sorts for playing progressive slots:  As long as the game remains entertaining and as long as the money wagered is within your preset and reasonable online gaming budget, the volatility of the game is not particularly important.

The volatility of the slot becomes very important when it becomes less entertaining.  A betting game such as a progressive slot might lose its entertainment value for any number of reasons including frustration and time constraints.

Always Bet the Maximum

At this point, we think that all gamers know that they can only win the big progressive jackpot if they have bet the maximum on the winning payline.  This makes playing a progressive jackpot slot somewhat expensive.  That’s why we need to be careful in how we budget for gaming.

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Online Casino Gaming is Better than the Alternative

At a land-based casino, budgeting for gaming usually flies out the window even though the casino itself has no windows so players think that it is day when it is night!

Land-based casino gamers may come to the casino with a set budget but if they lose the money before the flight home, they will in almost all cases buy more credits!

Land-based casinos have a few tricks they use to get players to stay on the casino floor long after they should have left the casino.  We mentioned above that land-based casinos do not have windows.  They also have no clocks on the walls.  These two tricks are successful in getting players to play long into the night when they are too tired to make good decisions.

A good decision that a player might make would be to protect his or her budget better by playing less volatile and less expensive games.

Being Careful Means Taking a Break to eat or Drink

A land-based casino will offer free alcohol to players. They also offer vouchers for free meals at the buffet.  Alcohol quite quickly reduces inhibitions and makes players less cognitively aware.  This leads to poor decisions.

A big buffet meal will make players drowsy as their bodies try to digest the meal.  This leads to sleepy gaming which has a very low return to player rate!

Online Casino Gaming Presents No Such Pitfalls

We encourage short gaming sessions.  We encourage saving the alcohol consumption and large meals for after the gaming is over.  This is easy to do if the sessions are short.  Gamers can play at Jackpot Capital every day if they so desire so short sessions are easy to arrange and stick to.

Jackpot Capital Offers about 200 Slots

If you choose to play different slots, we have an awesome collection of slots for you.  SpinLogic brings out a new slot at least once a month.  We never have to take out an older slot to make way for the new slot since we have no actual walls, unlike land-based casinos which not only do have walls but must fill every available inch of casino floor space in order to generate the massive revenue they need to pay their huge operating costs and turn a profit.

Jackpot Capital Has Other Progressive Games

The three Caribbean Poker variations share a progressive jackpot.  Caribbean Poker is a fun way to play poker without worrying about getting bluffed out of a good pot!  As the progressive jackpot is shared, it is rarely VERY high but a few thousand dollars are no small potatoes either!

Caribbean Poker gamers can win a large portion of the progressive k=jackpot without winning the whole jackpot by getting high hands.  That is another reason these jackpots are at the same time relatively small and also very popular!

Jackpot Capital offers great online gaming with excellent promotions, about 300 games and counting, and a huge library of articles such as this and hundreds of others.


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