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How Can I Answer People Who Criticize Online Gaming?

Well, we love our online casino games!  Jackpot Capital Casino has a few hundred great games that you can play from the convenience of your home or for a few moments on your modern mobile device when you’re on the go.  Still, we all get some negative feedback from people who have not yet tried out our jackpot casino

So, in an effort to give you “ammunition” to fight back against the critics and to get them to try out Jackpot Capital online casino, we present here some “helpful retorts” to all of the naysayers!

The Games are Most Certainly Not Rigged

The online casinos all use a Random Number Generator that “decides” every game outcome.  The RNG is software that is specifically designed to find numbers or stops such as on a roulette wheel or a slot machine.  The all-important point is that these numbers or stops are determined entirely at random.

Casinos don’t have any incentive to cheat.  There are literally hundreds of millions of online casino gamers.  There are over 1000 online casinos.  There are many regulatory agencies that have a single purpose, namely, to make sure that the games are not rigged.  If any one of these regulatory agencies finds that a casino cheated gamers or rigged games, they would be out of business before nightfall. 

Why Would Any Business Rig its Products?

There are many examples from many other businesses that follow the same logic.  Why would a dairy sell old milk knowing that it will spoil before the consumers have drunk it?  That is a perfect prescription for bankruptcy and it applies to every food item produced in developed economies.

A clothing manufacture will not purposely mislabel a garnet or a pair of shoes.  A hotel would not brag about amenities it doesn’t provide.  Especially now with social media so strong and pervasive, it is the death knell for any business to make vulgar lies about itself.

So, the games are not rigged at any reputable online casino.

Online Gaming is Most Definitely not a Waste of Time

When you play at an online casino, you can determine to the minute the length of time you’ll play.  It is true that players at a land based casino may have to continue playing beyond a reasonable length of time simply because there is so little else to do.

Online casino gamers have all of their other enthusiasms to do!  No one who plays casino games online should do so at the expense in terms of time from doing any of the hundreds of other activities they might enjoy or, in the case of physical exercise, things that they are fully aware that they need to do!

Rather than be a waste of time, online gaming is a simple, inexpensive way to spend a little time when that’s all you want to do: spend a little innocent time doing something quiet, fun and exciting for you.

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Casinos Give Away Free Alcohol to Get You to Lose

This criticism is actually true about land based casinos.  But it doesn’t apply in any way, shape, or form to online casino gaming.  When you play online, you can take exactly zero alcoholic drinks until your predetermined gaming session is over.

Online casino gaming gives you a lot more control of your eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising, and gaming time.  You haven’t committed yourself to days at the casino.  You have, in fact, not committed yourself to any time at the casino.  You can stop whenever you want to and go ahead and do something else.

If friends or family come a-knockin’ at the door, you can close the session immediately.  When do friends or family come a-knockin’ when you’re at a land based casino?   Could it be, could it be….never?

No Pastime that Makes You Happy is a Waste of Money

We spend money on hundreds, even thousands, of activities.  Are they all a waste of money?  Hardly!  We prioritize the money we spend doing the things we like.  We also prioritize the time we spend doing those things.

In online gaming terms, we always encourage our gamers to play responsibly.  This applies to money and time.  You should never gamble with money you need for more important things like electricity and food.  You should never play our casino games with the time you should be spending with your family or working on a work project.

Part of the whole idea of responsible gaming is that we offer unlimited free paly so you can play at no financial cost.

Online Gamers Don’t Know When to Stop

This is another way of saying that online gaming is a waste of time.  The best way to know exactly when to stop is to set the timer on your smartphone for the duration of the session you want to play.  Stop immediately when the alarm sounds even, especially, when you’re ahead.

No One Wins a Progressive Jackpot

It is true that it is rare for anyone to win a progressive jackpot.  However, there are thousands of things that are even more rare.  In other words, someone wins a progressive jackpot every day!

It is also true that many players use the few moments they have when they are on the go to play a few spins on a big progressive jackpot.  Many of these gamers do not play for a progressive jackpot when they play at home.  Progressive jackpot games are more volatile than most other games so many players prefer playing the less volatile games when they sit down or curl up for a session.

Volatility refers to the number and size of wins in a game.  A volatile slot like a progressive jackpot slot will have fewer winning spins but when they do win, they win relatively large amounts of money.  The less volatile slots have many wins for small amounts of money.

Most slots players prefer playing less volatile slots.

The Rules All Favor the House

Some rules favor the house.  In Jacks or Better video poker, you need at least a pair of jacks to win.  In order to compensate for the house edge on all hands that are less than a pair of jacks, there is a big extra payout for a Royal Flush.  In addition, you can trade in all five of your cards.  In addition, a flush or full house pay a higher percentage than they would normally, based on the frequency of such hands.

The point is that some rules favor the house and some rules favor the player.  We tell all of our players to learn the rules of any game they play before they play for real money.  Here is where unlimited free play also comes in.

Tell the Naysayers to Try Out Jackpot Capital

We offer a big new player welcome package.  We have many promotions.  We have three great gaming platforms: instant play, download, and mobile.  We have a lot of great games.  And no one has to play a given number of hours per week.  You can play for as little as zero minutes per week on up to much longer periods of time.

The key point is that online gaming at Jackpot Capital is fun, real, and entertaining.

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