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How to Decide on the Best Way to Play Progressive Slots

One of the most popular types of slots is the line of progressive jackpots slots.  In other games, most gamers choose the game based on the story line, the symbols and characters, and the special ways the wild symbols are designed to function.  Wild symbols can do a lot of things that the other symbols can’t do!  That’s one of the reasons they are called the wild symbols!

A wild symbol can bring a multiplier to a win it helps create.  A wild can expand vertically or horizontally.  A wild can stick on the reel and stay there for a series of spins creating many wins along the way.  The wilds are truly wild just as the scatter symbols are a bit scatterbrained.

What is the Attraction of Progressive Jackpot Slots?

The attraction, naturally, is the big jackpot that a lucky garner will win!  Sometimes one gamer wins the jackpot one day and another wins the next jackpot in the same slot the next day!  Then there are times when the jackpot gets really big as days and even weeks go by without a winner!  So, money draws in the players, no doubt about it.

Still, there are a few things you should know about progressive slots.

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Game Providers Run Most Progressive Slots

The game providers supply slots and other casino games to many online casinos and, of course, to land based casinos as well.  This means that, as far ranging as the reach of a strong and established online casino might be all around the world, it will never be as strong as the reach of a game provider.

So, the size of any progressive jackpot will be a reflection of the size of the provider!  A new provider will not have the reach an established provider has so any progressive jackpot a new provider might run will be for a smaller prize.  This is fine if gamers want to play for a five figure jackpot.   If they want to play for a seven figure jackpot, they need to play a progressive slot from one of the big game providers.

The Affordability of Progressive Slots

In order to qualify for the big jackpot, you need to bet the maximum on the payline that eventually wins.  This may put some progressive jackpot slots out of the reach of gamers.  Still, there are ways to both stay within your gaming budget and play progressive slots.

Set a Progressive Slot Budget

One way is simply to limit the number of spins you take on the progressive slot. Here, we have to recognize a very important aspect of online casino gaming: the random number generator controls every outcome!  Even in the games of skill, where you decide how to proceed, the RNG then makes the final decision.  This is the luck element in the games of skill.

The RNG has no idea what happened a minute or a year ago!  So, the chance that you’ll win the big jackpot on your next spin is the same whether you have already taken zero spins or a hundred spins!  So, if betting the maximum on every payline is too great a burden on your overall gaming budget, you might budget ten spins a day on your favorite progressive jackpots.

Play Progressive Slots on Your Mobile Device

This might seem like odd advice since most gamers now play almost exclusively on their mobile device!  This is a testament to the phenomenal improvement in all aspects of mobile graphics.  The point here, is that when you take a break from your busy day or when you are either waiting somewhere or on the commuter train, that’s the time to play a progressive slot on your mobile device.

Keep in mind that we mean here to take a small number of spins on a progressive slot.  If you have a long commute home, we suggest playing a progressive game for a set number of spins and then going to a game that is more in tune with your gaming budget.

The Importance of Variance

This term is also know sometimes as volatility but we feel that the term variance is a lot softer and more amenable to the mood of gaming.  Variance means the ratio of absolute wins to the size of the wins.  In a high variance slot, you will have fewer wins but the wins will have higher payouts. 

In some high variance slots, you might have many small wins and the possibility of a very large win if you win the jackpot.  In this specific case, the small wins will be quite small since most of the prize money is being saved up to pay the giant jackapot.

Low variance slots all provide many small wins and a few sizable but not giant sized wins.  The biggest win possible in a low variance slot is not going to get you to think about quitting your day job!   Low variance slots are the slots of choice of a large group of slots players.  They don’t play slots primarily for the chance to win the Big One; they play simply to play.

What Kind of Gamer are You?

So, there is a kind of tradeoff between enjoying many smallish wins with a low maximum win possibility versus a few small to medium wins with the possibility of the really big win.  This often boils down to a matter of personality.  What do you want to get out of your gaming?  If the thrill of the possibility of becoming an instant millionaire is what most motivates you, then progressive slots are a perfect vehicle for your gaming.

Return to Player Rate

A progressive slot and a non-progressive slot may have the same return to player rate.  In fact, the return to player rate might even be higher in the progressive slot!   It should be obvious that in the progressive slot, most of the money won will go to one or a very small handful of players.  In the non-progressive slot, a very much larger pool of players will share in the wins.

To Each His Own

By now, we feel that everyone understands that progressive slots have a role in the overall gaming activity of almost every gamer.  Since the bet size in progressive slots is higher than it can be in non-progressive slots, each gamer has to decide for themselves how much to budget toward progressive slots out of their overall gaming budget.

Online or Land Based Progressive Slots

The chances of winning the big jackpot are exactly the same whether you play at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital or at a land based casino.  However, we feel that there are two factors that argue for the superiority of online gaming especially with regard to progressive slots.

First, many players at a land based casino will hover about the progressive slots terminals watching a waiting for a terminal that is “due”.  There is no such thing as a terminal that is due since the random number generator has idea that is supposed to be “due”.   This leads to a reduced gaming experience for this type of player.  Instead of playing and enjoying themselves, these gamers are chasing an ephemeral image: the slot that is due to make them rich.

The second difficulty we have with land based casino gaming is that you have to give up your seat to go play a different game.  This leads many players to stay at a progressive game far longer than their true gaming budget would allow.  This is not a problem at an online casino since you never give up your seat for any reason!  Simply put, at Jackpot Capital you don’t have a seat!  In cyberspace, you don’t need a seat!

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Happy gaming one and all!

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