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How Do You Score on the Gaming Quiz?

There is apolitical and social quiz making the rounds on the internet.  The quiz is actually designed to show that most people are left wing politically and socially but it’s still a fun quiz to take even if you see yourself on the right wing politically and socially.

So, we at Jackpot Capital online casino decided to encourage gamers to take a little time out from spinning our many jackpot slots and to take the gaming “quiz”.    This quiz will apply to both online gamers at Jackpot Capital casino and to land based gamers who one day will be able to return to their favorite casino!

Some of the questions are intended to bring a smile to your face while others are actually quite serious.

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    1. My favorite game at Jackpot Capital is:

      • Slots
      • Table games
      • Video poker
      • Banana Jones

          2. My favorite type of slots is:

              • Progressive slots
              • Romantic slots
              • Adventure slots
              • Colorful slots

                3. When I get a big win in slots, I:

                  • Shout hallelujah and get happy
                  • Jump up and down
                  • Go to the kitchen for ice cream
                  • Cry

                    4. My time budget for gaming is:

                      • Two hours
                      • One hour
                      • Half an hour
                      • From the moment the plane lands until the moment it takes off again.

                        5. My favorite food for snacking while gaming on my mobile device while lounging on the sofa is:

                          • Lasagna
                          • Sloppy Joes
                          • French onion soup
                          • Buffalo wings

                            6. I prefer online gaming because:

                              • It leaves me a lot of time for other activities.
                              • I can play with my wife or husband.
                              • I can play anytime on my mobile device.
                              • I can play for free for as long as I like.

                                7. I prefer land based casino gaming because:

                                  • They don’t have windows or clocks so I never know what time it is or even what day it is.
                                  • I prefer sitting in one chair for many hours instead of getting up to check out other games.
                                  • I like getting a lot of free wisskey :/
                                  • When I finish gambling I can go to sleep.

                                    8. My favorite food at the buffet is:

                                      • Lettuce
                                      • Brussels Spouts
                                      • Raw cauliflower or broccoli
                                      • The really dry ends of roast beef

                                        9. I want Banana Jones to catch the crystal banana because:

                                          • I like bananas.
                                          • I like fine crystal.
                                          • My last name is Jones.
                                          • I believe very strongly that the crystal banana belongs in a museum.

                                          10. If I could do anything to improve my favorite land based casino, I would:

                                          • Make it bigger
                                          • Make it louder
                                          • Make it more crowded
                                          • Enlarge the selection of free wisskee!!!

                                          11.   If I could do anything to improve Jackpot Capital casino, I would:

                                          • Have more promotions.
                                          • Offer more bonuses.
                                          • Offer more free spins.
                                          • Offer snack food catering for munching while gaming at home on the sofa.

                                          How Well Did You Do?

                                          We suspect that if you are a regular gamer here at Jackpot Capital, you scored very high on the fun side of gaming.  We suspect that you laughed out loud more than a few times!

                                          If you are a regular gambler at land based casinos, we suspect that the quiz made you wonder what all the fuss about online gaming is.  So, here are a few bullet points to help you understand what all the fuss is about.

                                          • Online casinos have more games and a greater variety of games than land based casinos because online casinos have all of the space in the world while land based casinos have all of the space within their four windowless walls.
                                          • Online casinos have a wider range of slots.
                                          • Online casinos don’t need many terminals of the same slot to accommodate all of the people who want to play that game.
                                          • Online casinos bring out the child in gamers while land based casinos bring out the serious gambler in many people.
                                          • Online gamers can play for a long time or a short time while land based casino gamblers tend to play for a really long time.
                                          • Online gamers can play on the sofa!
                                          • Online casino gaming is very flexible.
                                          • There is really little to do at a land based casino except eat, drink, sleep, and gamble.
                                          • The buffet at a land based casino is not all it’s cracked up to be.
                                          • Banana Jones is a really fun game!
                                          • Land based casinos are big, loud, and crowded.
                                          • Online casinos have a lot of promotions, bonuses, and free spins.

                                          Online Casinos Offer a Lot of Flexibility

                                          Under this one heading, we can see some of the major differences between online and land based casinos.  Basically, promotions, bonuses, and comp points serve online gamers a lot more than land based gamblers because at an online casino you can play as much or as little as you like. 

                                          You can work off the wagering requirement for any deposit bonus at your leisure.  You can enjoy month-long promotions.  You can play in month-long or even week-long tournaments. 

                                          Land based casinos are designed to accommodate a lot of people for a very short time.  That’s why they offer so much free food and alcohol.  Some people actually get free accommodations at land based casinos, too.

                                          Online casinos don’t need such promotions to keep their gamers satisfied.  Online casinos only need to have a lot of great games all of which their gamers can sample, safe banking, a great customer service approach, and many promotions.

                                          Online Casinos Offer More Gaming for Your Money

                                          This example is really quite obvious.  At an online casino you don’t need to book a flight, a hotel room, or possibly rent a car.  There is little value in going to a land based casino for one hour so gamblers go for a few days at a time.

                                          This adds costs for hotels and meals.  Even though the casinos give away meals, gamblers at land based casinos still spend a lot of money buying food.

                                          Some gamers have said that the money saved by gaming online can allow gamers to increase their bankrolls.  While this is true, we like to see it in a different way.  We like to say that by gaming online and foregoing all of the extra costs of going to a land based casino, gamers free up a lot of money for a real vacation!

                                          Welcome to Jackpot Capital Casino

                                          In this age of coronavirus, we are seeing an increase in gamer traffic.  We would like to say that while we appreciate the extra traffic, we hope that the health crisis ends very soon.  That will mean that a lot of gamers will go back to their favorite land based casino.  Still, we are sure that a lot of gamers will stay here at Jackpot Capital, once they have seen firsthand how much more flexible and cost-worthy online gaming is.

                                          We wish good health to everyone!

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