Join us this month at Jackpot Capital as we celebrate Oktoberfest with our own games, famous characters attending the festival and, of course, our Oktoberfest Bonuses!

No matter what continent you might come from or find yourself in, it’s hard to imagine that you haven’t at least heard of - or even visited - Oktoberfest in Germany. Held annually in Munich, Bavaria, this Volksfest (folk festival) is the largest in the world, with over 7 million people arriving to Munich every year to explore traditional German food, beer and national attire, but also to enjoy other attractions such as amusement rides, games and sidestalls. The festival normally lasts between 16 and 18 days, starting in mid or late September and ending in October. This year, Oktoberfest started on September 22nd. Today, exactly 5 days into the festival, we thought it would be the perfect time to share with you the new bundle of Oktoberfest Bonuses that we here at Jackpot Capital have prepared for you, with care! If you read further down this post, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about...

The Longer the History, the Greater the Bonus

With a history that dates back to over two centuries ago - the very first Oktoberfest having been held in 1810 - the festival is considered to be a significant part of the German culture (much like the Bonuses are to the Jackpot Capital culture!). This entire celebration began with a marriage between King Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, on October 12th 1810. As this royal wedding took place in Munich, the city’s citizens were invited to join in on this historic celebration and enjoy the festivals organized right in front of the city gates. Could you imagine the reaction of the first attendants if they were told that this festival will be celebrated today, 218 years later? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? But so is our imagining your reaction once you hear about our Oktoberfest Bonuses!

While buying a ticket and heading over to Munich would certainly be the best way to celebrate Oktoberfest, taking days off work in late September and setting aside the money for such a trip can be difficult. On the other hand, celebrating it with us, here at Jackpot Capital - and making wins instead of paying for things - is unquestionably much easier. And to make making wins easier for you, we’ve come up with a short list of things for you and the characters of the games you’ll be playing, which you’ll want to bring along. 

A Pretzel for the Bandit

Being a bandit isn’t easy, not even in our slot Cash Bandits 2. Bandits need all the energy and focus they can get - both physical and mental - and for that, they need proper nutrition. But what better way to help them than with pretzels, the classic Oktoberfest snack originating back in 610 BC, long considered to have healing powers? A snack which is today the third most sold salty snack in the US, and one with which you can claim your 100% up to $1000 + 20 Free Spins using the Coupon code, below?

Coupon code: OKT18-PRETZEL

A Dirndl for Cleopatra

To have Cleopatra fully on your side - something you want to achieve to help her help you dominate her slot, Cleopatra’s Gold - we thought it’d be a good idea to bring her a gift. More precisely, as it is Oktoberfest we’re celebrating - a Dirndl. Who wouldn’t appreciate a new dress? Even Cleopatra surely would! Use the Coupon code below to collect your award of 100% up to $1000 + 20 Free Spins on the slot Cleopatra’s Gold!

Coupon code: OKT18-DIRNDL

A Beer for the Leprechaun

Did you know that, in 2013, 7.7 million litres of beer were consumed during Oktoberfest? That’s about as many litres as there are people in Hong Kong! When it comes to leprechauns, upon hearing the term, many of us probably think of little men with beards and coats and hats who have the power to grant us - humans - three wishes in exchange for their release, if we manage to catch them. However, instead of catching the leprechaun in our online slot Lucky 6, why not bring him a bee, instead? After all, leprechauns are both a part of Irish culture and their folkloreCollect your Bonus today, using the following Coupon code:

Coupon code: OKT18-BEER

Have a Beer & Play!

Oktoberfest… Bonusfest!

These were just some of the things Jackpot Capital’s most popular characters attending Oktoberfest might enjoy. The more they enjoy - the more likely you are to win, so make sure you don’t forget to bring them along! Similarly, the more you enjoy - the better your chances, and it is because of this that we’ve got all these great Oktoberfest Bonuses on offer for you. Check them all out now and claim your bonus-nutrients today!

You can redeem your Oktoberfest Bonuses for Cash Bandits 2, Cleopatra's Gold or Lucky 6 (or all of them!) on any day between today, September 27th, and October 3rd. In either of the cases, all you have to do to redeem them is make your minimum deposit of $45 and enter the Coupon code into the Cashier!

If you’re truly serious about your gameplay and want to be the best you can, make sure you visit our Promotions page for other ongoing offers we have in store, in addition to our Oktoberfest Bonuses. Celebrating Oktoberfest can almost be seen as a duty, and if you just don’t have the time to go and do so in person - don’t forget to fulfil it here, at Jackpot Capital! Prost!

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