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There are two important aspects to playing real money casino games here at Jackpot Capital and at other good online casinos.  These are time and money budgets.

We speak often about the importance of sound time and money gaming budgets.  Here we will talk about time management.  In a later article, we will go deep into the essence of sound money management.

How Long to Play Online Casino Games?

There is no single correct answer to this question.  It depends on the day, on other activities and commitments the gamer has, and on the gamer’s mood or frame of mind.

Winding Down

A lot of gamers play games of chance such as slots and Banana Jones to wind down and relax after a tense day at work.  If this kind of gamer’s day at work was not tense, he or she might bypass online casino gaming for another happy activity.  This is an essential aspect of time management to play online casino games: gamers do not have to play!

It's a Lot Easier Online

This is exactly the opposite of what takes place at land-based casinos where players tend to play a long time to “get their money’s worth” after spending gobs of money just getting to the casino.

The length of time a gamer plays will also be determined by how much money they can budget toward gaming.  Jackpot Capital also offers unlimited free play so gamers can play as a relaxation technique without any monetary risk at all.

Jackpot Capital Stays Open All the Time

Even during the pandemic ─ especially during the pandemic ─ when all land-based casinos were closed, Jackpot Capital and all other online casinos stayed open!  We are not in the physical world of viruses and other hazards!  So, we were able to stay open while physical casinos had to shut down.

New Online Gamers Had a Different Sense of Casino Time

There was a temptation on the part of gamers to play on and on.  This was especially true of the thousands of erstwhile land-based casino players who came to Jackpot Capital because we (and all online casinos) were the only game in town.  These players were used to playing for long hours at land-based casinos because they had limited time there and wanted to get the most out of the time they would spend at the casino.

None of this applies to gaming at Jackpot Capital!  We are always open so an hour one day may very well be enough to satisfy a gamer’s gaming needs for a few days going forward.  Or, as often is the case, until the next day!

In previous articles, we have recommended 30–60-minute sessions.  Still, this is a subjective matter.  So, gamers have to decide for themselves how much time to budget for gaming for an evening.

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Does Time Budgeting at Jackpot Capital Apply to Workplace Time Management?

It does, indeed!

Let’s talk about how time management in the workplace applies to online casino gaming.

Business Managers Cannot Do Everything Themselves

The first thing a new middle management type in a corporation learns is that the promotion gives them a lot more responsibility.  Where they may have been able to do everything assigned to them before the promotion, now they need a team to complete any project.

Time management involves being able to delegate authority.

How Does This Apply to Online Casino Gaming?

The casino is the team and gamers delegate a lot of actions to the casino.  We keep track, in real time, of all game results, the accumulation of comp points, and the progress of a gamer’s wagering requirement which they have to complete before they can withdraw winnings after taking a casino bonus.

Gamers and Jackpot Capital have a truly synergistic relationship!  We work together so that gamers can have a lot of fun and be entertained.

Delegating Drinking

We also urge gamers to delegate the pouring of an alcoholic drink for after the gaming is finished!  Any amount of alcohol alters one’s cognitive function.  This might be fine after gaming.  However, just as you don’t drink at work, there is a real reason not to drink when you are playing casino games for real money.

The Importance of Taking a Break

Even if you have scheduled only a single hour for gaming, we suggest that you take a break at about the 30-minute point.  This break will allow you to use the bathroom, make a cup of coffee, and stretch your legs.  Even if you are comfortably curled up on the sofa and playing on a mobile device, it is very important to stretch.

Setting Priorities is Priority Number One

We all need to learn how to set priorities.  A gamer may want to play for an hour but he or she has a work project that requires some attention even after work hours.  By knowing how to set priorities, that gamer may play for only 30 minutes and then will have more than enough time to work on the project with a relaxed mood and a clear mind.

Being Organized Calms the Mind

In online casino gaming, a player may choose to play slots for a few minutes, video poker for a few minutes, and blackjack for a few minutes.  Having the strategy cards ready for the video poker and blackjack will make moving from one game to the next mentally easy.

When you go from the game of chance to a game of skill, that might be a good time to take a break.  Similarly, when you move from video poker to blackjack, you might be well served to take a break.  The mind has to think differently between slots and the games of skill and also between the two most popular games of skill.

Being organized in general is one of the most calming actions anyone can take.  We know of many people who say that they need clutter in their lives but when it comes to time management, the time a person spends looking for something that should have a place but isn’t in that place is time wasted.

Time Management Equals Fun

This is a truism in work and in play.  When we manage our time well, we do everything with just a little more pizzazz.  We have a bounce in our step even when we are all curled up on the sofa!  Gamers who may be in line for a promotion at work can get a big head start on the skills they will need in management by learning how to manage their own time well.

Then, when they are responsible for managing a team’s time well, they will be better prepared to do so.

Online Time Tops Land-based Time

We have said it here and we say it often: at a land-based casino, players are incentivized to play for much too long.  This leads to players being tired, hungry, or in need of a restroom.  Online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital solves all of these problems and can lead to gamers developing valuable time management skills for work as well as for play.


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