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How Important is Real Time Gaming to Our Success?

We thought that you would like to know more about our close relationship with our game provider, Real Time Gaming, or RTG as they are known throughout the online gaming world.   Jackpot Capital casino has been working with RTG since we came online almost twenty years ago.  RTG was one of the first games providers for the nascent online gaming market.

There are still a lot of people who think that creating games for the online casino market is not such a difficult job: set up some slots and table games and don’t forget to have a good slot machine jackpot ready for a lucky gamer and that’s all there is to it!  Well…..that’s not even the smallest fraction of “all there is to it”!  We want all of our gamers here at Jackpot Capital online casino to fully appreciate the challenge we place before RTG and how successfully RTG meets that challenge.

The Graphics in Table Games Have to Be Spectacular

We all know the many advantages gamers have when they play at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital.  To review the many advantages here are a few examples:

  • When you play at Jackpot Capital, you have zero travelling expenses.
  • The return to player rate at Jackpot Capital is higher than at land based casinos.
  • We never have to take a game out to “make room” for a new game so we can bring out a new game every month and that simply adds to our number of games on offer.
  • You never have to give up your seat in order to sample a different game unlike the situation at land based casinos.
  • We offer many more variations of blackjack and video poker because, as is the case with slots, we have unlimited space.
  • Speaking about unlimited, we offer unlimited free play in all of our games.
  • Every game has a low bet and a high bet and usually you can choose almost any bet in between.  Land based casinos may have several blackjack tables at which the lowest bet is too high for your time and bankroll budgets.

These few points barely touch the subject of the advantages online gaming has over land based casino gaming.  But, you may have noticed that none of these advantages pertains directly to our game provider, RTG.  So, now we can get into the role RTG plays in your gaming fun at Jackpot Capital casino.

The first area of importance as far as RTG is concerned is that RTG is always in the forefront of any improvements in the graphics we provide for online gaming.  We readily acknowledge that the graphics in online gaming in the earliest days was less than spectacular.  Today, online gaming is a powerful aspect of casino gaming in general and much of the success we have had here at Jackpot Capital is owing to the vast improvements RTG has made in casino games graphics.

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Table Games

Calling a spade a spade, we recognize that we are an online casino.  We also recognize that most of our gamers began casino gaming at land based casinos.  When many of our gamers first heard about online casinos they wanted the most realistic game play possible given that they would be playing in a virtual medium.

It was RTG from the start that gave gamers the best game play possible at that time and RTG continues to improve the graphics as technology permits.

Video Poker

This game actually was developed as a virtual game from the outset.  So, RTG was important in this game’s development for both the land based and the online gaming markets.  Graphics, once again, is what makes this such a popular game and we can set the return to player rate at more than 99% since we have less operating costs than a land based casino has.

We also offer multi-hand video poker with great enticing graphics.  Some of our gamers love playing multi-hand video poker above all other games and we credit RTG with making their video poker products so accessible visually and so much fun to play.  And, because the return to player rate is so high, you can probably win a little or break even as often as not.

Slots Require Massive Levels of Creativity

We offer over 200 different slots games here at Jackpot Capital.  The first question a gamer might ask is: Why do you need to offer so many games?  The second question a gamer who used to play at land based casinos might ask is: Don’t land based casinos also offer over 200 slots?

Let’s answer the second question first.  The simple answer is: NO!  The reason is that land based casinos have walls which make it impossible for them to carry every game they might want to carry.  At Jackpot Capital, there are no walls!  So we can continue to add new games every month with no loss of space.

The new games we offer almost every month are slots!  So, our game developer has to be pretty creative to bring out a new slots game every month!

One in; One Out

Let’s return for a moment to the contrast between the finite space at land based casinos and the infinite space at online casinos.  When we bring in a new game, all the other games “move over” but we never have to take any games out.  Land based casinos have to take a game out for every new game they bring into the casino. So you always have the same choices - maybe a newer game, but you still have to choose from the set number of games the room can hold.

We Have an Infinite Number of Terminals

In addition to all that, at Jackpot Capital we can have as many as a million (even a lot more but you get the idea) gamers playing the same game at the same time.  A land based casino might have twenty terminals of the same popular slot but then that means that they have far fewer or even zero of less popular slots!

Creativity Makes Slots Popular

Here is where we owe such a great debt of gratitude to RTG.  They know how to create new storylines even in areas where there are already several slots around.  Our loyal gamers stay with Jackpot Capital because we have great promotions, solid banking practices, and perhaps especially because RTG comes through every month with a new and exciting game to go with all of the exciting games they have developed over the past twenty years!

Every slots game has to tell a story.  RTG has slots in so many themes that you might think that they will run out of ideas someday.  RTG remains up to the challenge every month and we expect them to remain up to the challenge for many, many years to come!

In every slots game, in addition to the general story line, RTG has to develop characters and symbols that accurately reflect the theme of the slot.  Since some slots are about warrior tribes and other slots have a large tongue in cheek element, you can certainly see how challenging it is for RTG to be as creative in the warrior slots as they are in the sugary and humorous slots.

Hats Off!

So, hats off to RTG.  We are proud to be affiliated with such a strong games provider and we look forward to continuing our relationship with RTG long into the future.  You will benefit every time you sit down to play or curl up to play on your soft, soft sofa!

RTG is also the genius behind the graphics you’ll find on our mobile platform.  So, play and enjoy and say a (virtual) word of thanks to our stellar games provider Real Time Gaming!

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