Mobile Gaming at Jackpot Capital Gets Better and Better

How Mobile Gaming Calms the Nerves

In case you missed it, mobile gaming is now the go-to way to play online casino games here at Jackpot Capital and all other top online casinosMobile jackpot casino gaming is a lot more convenient than desktop or even laptop gaming since it is so much more compact.  A mobile device can fit into a purse, handbag, shoulder bag, or pocket while we have yet to find the portable laptop or desktop that can fit in these smallish places!

Gamers can take a few spins on mobile slots and any other favorite casino games literally wherever they are!

Is it All about the Convenience?

No, indeed!

There is a huge difference between convenience and comfort and mobile casino gaming checks off the comfort box as well as the convenience box.  Most people who play mobile slot games and other casino games on their mobile devices do so at home while curled up on a soft sofa or chair.

The convenience of mobile casinos includes being able to play while on the commuter train or while waiting in line.  In that sense we say that mobile allows a gamer to “take the casino with him or her” instead of going to a land-based casino at substantial cost and inconvenience!

Mobile Casino Gaming is Also about the Romance

On a desktop computer it is not common for lovers to sit together and play the games.  It is more common when the people are playing at a laptop computer.  At least the laptop brings them to the sofa!

However, it is the hand-held mobile device—either a smartphone or more commonly a tablet—that allows lovers to curl up together and play online casino games at Jackpot Capital and other online casinos with a mobile gaming platform.

Gaming Can Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

It is obvious that being in a curled-up position can lead to deeper and longer sleep.  It is so much more conducive to good sleep than sitting upright at a desktop casino!

There is an obvious irony here; it might seem that we are saying that online casino games lull people to sleep.  The fact is that online casino games can relax a tense person after they come home from work.   Later on that evening, they can relax gamers to the extent that they fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly.

What are the Best Games to Play Before Sleep?

We think that slots are always good for deep relaxation.  They are a pure game of chance so gamers can enjoy the colors, background sound, and the new generation graphics and animation.

We also like Banana Jones as a game to put you in the mood to sleep well.  Banana Jones is a take-off on both the Indiana Jones movies and on the children’s game Chutes and Ladders.

What Motivates Mr. Banana?

Banana Jones is on a quest to retrieve the Crystal Banana and take it to a museum where it belongs.  As you go up the vines and down the snakes it is both easy and hard to get to the castle where the Crystal Banana is being kept.

When you reach the castle, you will choose from a set of treasure chests each of which holds a fruit.  When you choose three of the same fruits, you win the corresponding prize.

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Banana Jones Has his Very Own Revelling Call!

It is great fun to hear and watch Banana Jones go Whoo-hoo Whoo-hoo after you win a prize in the Treasure Chest Feature.

When Did the Graphics and Animation Get So Good?

It is really the graphics and later the animation that have made mobile casino gaming so much more popular than desktop gaming.  The irony is that when mobile casino platforms first came online, the graphics were quite inferior to the graphics at a desktop computer and the mobile devices themselves were still those clunky devices that did not fit into a pocket and barely into a handbag!

Tech Saw a Challenge and Conquered It

The tech people went to work to make mobile devices smaller, more compact, and yet more powerful.  Smartphone technology itself has undergone many generations of development in the last ten years.  What was considered a state-of-the-art mobile phone ten years ago is now a museum piece possibly sharing space with the Crystal Banana!

Better Tech Made for Better Mobile Casino Games

Improvements in graphics and better mobile tech, in general, made all extant casino games infinitely more accessible and fun to play.  It was no longer an imposition on the eyes to play casino games on a mobile device.  Game providers began to develop casino games directly for the mobile screen and technology.  In the original mobile casinos, all of the games were games that had been developed for desktop computers and had to be refitted for mobile.

They were playable but not nearly as user-friendly as the desktop games.

Mobile’s Golden Age is Here

That is no longer the case!  Improvements in graphics have made slots and all of the table games more fun to play.  Just the way the cards move across the screen in blackjack and video poker have made those games more fun to play.

That is a very good thing as the return to player rate in blackjack and video poker is about 99.5%!

Graphics and Animation Make Romantic Gaming Better

It also makes playing curled up with your significant other more fun even though blackjack and video poker are games of skill.  Putting two heads together and coming out ahead as often as not makes for great fun at little cost.

Animation and the Slots Wild Symbol

Gamers are aware that there is an ongoing revolution in how the wild symbols in slots work to create more and more wins but relatively few realize that all of the innovations in wild symbol activity are the result of huge developments in animation for online and especially mobile devices.

Here are just a few of the ways wild symbols today animate every slots game:

  1. Stacked wilds.
  2. Sticky wilds.
  3. Cascading wilds.
  4. Expanding wilds.
  5. Exploding wilds.
  6. Multiplying wilds.
  7. Replicating wilds (aka duplicating wilds).
  8. Shifting wilds.

How Long will the Golden Age in Mobile Last?

No one really knows for sure as technology continues to “run amok” in all things reacted to computers and communication devices.  We might someday see an entirely new industry develop that will take communications to a level that no one sees coming today.

So, the golden age in mobile might last 100 years or it might last a lot less or a lot more!  In the meantime, we should all be happy that mobile casino gaming is as good, easy, convenient, and comfortable as it is!

Come to Jackpot Capital for Great Mobile Gaming

Jackpot Capital has an excellent mobile gaming platform with a huge selection of games!  To play all of these games, we urge you to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO NOW!

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