Santa and his elves are busy at work in the North Pole, and we can imagine you must be equally busy, pulling out your own miracles of buying gifts, organizing family events, planning the big Christmas dinner; all of the inevitable tasks to make a great Christmas holiday! But, hey - It gets stressful to plan such an epic and important holiday function like Christmas, and maybe you’re looking for a break? Well, look no further - You stumbled across this post for a reason! We have no doubt that the holiday preparations can be exciting, but after a while, you need a break - ideally, a break with some early bonus gifts! Sound tempting? Take a break from the hussle and bussle of Christmas and come on over to the North Pole; join Santa and his international friends for our Christmas Promotion, Santa’s Timeout!

Christmas promotion Santa's Time Out

Kick Back, Relax & Enjoy the Eggnog!

Throw some ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ on the radio, and all of those other great Christmas tunes, prepare a batch of fresh eggnog (extra shot of rum, please!), put your feet up by the fire and prepare to enjoy: The early Christmas vacation is here! Santa’s Timeout is exactly what it sounds like - a time for Santa to relax before the big night of delivering toys, and since he is such a generous and lovable guy, he’s invited all of the Jackpot Capital players to come along as well!

How good does it feel to escape the thought of standing in ridiculously long lineups for the latest and greatest gift, slaving over the stove, and conversing with the in-laws?! We know you have an instant load off of your shoulders, and that’s what it’s all about! This is your time now, and we hope you’re looking forward to your stay at Santa’s Luxury Resort, far up in the North Pole - prepare for bonus gifts, galore, and proper relaxation! It all starts now! Be sure to log in everyday and join us for the most fabulous, luxe, giving Christmas promotions of the year - Santa’s Timeout! From December 5th until January 8th, you’ll be playing our great games, collecting Scoreboard points (bringing you those early Christmas presents!), making new friends and enjoying a ‘holiday before the holidays’ for $177,000 in bonus cash!

Not only will you be unwinding for the holidays in ultimate luxury and style, but you’ll have the chance to make some very interesting friends along the way! Did you know that, around the globe, there are many different ‘versions’ of the man we call Santa Claus? From Russia, Italy, Austria, Germany, South America - they all have their very own Christmas figure with their very own special traditions, ones that they will happily share with you! So, not only will you be experiencing tons of early bonus gifts with us here at Jackpot Capital online casino, but you’ll also learn a thing or two from your new international friends! Oh, ‘tis the season to be jolly - in all languages! Hoorah!

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A Christmas Promotion You Won’t Want to Miss!

What’s on your wish list this year? A new pair of slippers, comfy pajamas, lots of sugary Christmas chocolate? How about some bonus cash to help you out, after you’ve been charging your credit card like there’s no tomorrow, piling up the gifts under your Christmas tree? That sounds more like it! Not only is it a relief to take a break from the madness, but it sure does help to pick up some bonus money while you’re living in style at Santa’s luxury resort! With a whole month’s worth of fantastic fun to be had, you won’t want to miss a second if it - and as long as you keep your favorite online casino nearby, you won’t have to! Not only will you be enjoying plenty of weekly bonuses with our Christmas promotion, but once the 12 days before Christmas begins, you’ll be the happy recipient of a daily gift from us, everyday, something new! And as for all of the other bonus goodies...

Join us and the jolly good fellows from December 5th - January 8th for $177,000 in early bonus gifts!…

  • Every Monday: Check the Santa’s Timeout Scoreboard ranking for $30,000 in weekly prizes ($150,000 in total!)
  • Every Friday: Score $5,000 in weekly Friday Random Bonus Boosts ($25,000 total!)
  • Be good and you may receive $2,000 in additional bonuses!

It just doesn’t get more ‘jolly’ around here, with all of these great chances to play your favorite games, partake in the holiday festivities, relax, and win a whole lot of bonus cash! It’s fair to say, the stockings will be overflowing with the good stuff this year, and you won’t even need to leave home! You’ll be happily resting in Santa’s ‘virtual’ resort, and thanks to Jackpot Capital’s very easy-to-use mobile website, you’ll be able to keep playing and climbing our Scoreboard, with all of your many bonus gifts, right from your phone or tablet! Just picture this: Sitting cozy under a warm fleece blanket, preferably, by a scorching fireplace, Christmas carols playing softly in the background, while you relax peacefully playing all month long with us! Was there a better definition of ‘relaxation’? Who need’s the beach - it’s all about hanging with Santa Claus, and his international friends!

Remember, a great way to not only build your Scoreboard ranking, guaranteeing you weekly bonuses, but to also get you into the true spirit of Christmas, is to play some of our great Christmas-themed slot games! Make a few spins on Santastic, getting even more quality time with the jolly guy, or experience the ‘bonus blizzard’ with one of our new games, Snowmania! Elf Wars will also throw a thrilling moment into your day, taking you out of the state of relaxation - but only for a second! Happy Holiday season from everyone here at Jackpot Capital - Enjoy your time with Santa and friends!


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