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What Can We Do if We Encounter an Obnoxious Person at a Land Based Casino?

Online gaming certainly has many advantages over gambling at a land based casino.  When you play at an online jackpot casino, you either play alone, with friends if you are hosting or attending a casino party, or with your significant other!

One thing we can tell you for sure is that if you do go to a land based casino, there may be hundreds of other people on the casino floor when you’re there but, unless you do go with your partner, none of them will be your significant other!

What You Should Know about the People at a Land Based Casino

YouTube is full of short clips about the people of Walmart.  Well, Walmart is a big store and it attracts many different types of people.  Believe it or not, the same is true of land based casinos but in somewhat different ways.

Here we will not talk about the many ancillary costs of going to a land based casino instead of simply curling up with Jackpot Capital online casino. So, even as many gamers understand the extra costs involved in going to a land based casino, many people choose to do so anyway.  Here are a few things we think you should know about the people you might encounter at a land based casino.


A land based casino will throw out someone who is drunk, loud, abusive, and otherwise highly obnoxious.  However, any land based casino will probably have a long leash before it throws a drunk out.

After all, a drunk will likely lose a lot of money on bad bets.  Land based casinos give away free alcohol in the hope and proven belief that there is a clear relationship between money lost compared to alcoholic drinks imbibed.

So, be prepared to meet a few drunks at a land based casino.  Of course, we can’t control the alcohol consumption of the gamers here at Jackpot Capital casino.  But we can repeatedly urge all of our gamers to save their alcohol consumption for after gaming.  At a land based casino, you are almost sure to run into a gamer who is still on the casino floor even after the casino itself has gotten him or her quite tipsy.

People Who Know It All

Some people really do know it all.   A lot of these people gives talks that we can watch on YouTube.  Very few of the people who loudly tell you what to do at a land based casino know even a small fraction of “it all”!  They think they do know everything, however, and will tell you loudly what you’re doing wrong.

The most common place for know it alls to hang around is the blackjack table.  There, they will accuse you of losing hand after hand for them because of the “ridiculous” decisions you are making.  Of course, you are probably playing in line with the best strategy for every hand but the know it all knows everything except the best strategy for the hand at hand!

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The Guy Who Will Push You Out of the Way

These guys hang around the craps and roulette tables.  They will do everything they can to worm their way to the table even when there isn’t any room to spare.  If you have been pushed aside by such a person, we suggest that you go to the other side of the table and wait patiently for someone to leave.  There is absolutely no value in trying to fight for your rightful spot at the table against a pusher.


These are the guys who will hang around the slots terminals and will harangue players to give up their seats so the hoverers can play.  This is one of the more infuriating things that can happen at a land based casino and one of the biggest reasons why gaming at an online casino has so many advantages.

Players with Nothing Else to Do

Whether a player comes to a land based casino alone or with a group, someone always loses all or most of their bankroll quickly and then is like a ghost, wandering the casino floor.  These people are fairly easy to spot since they don’t smile, generally don’t talk, look sad, but clearly don’t have anything else to do.

People Looking to Make a Connection

Read between the lines here.  It used to be just men hitting on women but in today’s highly fluid environment it can be anyone of any so-called gender hitting on anyone else.  Some people still touch other people even when touching is not welcome.

We cannot reiterate this enough but the handsy person on the casino floor is very hard to expel from the casino.  As soon as you go to get a security person the handsy person disappears.

Security People

Sometimes these people are quite obvious and at other times you won’t be able to identify them at all.  If you play the games in the most appropriate manner you will have nothing to fear from the security people.  But if you make any attempt to game a game, they will be there in an instant.

In most cases, you will be kicked out of the casino but in some cases you will get into real trouble!

Women in Scanty Clothing

Sometimes these are cocktail waitresses who want to give you a free drink.  At other times it may be an attractive woman who is using the general anonymity of the casino to dress in a more provocative manner than she would when she goes to her local Walmart!

If you find her in any way attractive, the best thing you can do is avert your eyes quickly.  Who knows who she is with and how much alcohol he has had?

High Rollers

Anyone who can afford to bet $100 on a hand of blackjack should do so at home!  At a land based casino, they merely draw attention to themselves.   Often these high rollers are also loud mouthed people, handsy with the opposite sex or genders, and generally big show offs.

Of course, you can ignore them.  But if they are especially loud, you may find that you can’t ignore them.  At that point, it is best to leave the casino!

The Poker Hustler

If you never sit down at the poker table, this type of casino person will not affect your gaming experience.  But if you do sit down to play poker, be sure that you can afford to lose to players who look like they know no more about poker than you do but are really very adept at the game!

People Who Like People are the Happiest People in the World

That was a great line from a movie from the 1960’s.  In the casino, it is not always like that!  A lot of people have good experiences at land based casinos but it has been our experience that many people come back from a short stay at a land based casino more determined than ever to make  Jackpot Capital online casino their go-to casino going forward.  As we say, there are many advantages to gaming online!

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