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Is Jackpot Capital Planning More Slots in the Naughty or Nice Series?

Naughty or Nice III is the third slot in the series that features the two most beautiful young women in all of slotsdom!  Our beauties represent both the naughty side and the nice side of Christmas gift giving and receiving.  One of the best gifts Santa could give gamers during the Christmas season is the ability to play Naughty and Nice slots on their mobile devices. 

Jackpot Capital casino is the top mobile jackpot casino.  We offer all of our games in every games category for play on virtually every mobile device!  For this reason, we have found in just the last couple of years that most of the gaming players do at Jackpot Capital online casino is done on mobile devices!

So, is lounging luxuriantly on your most comfortable chair or sofa playing slots and other casino games naughty?  Or, is it super nice?  We think that lounging on your favorite chair or sofa to play online casino games is both wonderfully naughty and wonderfully nice!  That is where Naughty or Nice III comes in!

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Getting into the Christmas Spirit

We are reviewing all of the slots in the Naughty or Nice series because they are great fun to play during the holiday season.

In the previous article, we reviewed Naughty or Nice I and II.  In this article, we’ll give you all the lowdown on Naughty or Nice III and in the next article we will review The Nice List and the Naughty List.

The Naughty or Nice Series

Real Time Gaming really didn’t know what they were starting when they came out with Naughty or Nice a few years back.  Naughty or Nice quickly became one of the most popular slots with a Christmas season theme.

So, the game developers at RTG set to work coming up with Naughty or Nice II.  They turned the tables on everyone by setting Naughty or Nice II at the beach during Spring Break!  Santa was there, of course.  He didn’t look particularly pleased being out of his element where there wasn’t snow anywhere and the only ice was the ice clinking in his glass of lemonade!

Lounging on the beach is one of the signs of great affluence.  We luxuriate when we can plop down on a beach chair and just soak up the sun.  Naughty or Nice III takes such luxury a step further by adding new winning elements and by turning Santa into a happy fellow!

One of the first things you’ll notice in Naughty or Nice III, after you can finally take your eyes off the beautiful damsels, is that Santa has embraced the culture of the beach.  Here he is lounging on a chair at the beach with his portliness totally out there and not a concern at all on his face.

Santa is the highest paying symbol in the regular game!  The other symbols in the order of how much they pay out in the regular game are the angry athlete, the cute dog, the holiday box with money, the car wash, and the numbers from 9 to ace.

The Wild Symbols

As in Naughty or Nice I and II, the beautiful girls are the wild symbols.  The naughty girls are grouped wilds on reels one and two while the nice girls are the grouped wild symbols for reels four and five.

The Scatter Symbol

The Naughty or Nice III logo is the scatter.  The scatter symbol is a veritable ocean (get it? ocean, beach?) of ways to increase your wins!

If you get three scatters, you get a 2x multiplier for the win.  If you get four scatters, the multiplier jumps to 10x and, if you get scatters on all five reels, your multiplier zooms to 100x!

When you get three, four, or five of the Naughty or Nice III logos, you earn seven free spins.  Before you take the free spins, you have to choose either the naughty girl or the nice girl to lead you through the free spins bonus round.

Each girl has two possible extra features that will help you win in the bonus round.  First, each of the girls carries a 2x multiplier in the bonus round.  Then, depending on which girl you choose and your luck, of course, you will get one of two extra bonuses.

The Naughty Girl Bonus

This bonus means that the naughty girl, who normally serves as wild card, will also serve as a scatter in the free spins round or the symbol will cover reel 1 entirely during the bonus round. 

The Nice Girl Bonus

This bonus is a covering bonus.  The nice girl wild symbol will cover either the entire fifth reel or it will cover both reels 4 and 5!

If you get three scatters during the bonus round, you get five more free spins.

The Lucky Feature

This extra feature can appear at the end of any spin.  The Lucky Feature gives you either the nice girl feature or the naughty girl feature or it can give you lucky games which are anywhere from five to ten free spins.  That means that you can get free spins without getting three or more scatters!

The Lucky Feature is random and can happen at the end of any spin in the regular game.  The naughty or nice feature can also occur at random during the Lucky Feature.  This means that all of the extra features in Naughty or Nice III are reciprocal; one can appear at random during the other and vice versa!

Progressive Jackpot

As if all of the great extra features of Naughty or Nice III are not enough, the game also has a progressive jackpot that also appears at random.  You don’t have to get five of any one symbol to win the progressive jackpot.  All, you need is to be playing when the jackpot comes up.

Follow Santa and the Naughty or Nice Girls to the Beach!

This great slot opens up a slew of interesting questions.  Will Santa ever go back to the North Pole or has he been thoroughly won over by the warm beach and ocean?  Will Santa ever go on a diet or will he let his belly resemble a beach ball forever?   Will Santa keep to his rounds every Christmas or has he retired?  What does Mrs. Santa say about all this?

We can only wonder if RTG will answer these questions in subsequent slots in the Naughty or Nice series.  In the meantime, enjoy the slots, enjoy Jackpot Capital’s Bonus Bakery Christmas promotion, and, especially, have a very Merry Christmas!

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