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What is the Best Way to Win at Slots?

We get a lot of questions about our games.  In this article, we’ll concentrate on slots specifically answering the eternal question: How to win on slot machines?

Volatility in Slots is Different than the Temperature of the Water in the Pool!

Jackpot Capital online casino has 100s of excellent video slots developed by Real Time Gaming, one of the oldest and most respected games providers in the online gaming business.  You see, someone actually sits down to create the slots you love to play at Jackpot Capital casino!

In slots, volatility is a term that combines the possibility of one very high return surrounded by spins with no return compared to slots with many small returns and very few very big returns.

So, volatility has a lot to do with answering the question we raised above: How to win at slots?

Different Ways to Win

We will deal with the financial side of winning and then we’ll segue to a more enjoyable talk about winning by enjoying.  So, the financial side of winning first.

If you hit a big win in slots, you win a very tidy sum.  If you win the big jackpot in a progressive slot, the win could be six or seven figures!  Most big wins are in the thousands of dollars, itself a very nice sum!

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A Beach Slot Might be Volatile While a Sci-Fi War Slot Could be Non-Volatile

Volatility is the characteristic of a slot that makes it possible to win big playing it.  It is fine to play the more volatile slots if your bankroll allows you to do so.  However, if you really like playing slots and have a limited gaming budget, you might choose to play the less volatile slots for the majority of your gaming time.

In short, high volatility slots offer big wins but they come less often.  Low volatility slots offer more, smaller wins.  If you are managing a limited budget, you might choose to play low volatility slots most often.

This does not mean that you can never go for all the marbles with a few spins on a progressive game once in a while.  Of course you can!  In fact, much of the mobile gaming we see at Jackpot Capital is players taking a few spins on a progressive game. 

We think that the fact that these players take just a few spins at a “gaming session” indicates that they are playing with a few moments of free time or waiting time and not simply playing a volatile slot for a few spins and then shifting to low volatility slots.

When you play a progressive slot hoping to win the big jackpot, you have to bet the maximum.  So, winning at a slot can also mean managing your money well and playing for the big progressive jackpot moderately.

Number of Pay Lines

This is similar to the discussion above about progressive slots and money management.  Many gamers play slots with many pay lines.  The more pay lines there are, the more you have to invest in each spin if you want to cover every pay line.

Most gamers prefer covering every pay line rather than deciding before each spin which pay lines to cover and which to leave.  So, you can win at slots by understanding how you prefer to play.  If you like to cover every line, you probably should play the slots with 9 pay lines rather than play a slot with 30 or more pay lines.

Winning at Slots: The Financial Side

You might have surmised by now that there is really very little you can do to win financially at slots.  That is, there is little strategy in slots; they are as pure a game of chance as any we have on offer at Jackpot Capital.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) decides very spin.  So, there is really no such thing as a hot or a cold slot since to the RNG every spin is statistically and truthfully the same.  Every spin is as if the game had not been played in weeks even though it was last played one second earlier!

Having Fun Playing Slots

This leads us to the crux of the discussion: that you can win at slots by simply redirecting your thoughts from financial wins to entertainment wins.  In short, winning by enjoying.

The first step in winning by enjoying is realizing that at Jackpot Capital, you can play upwards of 200 slots from the same comfortable seat you sat in to play the first game.  You never have to give up a game in order to play another game.

So, you as a slots player can magnify your enjoyment by playing many slots in a session.  You can let yourself go from high adventure to low comedy, from outer space to explorations under the sea, from romance to dark forces, from cool summer breezes to harsh arctic conditions.

You can do so with a cold or hot drink at your side, a sandwich or slice of pizza, a little music in the background or through your earphones or the hockey game going on as you spin the reels.  Basically, you can win at slots by letting slots be all that they can be, which is a great way to be entertained!

Play for Free

You can play for pennies per pay line or you can make much larger bets if your bankroll allows for that.  You can also play for free!  Jackpot Capital casino allows unlimited free play for a couple of reasons.  First, we can afford to do so since we have a lot lower operating costs than a land based casino has.  Second, you are never taking a game from another gamer; there is always room for another player.  Finally, we see free play as a part of the winning by enjoying concept.

Play in Slots Tournaments

Most slots tournaments are for very small prizes.  The buy-in fees are either very small or entirely free.  That means that slots tournaments are a perfect conduit for winning by enjoying.

We offer many slots tournaments.  Many players play almost exclusively in our tournaments.  Even gamers who never play enough to win a tournament, like playing in them because they are emphasizing winning by enjoying.

Slots are the Appetizer, the Salad, the Entrée, and the Dessert

When you play slots for fun, you get to sample and savor many different kinds of slots.  We referenced the broad expanse of our slots above.  Keep in mind that the variety of slots we offer is a lot more than just those few examples.

Winning by enjoying involves sampling every different type of slot we offer.  You might try out a slot and leave it after just a few spins; it wasn’t to your liking.  Weeks or months later, you might decide to try it again and this time you last twice as long!  It might take some time, but eventually you might “develop a taste” for that slot!

That is the slots variation of winning by enjoying.  Have you developed a taste for cilantro yet?

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