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What Qualities Do Slots Have That Make Them So Popular?

Here at Jackpot Capital online casino we find that our average gamer is a slots enthusiast.  We also welcome many new players every day who are attracted to our great Welcome Package for new players with a $1000 sign up bonus.  We also run bonuses throughout the week and several other ongoing promotions.

What Does All of This Have to Do with Slots?

Yes, that is a good and obvious question.  The point is that as much as we seem to cater to slots players, we don’t know if slots players are born or made!  Do so many slots players gravitate to our casino because we are the top jackpot casino?  Or do players come to Jackpot Capital casino for the broad spectrum of games and fall in love with slots along the way?

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Let’s Get Slotting

So, in this article, we will examine some things you need to know about slots in order to get going. 

We will also try to see if you are a natural slots player or a developing slots player.

Slots are an Adventure

The first thing you will discover about slots is that we offer a full range of slots.  That makes slotting at Jackpot Capital a true gaming adventure.  We have stated this in many formats before but it bears repeating: online slots, unlike slots at land based casinos, allow you to play as many games as you wish to play without giving up your seat!

That means that you can go back in time, into the future, far off into outer space, deep beneath the oceans, stay in your backyard or roam the planet, and all it takes to make these many journeys is a couple of taps on the keys or the screen.

You can leave one slot and come back to it after a short hiatus or a year later.  In cyberspace, where we are located, there are no addresses, no time zones, and no vehicular traffic.  The traffic we do get is the traffic of many thousands of gamers playing all at the same time and never getting in each other’s way!

Are You Adventurous?

So, to become a true slots enthusiast, you need to be something of an adventurer!  Slots will give you a golden opportunity to vicariously experience many times and places that you could never experience “on your own”!

To best enjoy slots, you need to be able to “get into” the games.  Every slot has its own theme.  To further the story line, Real Time Gaming, our games provider, produces unique characters and symbols to “tell the story”.  Slots players get the most enjoyment out of the games when they can let their imaginations run with the story.

The Story is the Message

A famed Canadian philosopher and observer of society, Marshall McLuhan, said that “the medium is the message”.  He meant that any information is changed based on the way the information is “delivered”.  Certainly, in the digital information age we can understand what he was talking about!

In slots, the story is the message.  This is the essential fact about slots that should be the single most important reason to play. 

Winning the biggest jackpot certainly would be fun but the best reason to play slots is to exult in the stories!  We feel so strongly in the notion that the story is the message that we offer unlimited free play so that you can get into the stories without risking a single penny!

A Different Form of Meditation

We all understand the need to get calm after the storms of the day.  We know the need to relax and to reduce tension.  It seems like every advertisement we see tells us about a new guaranteed way to reduce stress and heal our minds and bodies.

Did you know that since slots are a pure game of chance and that you can play for free, for mere pennies per spin, or for larger bets?  No matter how much you bet, slots are always a pure game of chance.

Playing a game of chance is a perfect way to relax, unwind, and reduce stress.  Slots are entirely unique in creatively combining the concept of adventure with the concept of relaxation!  Slots are the opposite of games like Sudoku.  So, if you need a medium that will help you experience a broad range of adventures and emotions while at the same time having that much needed calming effect, then slots are truly for you!

Do away with Competition

We live with so much competition all the time from our sports teams to our jobs that we need a pastime that takes all the competition away.  Even the board games we played as kids or play today with our kids and grandkids are rife with competition. 

Slots do away with competition!  As such, they are the perfect way to fully let the edge that the day created fall off leaving you as relaxed as after a beautiful massage!

Slots are a Zig Zag Type of Game

The first slots had one win line.  It was directly in the middle of the screen.  You needed to match up symbols across the center of the screen to win.

Today’s slots may have many win lines.

Some of these win lines zig and zag across the screen.  One of the most fun things to do when starting out with a slot you haven’t played before is to learn all of the possible win lines.  In a game with 50 win lines, learning all of these snake-like pathways is an adventure in its own right.

Of course, the computer knows exactly when you win, which win line won for you, and how much you win.  The screen shows you every win line.  A particularly fortunate spin might end up with five or more win lines.  You’ll see all of them on the screen.

Some slots have so many ways to win that they don’t even tell you how many win lines there are; they just tell how many ways to win there are.  When “ways to win” were first introduced about ten years ago, the peak of ways to win was 243.  Today, you can play slots with over 1000 ways to win!

Play Slots to Play

As you can see, there is really nothing “to do” to get ready to play slots except to have an open mind, a desire to let your imagination go, a desire to get calm and relaxed, a desire for that miracle of contradiction in terms: adventure with relaxation, and the desire to be entertained.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if slots players are born or made.  Everyone wants some adventure.  Everyone in our modern world wants something that will calm them.  So, slots players are both born and made: born by our natural needs and desires and made by the great creative juices that Real Time Gaming puts into every slots game!

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