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What are a Few Delicious International Snacks to Eat While Gaming on Our Mobile Platform?

Jackpot Capital online casino now boasts a massive number of mobile platform gamers.  We have been a prominent jackpot casino for about twenty years.  In the “old days”, we didn’t even have a mobile platform.  Mobile started slowly since the graphics in the early days of mobile gaming were not nearly as good as they are today.

The graphics and the mobile software have come together to make mobile the gaming platform of choice for most gamers.  When you take a few minutes to play while you’re waiting in a queue somewhere, you might play standing or you might have a number and can play while sitting.

At home, even though gamers could sit at their desktop computers, most choose to lounge comfortably on their soft and cuddly sofa to play the hundreds of games we offer at Jackpot Capital casino.  If lounging on a soft and cuddly sofa conjures up any image, it is the image of a relaxed person with a snack!

There was a time in the very distant past when people didn’t have snacks at all!  Do you remember the famous scene in the novel “God’s Little Acre” when one of the characters said that turnips were his best “eatin”?  We have certainly come a long way since turnips were considered a snack!

So Many Countries—So Many Snacks!

Since slots are an international game with themes from countries all over the world and spanning thousands of years of history, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to some of the more delicious snacks from around the world! 

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One rule we felt we needed to establish is that any food that is considered a snack somewhere in the world but is too messy for easy snacking while lounging on that soft sofa of yours is best left out of this discussion.

So, we apologize to the many lovers of any finger food that is filled with ground beef such as kuba, stuffed grape leaves, empanadas, and any other snack food that can spill out and stain your beautiful sofa!

Churros and Chocolate

The chocolate here is hot chocolate, a favorite hot drink of kids everywhere and of adults in a child-like mood.  Churros area fried, sweet snack.  Most people eat their first churros on a Mexican vacation but they actually originated in Spain and Portugal.

You will need to prepare your churros by hand since they are at their absolute best as fresh as they can be.  The trick to excellent churros is to have a crispy exterior and a soft interior.  To achieve this texture, you need to fry them very quickly, take them out and let them cool just a bit, and then roll the semi-finished churros in a cinnamon and sugar mixture.

Koeksisters and Koe’sisters

Staying with the fried dough motif, we move from Spain, Portugal, and Mexico to South Africa.  Koeksisters and koe’sisters are also based on fried dough but there their resemblance to churros ends.  Koeksisters are traditional snack foods throughout South Africa while koe’sisters are much more regional, belonging primarily to the Cape Malay ethnic group in the southwestern corner of South Africa in and around Capetown.

The South African koeksisters are deep fried cornmeal dough which is then laced with a sugar syrup or, better yet, warmed and viscous honey.  Traditional koeksisters also have hints of ginger, anise, and lemon.

Since koeksisters are fried, you will need a cloth or paper towel to keep your fingers dry after you take one.  To spare your fingers, you might cut the koeksisters in to bite-sized chunks and eat them with a fork!

We’ll do anything to have our online casinos games and eat gooey snacks, too!

An interesting sidelight to traditional koeksisters is that they are braided exactly like the traditional Jewish Sabbath bread!  There is a monument to the koeksister in the town of Orania halfway between Cape Town and Johannesburg.  In addition to the fascinating fact that there is a monument to the koeksister is that the monument maintains the braided form of the dessert!

Traditional Cape Malay Koe’sisters

The term Cape Malay is an ethnic designation not a geographical term.  The tradition koe’sisters of this group are dumplings rolled in extra-dry coconut.  The dough in koe’sisters has yeast and, in addition to the ingredients in koeksisters, also has dried orange peel and cardamom.

Koe’sisters are first fried and, after they are cooled, are cooked for a short time in a sugar syrup.

Cardamom in Arab Cuisine

Cardamom is a primary ingredient in Arabic coffee.  Of course, many Arabs also drink coffee without cardamom but the most traditional coffee includes fresh cardamom.  In the slow preparation of Arabic coffee, the patriarch or matriarch will take fresh cardamom and pound it in a type of pestle but one used mostly for this purpose.

As a seasoning for coffee, cardamom is added according to the taste preference of the hosts.

Arabic coffee is also cooked slowly over a relatively low flame in a special pot.  The coffee sits on top of the water as it boils.  It takes several minutes for the heat to permeate the coffee and then the coffee rises in the pot.  The preparer then lifts the pot so the coffee can settle and then puts it back on the flame.  Different Arab ethnic groups or extended families have their own rules for how many times to lift the pot from the flame before serving the coffee.

Fried Pita Bread Crackers

In Western societies, people normally say pita bread when referencing the traditional Arabic bread.  In the Arabic language, pita actually means bread so pita bread is “bread bread”!

Pita is available in many supermarkets and certainly in Arab neighborhoods.  The crackers come about by opening the pita pouch and separating the two halves.  Then you brush olive oil on the bread and sprinkle with hyssop.  Then you slowly dry the bread in the oven.  After the bread is dry, you crack it into small pieces and you have a delicious snack.

Hyssop is called za’atar in Arabic.  It resembles oregano in taste although most Arabs and other people who eat za’atar regularly can easily tell the difference between the two.  Za’atar is usually a condiment that includes sesame seeds and sumac.

Most people in western countries cannot find all of the ingredients for za’atar individually but any well-stocked Arab market or urban supermarket will have prepared za’atar.

Fried Dough

We did a quick internet search of fried foods and found many dozen such foods from all over the world.  Some deep fried dough is sweet while some are filled with meat, potatoes, or many other ingredients. 

As you can see, finding a snack that is perfect for leisurely gaming at Jackpot Capita is both easy and hard.  It is easy to find a long list of snacks; it is hard to choose one to prepare for your next gaming session!

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