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Get Lucky at the Miami Jackpots and Score Some Serious Wins

Few places on earth have a better club scene than Miami, where pool parties equal beautiful women, overflowing drinks, and an ocean of fun. And no game represents the neon nights of Ocean Drive like the Miami Jackpots online slot, now available at Jackpot Capital online casino.

The only thing better than having a night out in Miami is leaving with more money than you arrived with. And Miami Jackpots from SpinLogic Gaming sets you up to do exactly that, with 7 Jackpots triggered by a neon sun. All the while, you can enjoy the sounds and colors of the most vibrant destination in Florida.

Get Hooked Up with Cash Before You Even Arrive

All members of Jackpot Capital can play Miami Jackpots for free when they make a deposit. We're offering an exclusive offer right now! If that wasn't enough, you can get an additional Free Spins when you play through the first bonus.

The fun never stops at Miami Jackpots. This is Jackpot Capital, after all!

If you're new to Jackpot Capital, don't worry about your name being on the guest list. Miami Jackpots welcomes one, but you can get the welcome bonus that really sets the party off right! Join today, and we'll match your first deposits by 100% up to $1,000 total. And that's on top of free spins on some of our most popular games.

With all that bonus cash, you can spend many-a-night winning for free on the Miami Jackpots online slot.

Why Miami Jackpots Is the Place to Be

What is it like to play a slot set in one of the most famously beautiful and vibrant places on earth? It's like stepping inside a top-tier nightclub, with a pool full of beautiful women, great music, neon lights, and more ways to win than there are dolphins jumping along the beach.

You can land a $200,000 jackpot on a single spin by betting the max. Do you know how they treat you in Miami when you're that rich? Score the jackpot and head there to find out! (But, spoiler alert, you'll be spoiled in true VIP fashion.)

Escape the Heat. Go on a Heater.

While it might be hot and humid outside, it's cool and exciting inside the Miami Jackpots nightclub. The 5-reel, 3-row slot is covered in neon lights and beautiful women in bikinis, so it's like traveling to Miami without leaving home.

You can set your bet between $0.20 and $100. The amount affects the size of the jackpots, so choose wisely! As you set the bet, you'll see the jackpots change too, so you can tell exactly how much you stand to win.

When you start landing the big payouts, expect to become the life of the party! That's the price you pay for going on a hot streak in the hottest spot in town.

The Fun Begins the Moment You Step Inside

Whether you're playing straight up or want to take advantage of the bonus, you're setting yourself up for a good time. All Jackpot Capital members can receive a great bonus when they deposit today, which really raises the roof on your win potential.

You'll then be greeted by a hypnotic beat, a great atmosphere, and some of Miami's top hotties. Start spinning, and you may be greeted by a massive jackpot too. Hey, they call it Magic City for a reason!

Wild Times with Scatter Wins

Miami Jackpots features wild symbols and scatter symbols. The wild can take the place of all other symbols except scatters (and neon sun jackpot symbols) to trigger a payout. And if three scatters appear anywhere on the reels, you not only get your whole wager returned, you trigger the PICK'EM BONUS FEATURE.

You Pick'em. You Win'em.

Three Miami scatter symbols appeared on the reels! Now what? Now is when things get so heated up, it may evaporate the water in the pool. Choose from four different options, each of which have their own unique benefits. Here's the lowdown:

  • Option 1: Double wins and 20 free spins.
  • Option 2: Triple wins and 15 free spins.
  • Option 3: Quadruple wins and 12 free spins.
  • Option 4: 5x wins and 10 free spins.

There's no right or wrong choice. You can either get bigger wins and fewer spins, or smaller wins and more spins. You PICK'EM, you WIN'EM!

Little Cuba. Big Jackpots.

Miami is known as Little Cuba for its food, music, and culture. Miami Jackpots is known as a haven for giant wins thanks to 7 DIFFERENT JACKPOT offers, which can stack cash higher than the Miami skyline. To win, all you need is three or more neon suns to appear anywhere on the reels!

Here's a breakdown of how much you can win:

  • 9 Neon Suns: Win 2,000x your wager.
  • 8 Neon Suns: Win 500x your wager.
  • 7 Neon Suns: Win 100x your wager.
  • 6 Neon Suns: Win 40x your wager.
  • 5 Neon Suns: Win 15x your wager.
  • 4 Neon Suns: Win 5x your wager.
  • 3 Neon Suns: Win your wager back.

The neon suns can win on the bet per line too! However much it multiplies your wager by, it multiplies your bet per line by the same amount. So if you line up nine neon suns with a $100 bet, you win $200,000 – plus 2,000x a $5 line value, or an additional $10,000!

While you play, Miami Jackpots will show you the value of each jackpot on the left side so you know exactly how much you stand to win.

Hit Miami Jackpots While the Getting's Good

You can come to Jackpot Capital and play Miami Nights anytime for fantastic win potential. But right now is when you can play it with a X% bonus up to $X. And if that's not enough, you can receive an additional Free Spins after the initial bonus. Now that's a pool of money worth diving into!

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