How Employing Good Strategy in Games of Chance Enhance Gaming Fun

Why is it Important to Use Basic Strategy in Casino Games?

We think of strategy as applying only to games of skill such as video poker and blackjack but, after you have accessed Jackpot Capital Online Casino through your jackpot casino login, you will be able to play about 300 different games ALL OF WHICH require some allegiance to a basic strategy for you to come out ahead or close to it!

Is There Really a Basic Strategy for the Games of Chance?

There is a strategy of sorts in all games of chance!

Let’s take a look at slots.  One strategy element is realizing that you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline to win a progressive jackpot.  Betting less than the maximum on the winning payline does not qualify you to win the big jackpot.  As a result, playing for a big progressive jackpot may be beyond the reach of many gamers.  This leads to the second strategy for players of games of chance.

Setting Monetary Limits

Actually, this is a general strategy for online casino gaming in general.  It applies as much to games of skill as it does to games of chance.  However, the return to player rate in games of chance are a bit lower than the return to player rate in games of skill such as blackjack and video poker.

The return to player rate in slots is usually about 96-97% and even less at land-based casinos which have to keep more of their players’ money to pay off their enormous operating costs.  The return to player rate in blackjack and video poker are about 99.5% assuming that the gamer uses the best strategy for these games.

We always recommend setting monetary budgets for these games of skill even though the return to player rate is so high.  So, it stands to reason that a gamer should have a set budget in games of chance such as slots.

We Set Monetary Limits on Everything We Buy

This is a truism that makes setting monetary limits on casino gaming a tautology, or an obvious observation.  There are differences in the reason we set monetary limits for some purchases and why we do so for gaming.

Coach Seats are Just Fine for Most People

For example, most people do not buy a first class or business class ticket when they fly because they have set monetary limits on airline tickets and first class and business class tickets are way beyond their limits.

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Some Food Items are Temporarily Too Expensive for Many People

We also set limits on the food we buy at the supermarket and at restaurants.  If tomatoes are, say, five dollars a pound and suddenly the price goes up to ten dollars a pound, many consumers will forego buying tomatoes for the time being and will wait for the price to come back down.

Most People Choose Menu Items as a Mix of Desire and Price

In restaurants, most people look at the price of a menu item before they order.  A person might want to order a bottle of wine but might decide not to order the bottle when they see the price.

There is a Return on Every Purchase

As we said, there are differences in why we set monetary limits on everything we buy.  The single biggest difference between setting limits on every purchase and setting limits on slots or online casino gaming in general is that when we buy an item we GET THE ITEM!

In other words we buy something and even though we might get something “less” than a more expensive one such as a shirt, we do in the end get a shirt!  The same applies to everything we buy.

In slots we get a spin of the reels with no guarantee of a return; in blackjack and video poker, we get hands, also with no guarantee of any return.

Volatility on Slots and Strategy in Blackjack and Video Poker

One of the most important aspects of strategy in slots is understanding the significance of volatility.  Volatility does not exist at all in the games of skill.

These games are structured around the 52 cards in a single playing deck and even if there are more decks in blackjack (a common occurrence at land-based casinos) the structure of the game and the true strategy for each hand remains the same.

Volatility is Connected to the Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator is software that for all practical purposes creates “numbers” randomly.  In slots, the numbers are stops of the reels.  The point is that the RNG has no memory, cannot determine an outcome based on previous spins, and cannot make a combination happen even though that specific combination has not happened for thousands of spins.

However, the RNG can be calibrated to generate a given return to player rate and, more importantly, the slot itself can be drawn so that the RNG produces more or fewer winning spins.

Volatility is a Game Changer for Many Gamers

A slot with high volatility will produce fewer wins with larger winning sums per win and a slot with low volatility will produce the opposite: more winning spins with reactively small wins per spin.

Both slots might have the same return to player rate but the slot with low volatility will divide the wins among a much larger group of gamers than the slot with high volatility.

Thus, strategy in slots, combined with a fixed monetary budget for slots will induce a large number of gamers to look for and enjoy low volatility slots over their higher volatility compatriots.

Slow Playing Enhances the Fun of Playing

Slots spin for a couple of seconds and then stop.  You might win or you might not.  There is a temptation to hit the spin button immediately. A good slots strategy is to play slower than is natural.  This allows you to enjoy the winning combinations more when they come and also allows you to savor the artistic aspect of every slot.

In addition, you can easily go from one slot to another thereby enjoying many different slots with different features in even a short gaming session.

So, do so!

You will have a lot more fun playing slots and in the end, fun is the most important reason to play!

Jackpot Capital Works to Make Gaming Fun

We can conclude by making all gamers aware that we do everything we can to make gaming fun above all else.  We have about 300 games.  We are super safe from hackers as everything is encrypted.  We also run many promotions that gamers access in droves.


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