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Sweet 16 Blast: One of Spin Logic’s Greatest New Slots

Let’s dive in and get in depth about why Sweet 16 Blast is one of Spin Logic’s greatest new slots. This is a title that’s had a ton of work put into it, and you can tell from pretty much any different aspect of the game that you investigate. It doesn’t matter what it is: you can feel the quality and effort invested into each element of the game.

Sweet 16 Blast doesn’t really have many weakpoints: that’s arguably its strongest suit. When we say that, we mean that every element of the game: from gameplay, to design, to sound, to visuals, even the amounts the game pays out: everything is created for the benefit and enjoyment of the player.

Let’s look into the biggest parts of the slot, every huge moving gear, and break down the true value of Sweet 16 Blast and why it’s one of the best slots that Spin Logic has made in a long time.

Sweet 16 Blast: Great Multipliers, Scatters, and Free Games!

Sweet 16 Blast offers some huge features for its players to take advantage of. These can lead to big wins, huge streaks without spending money, or other features and rewards in the game. For example, the free games mechanic in Sweet 16 also pairs up with multipliers at the exact same time.

This is a really valuable situation for a player, mainly because of the amount of money they could stand to gain. It’s not like you’d be winning five or ten dollars: having a 100x multiplier on your free games mechanic, for example, could lead a person to winning hundreds or thousands of dollars off a single spin if they got lucky enough.

The multiplier during the Free Games mechanic can go anywhere from 2x to 100x. This can happen at any time that 4 or more Scatter tokens are scored. This results in 10 free games being scored when this happens. 

Free games, of course, are a great way to reward a player and help them win a ton of extra money without giving them too many free things. Because the free games are limited, they will eventually run out: however, the player does have the chance to get some big wins at no risk of cost to themselves during this time. Both sides of the agreement make out great in this arrangement, and it’s because Spin Logic understands customer desires that this kind of features take place in their slots.

Sweet 16 Blast: Enjoy the Bet & Buy System

Another generous aspect of Sweet 16 Blast that the developers included was the bet & buy system, or the bet and buy feature. This feature allows a player to essentially purchase Free Games at any time for 100x the cost of the spin. While this may seem like an expensive feature, it has the potential to be very rewarding for a player, because they have chance to win back the money they spent and then some.

That’s specifically the ‘buy’ part of the system. The ‘bet’ feature part of the system allows an increase of Scatter tokens to appear, and costs 25x the cost of your bet to activate for each spin, which will stay until deactivated. In this way, the developers allow different methods of gaining access to free games/free spins. This is clearly a big priority for them, just judging by how much time they invested into creating such a feature.

If you’re a big fan of free games and free spins, and you wished that you could buy such a feature directly, this slot may be for you.

Sweet 16 Blast: Fantastic Visuals and Amazing Sound

Finally, the last major piece of Sweet 16 Blast that we want to discuss are the visuals and the sound. Spin Logic always does a great job in pretty much every slot they create in order to make a grand masterpiece, but they’ve done a particularly good job with Sweet 16 Blast in this case.

Almost every element of the game shines and works perfectly in order for you to get the best experience possible. From the art, which is crisp and well-done, to the animations, which are way beyond the normal professional standard, Spin Logic really shows what caliber of slot creator they are, which is one that’s better than most of the competition.

Sweet 16 Blast is available to play right now at Jackpot Capital Casino tonight! You can play via Mobile, Instant Play, or Download. Come play it right now and get a huge win!

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