Is your Olympic spirit at an all-time high with all of the game festivities happening in Rio right now?! We can only say the winning vibes are strong here in our office, and we want to bring the same feelings to you, whether you’re out and about on your mobile, or following the games from the comfort of your home!

It’s certainly been a series of wild competition so far, while the world’s best athletes compete for the ultimate prize of a Gold medal in their sport, and while it’s certainly thrilling to follow along, how would you feel about competing in your very own Olympic competition - the Slot Olympics! Are you prepared to show us your best spinning skills?!

As we’re all surely tuning in to see our favorite athletes and teams score big and hopefully, take home a rewarding medal, wouldn’t it be even more exciting to take on your very own games and competition with us? With the adrenaline for wins at a maximum, we’d say it’s about time you put the winning attitude to good use and join us for none other than the Slot Olympics!

Slot olympics

The Team USA has, so far, dominated in the events of both swimming (amazing work, Michael Phelps!) and the gymnastic events, too. In fact, the American women’s gymnasts have done so well, they’ll likely take most of the Gold medals in their sport if they keep up the amazing work! Simone Biles took the top spot for the US, while Aly Raisman, also from Team USA, took second, which means we’ll be looking forward to see just how many wins they take home! Additionally, world renowned swimmer, Yulia Efimova from Russia, is also making big news as she took the Gold in the 100-meter aquatic race - not without the controversy, though!

There’s certainly a lot of action this month, whether you’re tuned into the games at home, attending in-person in Rio de Janeiro… or playing along with us, in our Slot Olympics competition! We’ve now come to the end of our Qualifications round (August 5th to 12th), but that certainly doesn’t mean you are too late to get in on the bonus prizes! Our Slot Olympic games shall continue on until August 21st, so you have plenty of time to show us your best spinning skills, taking home the bonus wins and proving your master skill set! Ready to play?!

JC Slot Olympics Gold

Let’s Spin & Get In The Game!

With our Qualification round now over, we’ve still got over a week to spin, win, grab your Olympic-worthy bonuses, and take the final Gold home - a free $100! While this freebie is the ultimate ‘Gold Medal’ in our Slot Olympics, there’s a whole lot more bonus medals where that came from, you just have to play along!

How does it work? Simple! Once the Semi-Finals begin (August 13th - Only 2 days away!), you’ll be able to start raking in the bonus cash by simply joining us everyday, playing all of your favorite games, and in return, grab an Olympic bonus!

For each Olympic game round listed below, with the official dates, you’re able to collect the Olympic round bonus, each redeemable 1x per day with a minimum deposit of $45, using the given Coupon code in our Cashier - Then it’s off to the races!

After each round, there is a Special bonus waiting for you to collect, as long as you went ahead and redeemed the Olympic round bonus previously! In short, you can look forward to a whole lot of bonus action, setting the tone perfectly for the anticipation of the Olympic game Finals!

Olympic Round: Bonus: Coupon Code:
Semi-Finals (Aug 13th - 18th) 75% (up to $300) Bonus! SEMIFINALS
August 18th - 20th Special Free $75!* WELLDONE
Finals (Aug 19th - 20th) 100% (up to $400) Bonus! FINALS
August 21st - 25th Special Free $100!* EXCELLENT

Let The Games Begin!

Now that you’ve got all of the juicy Olympic details on how you can join our very own Slot Olympics proving to the world just how well you know the game, and more importantly, how well you play it! With a bonus offer available to you 1x per day, can you really go wrong in joining the fun, AND building your bankroll? No way!

You may have not considered yourself an athlete in the past, but if you can ‘bet’, you’ll see not every sport is physical - in the Slot Olympics, you only need persistent, a winning attitude, and some bonus cash! What are you waiting for? Let the wins begin, login to your account now, make a minimum deposit of $45 and collect your 75% (up to $300) bonus today and everyday, until August 18th! Afterwards, the Finals will begin, giving you even more bonus ammo to grab the Gold! Good luck and play hard!

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