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What Do the Average Gamer’s Gaming Practices Mean?

Let’s see if we can have some fun together!  We came up with a “quiz” that will help you define your gaming personality.  We hope that the insights the quiz gives you will help you get the most out of the gaming at our jackpot casino.

The quiz really is a tongue in cheek attempt at defining gamers’ gaming personality.  The quiz is not scientific in any way!  We just thought of some questions and tell you what we think the answers might indicate.  Our ultimate goal at Jackpot Capital online casino is to see gamers have the most possible fun while gaming.

Online casino gaming is not a one size fits all pastime and the first question will demonstrate that very succinctly.  We hope you enjoy the quiz and that you send us your feedback.  We suspect that your feedback will help us improve the already excellent online gaming experience our gamers have at Jackpot Capital casino.

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How Long are Your Online Casino Gaming Sessions in General?

Are your sessions usually for:

  • Less than one half hour
  • Between half an hour and one hour
  • Longer than an hour

People who generally play for less than an hour have a few personality traits in our opinion.  First, they almost never go to a land based casino to play casino games since they don’t invest the time into gaming that would make going to a land based casino worthwhile.

Online Casino Gaming is the Best Way to Release Tension for Some Gamers

Short session gamers are also usually people who like to play to release pent up tension.  Often these are people under some stress at work but the stress is a normal part of their work.  Short session gamers often play on their mobile device while otherwise on the go.  They need just a few minutes to recharge their battery before getting back to “reality”.

Long Session Gamers

Gamers who usually play for longer than one hour, in contrast, may play for several hours.  These are the gamers who often go to land based casinos and we have “inherited” many of them during the coronavirus shutdowns.  We are anxious to learn how we can keep these gamers playing at Jackpot Capital after land based casinos reopen.  Your feedback is most welcome in this regard.

We trust that new gamers are happy with our long list of promotions.  We would like to hear ideas for extending or enlarging promotions.

Not Too Long and Not Too Short: Just Right!

Finally, gamers who sometimes play for a short time and sometimes for a longer time are usually loyal online gamers who go to a land based casino once or twice a year “just for fun”.  These are gamers who like to play an assortment of games.  Ironically, the intermediate session gamers play more games per session than the long session players do!

What is Your Favorite Online Casino Game?

At Jackpot Capital, we suspect that the answer to this question might be an overwhelming slots!  All over the online gaming world, slots generate the most gaming action.  However, blackjack players are devoted to their game, video poker gamers are devoted to their game, and there are also some gamers who don’t have a favorite game.

Even though slots might be the general favorite among online gamers, the short session gamers often play for progressive jackpots, the intermediate length gamers play a wide assortment of games, and the long session gamers are the ones who most likely “get stuck” on a single game.

We urge all gamers to try a wide variety of games, especially slots!  We offer over 200 slots and they have different themes, special features, coloration, animation, and sound and many other exciting elements that make playing them so much fun.

What is Your Favorite Game at a Land Based Casino?

More bets are placed on slots at land based casinos than on any other game.  For one thing, you can fit more slots terminals in a given space than you can fit blackjack tables not to mention roulette or craps tables.  But blackjack is still the game of choice of a select number of land based casino players.

Blackjack gamers at an online casino are different than blackjack players at land based casinos.  On land, many blackjack players use a “strategy” that is more designed to “keep the peace” at the table rather than to win some money.  That’s because there are many correct strategy decisions that players should make in blackjack but are counterintuitive.  As a result, many on land blackjack players simply follow the course of least resistance and stand with 12 or more points.

Blackjack players at online casinos are free to make the right play on all hands.  They tend to study strategy charts more than land based blackjack players do.

What Would You Do if You Won a Million Dollars in a Progressive Jackpot?

This may be the question of questions.  The tendency of new millionaires is to quit their job, buy a bigger and newer car, buy a bigger house, buy nice clothes, buy, buy, buy!

Let’s see what the reality is before we buy so many things.  First, you will have to pay taxes.  This could likely reduce your take home winnings to about $600,000, still a very substantial sum but far from a million dollars!  It is not very likely that a person can quit a job even after winning that much money.

A new house may cost as much as $200,000 more than you get for selling your present house if you own your own house at all.  If you don’t own your own house, a new house will cost a lot more than $200,000.  Many people rent; and many people have a mortgage which simply means that the bank owns more of your house than you do.

So, you stay in your job and maybe move into nicer living quarters but you want to keep as much of you winnings fluid so you can use then to make the investment of a lifetime if and when such an investment becomes possible.

We think that a little splurging on clothes may be okay.  We also think a very nice vacation might be fine.  Even a very expensive vacation for a family should come in at less than $10,000 and you’ll still have plenty of winnings left over.

Responsible Gaming and Gaming Fun Go Hand in Hand

In short, just as we suggest that you should treat a massive jackpot win as a very good thing rather than as a tremendous life changing event, we believe that moderate “use” of your jackpot winnings is a major aspect of what we mean when we talk about responsible gaming.

People who know from firsthand knowledge and those who have professional knowledge understand that gaming is a lot more fun when gamers follow the basic principles of responsible gaming.


The conclusion we have reached in talking with gamers and the conclusions we hope you have reached in this small “quiz” are:

    • Long, short, or intermediate gaming sessions are all fine
    • Players should try to play a variety of games even if they are playing for a short time.
    • Online gaming is an excellent way to release pent up tension.
    • Slots are by far the most popular online casino games.
    • Online gaming has many advantages over land based casino gaming.
    • We would really like to hear from our gamers, especially those of you who are “refugees” from land based casino gaming.
    • Don’t quit your day job even if you win a million dollars.
    • Have fun.
    • We end by repeating: always have fun!

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