Witch? Pirate? Vampire? The Grim Reaper Itself? Then you'll love HALLOWEEN TREASURES, the newest online Slot with 4 Progressives and a 50,000x Fixed Jackpot! Get in on the bonuses here:
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Last night, the earth was split open by a giant hand reaching toward the full moon. Where did it come from? What does it want? Well, it came from brick-and-mortar casinos - and wants to make you rich!

Introducing the HALLOWEEN TREASURES Online Slot, the newest addition to the ever-multiplying Jackpot Capital Casino Lobby. No longer do we have to travel to a casino to stumble upon this nightmare-themed dream of a game. Now, you can enter our digital casino and experience this favorite in all its horror glory.

The HALLOWEEN TREASURES is a 5-reel, all-ways-pay Slot with 4 PROGRESSIVES and a Fixed Jackpot of 50,000x Your Base Bet! You'll also find 2 different substitute symbols - a unique way to win the progressives - and a Free Spins Feature that's even spookier - meaning it pays out even more!

If you're already ready to go, don't worry about selling your soul to demons in exchange for free money. You can just grab your one-day-only FREE SPINS and limited-time DEPOSIT BONUSES with these Coupon Codes!

What's better than free money? Getting it with your soul intact – and using it on the most thrilling game to hit Jackpot Capital!

But if you're still not ready to travel to a place between this world and the next known as HALLOWEEN TREASURES, read on to find out what makes this game scary good!

Explore a Haunted House. Enjoy Its Endless Treasures.

Normally, you don't find much in a haunted house…other than cobwebs and hidden doorways behind bookshelves. How do we know? Because the team at RTG told us. It's something they discovered while researching the:

HALLOWEEN TREASURES Online Slot, which has a lot more to it than webs and passageways. Get ready to meet Witches, Vampires, Pirates, Zombies, and more. But they're not out to get you – they're out to get you rich!            

Those character symbols are important, as they trigger the biggest payouts. But the most important symbol is the Door to the Haunted House. When it stops on reels 2, 3, or 4, it opens and fills your basket with jewels (which translates to money in your account, of course!)

But if it opens a second time, it takes you to the Halloween Jackpot Feature - where you're GAURANTEED A PROGRESSIVE!

Each of the characters represent one of the 4 PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS. The Grand Jackpot starts at $5000, the Major at $1,000, the Minor at $250, and the Mini at $50. To win, you click the 12 coins in the hopes of uncovering 3 of the highest paying character: The Pirate. But no matter which of the 4 characters you match - you're walking away with a nice chunk of cash!

The other substitute symbol - the GRAVESTONE - is not to be overlooked though. It's prone to appearing on Reel 3 and creating winning combinations - AND multiply wins. The smaller the win, the higher the multiplier - and each payout is elevated up to 5x!

To unlock the 12 Free Spins Feature, at least 3 Crystal Ball Scatters have to stop on the reels. If they light up and take you to a new set of reels, you know you've triggered it! Best of all, Scatters pay out too, sucking money from the game to fill up your bankroll. In this mode, all the card symbols - 9 - Ace - are replaced by the devilishly high-paying charactersalongside substitutes and more scatters! (Yep - much like a zombie rising from the dead - you can retrigger this feature!)

So, HALLOWEEN TREASURES does its name justice with an immersive theme of Jack-O'-Lanterns, the Grim Reaper, Potions, and more. But it goes beyond the impressive graphics and animation to offer enormous payout potential worthy of playing all year round - not just every October.

Then again, it was released just in time for All Hallows' Eve, so this is a great time to give it a try. Experience the thrills, chills, and big stacks of bills on Mobile, Download, and Instant Play at Jackpot Capital. But, pro-tip: the bigger the screen, the more intense HALLOWEEN TREASURES. (But the scary-high win potential is the same no matter what!)

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**Minimum Deposit: $45

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