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Spinlogic’s newest slot, Thai Emerald, has just released and everyone is playing it! Thai Emerald is a great slot, five reels of wonderful joy spinning and showing jewels to everyone! We’re going to go over all of the major features of Thai Emerald and show why it’s one of the best slots that Spinlogic has made yet.

 To start things off, Thai Emerald has some of the best paylines in any slot. 25 paylines in a 5-reel is a decent showing to start with, but when you consider how high the maximum payout is per spin, it wouldn’t be hard at all to make some money back when you do manage to start winning and get your luck going.

 Thai Emerald also has a ton of features, such as Wilds, Mystery Symbols, Free Games, and a ton of other things that players can enjoy!

Thai Emerald: 25 Paylines, 2000 Times Bet Max Payout

Thai Emerald is extremely generous towards its players through not only the number of paylines that it offers, but the max payout as well. The chances of scoring a decent win at Thai Emerald, compared to a lot of other slots, are pretty good. Even if you get a loss or go on a series of  losses, the math of the game ensures that all it would take is one or two good wins in order to make all of that money back.

 25 Paylines on a 5 reel, combined with a massive 2,000 times the bet max payout, means that you can easily rake in thousands of dollars if you bet a few and happen to win big. Don’t underestimate slots with high volatility like Thai Emerald: big swings are always possible.

 With big swings can come highs and lows, but Thai Emerald is one of the best slots that Spinlogic has ever designed for a reason: it really gives you a fair chance to get those big wins that sometimes feel always out of reach with other slots and other game providers. With Thai Emerald, these kinds of payouts are far more possible.

Thai Emerald: Mystery Symbols and Free Games

One of the reasons why those payouts are possible is due to the huge number of features that Spinlogic has crammed into their game. Many of these features increase your chances of winning or allow you to save money or extend your playtime. Mystery symbols and free games are some of these. Let’s go into how these work.

The Mystery Symbols in Thai Emerald can happen at any time. These Symbols can stack, and also morph into other symbols if certain conditions are met. When certain conditions are met, these symbols can morph and grant the player Free Games.

As with most slots that have this feature, Free Games lock in whatever bet you were using before you actually got the free games, so no cheap abuse of this feature! However, even if you were using very cheap and small bets, just having so many chances to spin and spin again until you manage to get a big win.        

In Thai Emerald, with mystery symbols and free games, huge wins are not only possible, but probable, and Spinlogic has made that the case by designing such a great slot here.

Thai Emerald: Scatter Symbols and Other Features

 As if all of the previous information wasn’t enough, Thai Emerald also features scatter symbols and a few important other features. Scatter symbols can hit reels 2, 3, and 4, and result in a variety of positive benefits for the player.

Other features that are a part of the slot include the large number of supported currencies, the interesting Wild rules, and just the general high quality that we’ve come to expect from Spinlogic slots: they’re often the best among the best, which is why they’re always featured on Jackpot Capital.

Play Thai Emerald at Jackpot Capital Casino Tonight

 Don’t hesitate! Come and play Thai Emerald at Jackpot Capital Casino tonight! With 2,000 times the bet for max payout, 25 paylines, scatters, mystery symbols, free games, and more, Thai Emerald has anything and everything you could possibly want out of a slot. You’re practically guaranteed to have a great time playing this online masterpiece -- while making a ton of money to boot!

 Come and play Thai Emerald at Jackpot Capital Casino tonight!

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