Jackpots are Exciting in Coordination with a Rounded Approach to Online Casino Gaming

Jackpot Capital Online Casino offers many games with various kinds of jackpots. We would like to take a serious look at online casino jackpots since they generate a lot of excitement but also carry some hidden complexities that we feel gamers should know about.

When gamers think about jackpots, they most often think about progressive jackpots. This is understandable as winning more than a million dollars excites most people. Progressive jackpots have their own complexities but there are alos several other different types of jackpots.

In addition to progressive jackpots, there are fixed jackpots, side bet jackpots, local jackpots, random jackpots, and others. We feel that gamers should know how these many jackpots work.

We also would like to make the case that going for big jackpots takes away to some degree some gamer’s appreciation of the many benefits of online casino gaming in its fullest sense.

Online Casinos Continue to Upend the World of Casinos

The advent of online casinos in and since 1994 has revolutionized the world of casino gambling. We often say that online casinos have taken the “gambling” out of the activity and replaced it with “gaming”.

As gaming, the online casino experience here at Jackpot Capital and elsewhere becomes one of many exciting pastimes and entertainments. Gamers can play at Jackpot Capital every day so there is never any reason to play for hours on end as is so common at land-based casinos.

The chance to win a substantial jackpot is but one of the many salutary aspects of online casino gaming. Online casinos offer the utmost in comfort and convenience with higher return to player rates in many games as well as greater variety in games.

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

Every online casino has one or more game providers. Our exclusive game provider is SpinLogic which has developed several games with a progressive jackpot.

Now, Jackpot Capital is a full-service online casino with worldwide reach. Still, we are just one online casino while SpinLogic provides games to many online casinos and many land-based casinos as well! To say the least, SpinLogic has wider and deeper reach than any single casino can have.

Thus, SpinLogic supports its biggest progressive jackpots by taking a penny or two from every bet placed on that game and putting it towards the jackpots. And so they grow!

Volatility and Qualifying for the Jackpot

We must add these two aspects of all progressive jackpots to the explanation. In order to qualify to win the progressive jackpot, a gamer has to bet the maximum on the winning payline. Some progressive games have 20 or more paylines. Bwtting the maximum on all of these paylines can take a large chunk out of any gamer’s bankroll.

The high cost of qualify for a progressive jackpot couples with volatility in making some slots very expensive to play. A slot with high volatility will have relatively few winning spins with relatively high wins per winning spin. A slot with low volatility is exactly the opposite: many winning spins with low wins per winning spins.

Most progressive jackpot slots have high volatility.

By the way, a slot with high volatility and a slot with low volatility might have the same return to player rate!

As a result, many gamers are best advised to play games with fixed or random jackpots.

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Fixed and Random Jackpots

These two kinds of jackpots are almost the same. A fixed jackpot is simply one that does not increase. They are always a lot smaller than a progressive jackpot but gamers have much better odds of winning such a jackpot. Fixed jackpots generally are won when a gamer gets a lucky combination of symbols on a payline.

So, in most fixed jackpots, a gamer has to have a winning spin in order to win the jackpot.

Random jackpots come along entirely at random. A player can win a random jackpot even with a losing spin! Many slots have three or even four fixed or random jackpots with the smallest paying perhaps a few hundred dollars and the biggest in the five-figure range.

Network Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a type of network jackpot since it covers many more than one casino affiliated with that game provider. Most people think of a network jackpot as covering more than one games within a network. A good example is the progressive jackpot associated with the three Caribbean Poker variations.

The jackpots in Caribbean Poker can also be won with a hand less than a Royal Flush. This creates more partial winners of the jackpot and causes the jackpot to always be smaller than a regular progressive jackpot.

The Random Number Generator and Jackpots

Many gamers think that a jackpot is due to hit if it has not hit in many spins. This is a false analysis of a single event: a spin in a slot or other game with a jackpot. All online games are ultimately determined by the random number generator which has no memory and no knowledge of the results of previous spins or hands.

This is an important point to know since there are a lot of sites and people on line trying to sell schemes that “guarantee” winning a big jackpot.

Strategies in How to Win a Jackpot

The best strategies are to play for fun, to play within your budget, and to play for relatively short sessions or as long as the gaming continues to be entertaining. Avoid all betting systems since they do not take inevitable losing streaks into account.

By keeping all aspects of online casino gaming in perspective, gamers can maximize the fun side of gaming. Staying within one’s budget is the same in casino gaming as it is with regard to all entertainments. We want to go to a Broadway show and many people will buy a less expensive seat even though it is also further away from the stage.

Risk and Reward

Gamers should accept some risk in gaming. Otherwise, there is no reason to play online casino games for real money. Most players should moderate their risk. So, if you like to play a progressive jackpot slot, we recommend setting aside a fixed portion of your bankroll for the session exclusively for the progressive games and then going on to a different game.

It is somewhat like putting yourself on a diet: you can have a small piece of a restricted food but then no more!

Jackpot Capital Offers a Wide Range of Online Casino Gaming Options

We offer a few progressive jackpot games. We also offer over 200 non-progressive slots with a new slot coming out every month. We run a promotion almost every day!

We are a recognized online casino with safe and easy banking. We have recently added bitcoin as a banking option. Now Jackpot Capital has introduced Bitcoin Lightning which is super-fast banking in bitcoin.


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