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Are the Slots with Dark Themes Really Fun to Play?

There are so many cute, sweet, and lovable slots here at Jackpot Capital that we felt you would like to read about a few slots with “darker” themes.  Now, none of our slots are entirely dark.  After all, some are progressive jackpots slots - we would never call winning millions "dark"!  But gamers like to experience as broad a range of sights and sounds as they can!

No Waiting and No Changing Seats

Even twenty years after we came online here at Jackpot Capital, we continue to hear from new gamers that one of the best features of online gaming is that you never have to wait and you never have to give up your seat to try out a different slot.  This is the unfortunate reality at land based casinos but it doesn’t exist at any online casino!

This is one of the most amazing aspects of online gaming!  And still many gamers are surprised—happily surprised, we might add—to find out that they can play every one of our 200 and more slots from the comfort of their chair or sofa!  So, in this long series on slots at Jackpot Capital, we will now take a look at some “darker” themes.

When you play at Jackpot Capital, you can go from light and lively to dark and foreboding and back to sweetness all in the same gaming session.  In fact, all in the same few minutes!

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Secret Jungle

If ever there was a dark theme, the jungle may be the best location for such a slot game!  The rainforest canopy blocks out the sun much of the time and the wide variety of dangerous animals and slithering creatures inhabit every square meter of land and vine.  So, rather than take a real trek through the dark and dangerous land, we offer you a grand vicarious tour!

And you can win as much as 8888 times your bet if your luck runs as hot and steamy as the jungle environment!

Aztec Gold Glistens and Beckons

Hidden deep within the jungle is a treasure of gold left over from the time when the Aztecs reigned supreme!  Your great goal and even greater achievement will be to remove the gold from the jungle and use the money to take a great vacation far from any jungle!

Jungle Temple

You have to get through the jungle and arrive at the Temple in order to have even the slightest chance of acquiring the gold.  What an adventure awaits you!  Throughout Secret Jungle, the background “music” is a deep drumbeat.  It lets you know that you are in a place where the skills you need to survive and thrive are different than the skills you’ve learned in 21st century modern living.

In contrast with the drumbeat are the soft whispers of butterflies and other flying creatures of the deep jungle.

Let’s hope that none of the jungle people who are making the drums beat will surprise you as you get closer and closer to the hidden Temple! 

This is where luck comes in!  If luck is on your side, you will get through the jungle despite all the obstacles, not to mention snakes, and you’ll unlock the secrets that will bring you the riches the Aztecs left behind.

Gold Aztec Idol

This is not the same type of idol that sings in large auditoriums in front of the entire world.  No, no, no!  This is a real idol of the kind that was common to ancient civilizations. 

The golden idol is the wild symbol and it is as wild as the jungle itself.  A win with idols alone will carry a multiplier, from 50x all the way to 8888x.  A win with standard symbols plus an idol has a 3x multiplier.


The pyramid is the scatter symbol.  Three of these get you 8 free spins but when you get four or five scatter symbols, your free spins go up to 18 and 88 free spins with a 2x multiplier.  There is a lot of gold to be had when you get 88 free spins with a 2x multiplier!

You can also retrigger the free spins and every time you do so, the multiplier goes up as high as 10x!

Witch’s Brew

Please do not confuse the witch’s brew with a brewskie!  By the way, if you don’t understand American slang, a brewskie is a beer!  You may want a tall, cold beer after you have escaped from Witch’s Brew!

This is a Halloween themed slot.  Every potion and mysterious ingredient is here and you concoct the witch’s brew to win many prizes.  We assure you that a large wart on the nose is definitely NOT one of the prizes you can win in this game!

A Basement ooooh!

This entire slot—from the regular game to the free spins round— takes place in a cold brick basement.  It gets very cold down here so you might want to cover your shoulders with a blanket!  The witch seems to like the dark and cold but she isn’t the ugly witch we usually associate with the term.

In fact, she is kind of attractive in a witchy sort of way.  Maybe it’s the way she wears her pointy cap.  We don’t recommend trying to go out with the witch.  She may be cute but the other symbols will send a shiver or two down your spine.  See, one of the symbols is an eyeball!  There’s a toad of the kind that permeates every story with a witch it seems.  The toad is a high paying symbol but it isn’t the kind of toad you might catch at the river’s edge and take home as a pet!

The witch grinds her ingredients in a mortar and pestle; she cooks her potions in a cauldron as the cat sits by her side grinning from ear to ear; and of course she has a candle glowing.  The candle never drips wax and never drips all the way down.  She must be a very powerful witch indeed!

Dragon’s Tooth

The witch is one of the wilds in this game and the dragon’s tooth that adorns her necklace is the other.  The scatter symbol is the small vial of real blood.  It is said that the blood in this slot is the real blood of a real goblin!  We believe that the blood is just the creation of the great game providers at Real Time Gaming but the free spins they give you are very real indeed!

The scatters give you 10, 25, or 125 free spins.  Imagine how much the witch will win for you if you sip her brew and get 125 free spins!

From the Dark into the Light

We hope that you see how the darker themes in slots at Jackpot Capital can entertain you for hours and yet when you finish a gaming session, you can come back from the jungle of the witch’s basement and re-enter the bright 21st century!

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