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Every gamer loves to get a casino bonus. The favorite type of bonus is a no deposit bonus which our gamers can access the Jackpot Capital no deposit bonus codes. We would like to talk a bit about online casino bonuses and then to some of the many tricks land-based casinos use to get gamers to gamble more.

All Bonuses are Like Found Money

Whether a gamer takes a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus, the money in the bonus is free in the sense that it increases the gamer’s bankroll. Online casinos can give bonuses in excess of a thousand dollars while land-based casinos cannot give bonuses at all.

Why is That?

The key is that some players would cash out a bonus as soon as they got it were it not for a barrier of sorts preventing them from doing that. The barrier is called the wagering requirement. A gamer has to play a set factor of the bonus before she or he can withdraw winnings.

The factor is usually about 30x the bonus.

Only a very high roller could bet upwards of $30,000 in a long weekend at the casino. Most players who go to a land-based casino for the weekend take a few hundred dollars as their bankroll. This is nowhere near the amount of bankroll a player would need to fulfill the wagering requirement in a couple of days at the casino.

The bets that apply to the wagering requirement accumulate whether the player wins a game or loses a game. Still, it would take fantastic luck over a couple of days to complete a 30x wagering requirement over a long weekend.

How Does Jackpot Capital Keep Track of the Progress of a Wagering Requirement?

Jackpot Capital maintains a huge bank of powerful computers that keep track of everything gamers and the casino do. This includes wagering requirements, wins and losses in all games, and comp points.

Land-based casinos use player’s cards to keep track of wins and losses and comp points. This means that players have to remember to bring their player’s card with them when and if they return to that casino. In the meantime, a lot of comp points sit in drawers waiting for the chance to grow and be redeemed for casino credits.

In What Other Ways are Online Casinos Better Than Land-based Casinos?

Let’s start with start-up costs.

We have all heard about business start-ups. The seed money for these nascent businesses may come from savings or they may come from investors. The start up costs of a long weekend at a land-based casino are all of the travel expenses players incur before they place a single bet.

Contrast that with zero start-up costs to play at Jackpot Capital and you have a good reason to say good riddance to land-based casinos!

Travel is an Inconvenience

Jackpot Capital is a world of convenience for casino gamers. We spoke about the massive bank of computers that keep track of everything that goes on in the casino in real-time. We spoke about no travel costs to play at Jackpot Capital.

In casino play can we say that getting there is not half the fun!

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Waiting is a Modern Inconvenience

There is no waiting at an online casino. We exist in cyberspace which has no known walls. Land-based casinos exist in real space with very prominent walls. That means that an unlimited number of gamers can play games at an online casino while a very limited number of players can play any single game at a land-based casino.

How many terminals are there at a land-based casino for even the most popular slot? The answer is: not many. Let’s say 10. So, 10 people can play these super popular slots at the same time. A new slot at Jackpot Capital may draw hundreds or thousands of gamers to it at the same time.

Do Land-based Casinos Keep Classic Games?

Well, not really.

Let’s start on the positive side.

Blackjack is a classic game and land-based casinos will have one or two blackjack tables. Here at Jackpot Capital, we have an unlimited number of blackjack “tables” since we offer many variations of blackjack and we can accommodate everyone who wants to play blackjack all at the same time!

When we talk about classic games, we usually are referring to slots. Here is where land-based casinos have a serious weakness. They have to take out terminals of some slots in order to make room for new terminals. So, when a land-based casino brings in 10 terminals, it has to take out 10 terminals. These are almost always classic slots that few players play. At Jackpot Capital, we keep the classic slots even if it means that only a handful of gamers will play them in a given year.

Are Mobile Casinos Exclusively for Online Casinos?

Not anymore!

There was a time not so long ago that mobile casinos were the poor stepchildren of online casinos. Then the technology of mobile zoomed head so much so that mobile overtook desktop and laptop as the primary format for playing at an online casino.

Now mobile is the go-to way to play! This frees gamers to play on the sofa or in bed, often with their significant other. Mobile has become so big as a means to play casino games that many big land-based casinos now offer mobile to their hotel guests!

What Time is It?

Why do land-based casinos not have windows? So players can lose track of time.

Why do land-based casinos offer free alcohol? So players can lose track of smart gambling.

Why do land-based casinos offer free meals at the buffet?

So players can get so full that they seemingly fall asleep while playing. Auto-play anyone?

Why Do Land-based Casinos Underpay for Slots, Blackjack, and Video Poker?

Wait a second! Do land-based casinos really underpay for slots, blackjack, and video poker?

Indeed, they do! In slots, almost all land-based casinos underpay simply by calibrating the random number generator to pay less than online casinos pay.

In blackjack and video poker, not all land-based casinos underpay but many do and a growing number of land-based casinos do.

How Do They Do That?

Well, in blackjack, many land-based casinos pay 6-5 for a blackjack. Jackpot Capital pays 3-2. The difference is significant.

In video poker, many land-based casinos pay 8-5 or 7-5 for a full house or a flush. Jackpot Capital pays 9-6. The difference is significant.

Jackpot Capital Invites all Gamers to Join

We have a top of the line online casino. We have games for everyone. We have free play for everyone. We have a comp points promotion that keeps on giving. We have safe and easy banking. In short, we have everything a casino gamer might want!


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