How to Enjoy the Welcome Bonus at Jackpot Capital Online Casino

How Can I Best Use My Welcome Bonus?

This is a question that we at Jackpot Capital online casino see from time to time in our emails or chat conversations. We heard this question more often at the height of the corona virus pandemic as many people who, up to then, had preferred playing casino games at land based casinos suddenly found themselves locked out of their go to casinos and came to Jackpot Capital casino as a type of casino gaming refuge.

Hello and Welcome!

The first things these new online casino gamers found was our Jackpot Capital welcome bonus and our long list of almost daily promotions. The welcome bonus, naturally, says “welcome” and the long list of promotions say, in the parlance of the American south, “make yourself at home and set a spell”.

Why is the Welcome Bonus so Significant?

This goes to the heart of one of the main differences between online casino gaming and travelling to a land based casino. Land based casinos don’t generally give a welcome bonus in the form of casino credits because travelers to a land based casino have, at most, a long weekend in which to play the casino’s games.

A welcome bonus or any other bonus, be it a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus, has a wagering requirement attached to it to prevent a few people from cashing out right away. Land based players’ don’t have the time to fulfill a wagering requirement so they would have to leave the casino with their winnings still in the land based casino’s account.

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Actually, land based casinos don’t keep track of players’ accounts in the same way online casinos do. Land based casinos give players a player’s card which keeps track of the player’s account. If you lose the card, you lose any money that was registered on it!

Land Based Players Face Many other Disadvantages

Land based casino players often have to wait to play at a busy and popular terminal. Land based players often have to deal with obnoxious people on the casino floor, at the blackjack table, and generally causing a nuisance.

Online gamers can play in short sessions as often as they wish. There is no sense of needing to re-pack the suitcase, get to the airport on time, or playing on in order to get their money’s worth of casino action until they run out of time.

Gamers at Jackpot Capital never “run out of time”. The flexibility of our online casino means that gamers can far more easily budget their time well. One of the quiet facts of land based casino playing is that it does get quite boring after a while but land based players’ keep playing lest they run out of time too soon.

So, How Should Jackpot Capital Gamers Use their Welcome Bonus?

Now we get to the crux of the main advantages of online casino gaming. We suggest that you use the welcome bonus to play as many games as you can! It is so easy to go from game to game at Jackpot Capital: all you have to do is click!

At a land based casino, you have to physically go to a different game thus relinquishing your seat at the game you were playing. There is a reason why land based casinos have several terminals of popular games: they need more terminals to satisfy the demands of the many players’ who all want to play the same slot or video poker game.

At Jackpot Capital, tens of thousands of gamers from all over the world can play the same game at the same time!

Jackpot Capital Has Hundreds of Games

We have virtually unlimited space in our corner of cyberspace! We can carry a large volume of great games that thousands of gamers can play at the same time! Even now, as land based casinos are reopening, they have even less space for terminals, blackjack and baccarat tables and other games that they featured before the shutdowns.

The reason there are fewer tables and terminals is because of the continuing need for safe social distancing.

Thus, it is just as easy at Jackpot Capital to play a hundred or more games as it is to play a single game! Our gamers have a much more rounded casino gaming experience as a result! So many players at land based casinos spend hours and hours on the casino floor and play just one or two games!

Jackpot Capital also has a lot more variety of games than an average land based casino can provide. We offer many variations of blackjack and video poker because we can! Land based casinos can’t! A land based casino may offer only American Roulette which has a higher house advantage than European Roulette which we have the space to offer!

Set Time Budgets for Online Casino Gaming

This is not exactly advice on how to use your welcome bonus but it is pertinent to the overall advantages of online casino gaming, the welcome bonus being one of those advantages.

Gamers at Jackpot Capital are not in a hurry to play a lot of games all in one session. They have virtually “all the time in the world” since the casino is available to them every day, around the clock, on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

So, why play on and on? Set a reasonable time budget for gaming and you will see that gaming becomes a fun part of the day rather than an expensive “trip” by plane or car to a distant land based casino.

Setting a time budget changes gaming from trying to win a big jackpot to having fun, relaxing, unwinding, and so on. Then, you can either get together with family or friends, or do any of a hundred excellent activities that might include reading, music, taking a quiet walk, working out, or one of a very long list of hobbies and other activities.

Take a Vacation

As so many gamers have discovered the virtues of online casino gaming, they have also realized the folly of travelling to land based casinos. As a result, many people will be happy to take a vacation that doesn’t include a visit to a land based casino.

On a vacation like this, if you need a little casino gaming, you can do so on your mobile device!

The value of taking real vacations has never been more apparent so we will talk about exactly that in our next blog article!

In the meantime, we urge all new gamers to 


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