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What are a Few Unusual Facts about the Jackpot Capital Slots about Ancient Civilizations?

The most popular game category at Jackpot Capital is slots.  That is probably the single most important reason why we are often asked the question: “Can you tell me how to win on slot machines?”  The answer of course is always that slots are a pure game of chance and there is no certain winning tactic or strategy.

However, and this is a biggie, the slots we carry constitute an imaginative gamers wonderland!  We carry a couple of hundred great slots from Real Time Gaming.  These slots provide gamers with a very varied gaming experience since they cover many different thematic categories.

One of the many categories our collection of slots covers is ancient civilizations.  We bet (pun intended!) that there are a lot of odd and unusual facts about many ancient civilization that most people, gamers included, simply don’t know.  So, we will devote this article to a quiz about ancient civilizations.  Hopefully, we’ll get a good response to the quiz and we can run a continuation quiz next month!

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Why Were the European Conquerors in Fear of the Aztecs’ Swords?

  1. They were better than the Europeans’ swords.
  2. They came with a warranty.
  3. They had magical powers.
  4. The sharp edge was coated with poison.

Answer: They were a lot better than the swords the Europeans were using.  The Aztec name for their sword was macahuitl.  The main raw material the Aztecs used to make the cutting edge of swords was a lava rock called obsidian which means that the lava cooled before it could become crystal.

This made the rock as sharp as glass and it is said to be sharper than modern steel blades.  The Aztecs formed the blade in a manner similar to a serrated edged knife today which made it much more effective at cutting soft matter.

Why Were Aztec Women Not Afraid of Childbirth?

  1. They knew that their husbands were praying for them in the waiting room.
  2. Women during childbirth were considered to be as heroic as men in battle.
  3. In Aztec culture, childbirth was the true rite of passage for women.
  4. Childbirth meant that the woman was that much closer to being a grandmother.

Answer: In Aztec culture, a woman in labor was a heroine on the order of any soldier gone off to battle.  A woman who successfully gave birth and survived the “battle” was considered to be a conquering hero.  A woman who died in childbirth was honored to the same degree that a man who died in battle was honored.

This great honor given to fallen heroes both male and female was that they carried the sun across the sky by day every day!   To the ancient Aztecs, that was a truly great honor.

What Was Unusual about Dog Collars in Ancient Greece?

  1. They were originally tried out on people.
  2. They helped dogs keep the proper social distance.
  3. They protected dogs from wolf attacks.
  4. They had a built in flea repellant.

Answer: They protected dogs from wolves.  We have to keep in mind that ancient societies lived much closer to nature than most of us do these days.  Dogs had just begun to become domesticated and that means that dogs were still very close genetically and culturally to wolves.

When a dog owner was out with his dog, he was worried that wolves might attack the dog much more than he worried that the wolves might attack him.  So, they fashioned a collar that in some ways resembles the macahuitl!  Its purpose was to protect the dog from a wolf attack.

Speaking about Aztecs and Dogs, What Super-Glue like Product Did the Aztecs Invent?

  1. Super glue
  2. Epoxy
  3. Mortar
  4. Peanut butter

Answer: if you have ever given your dog peanut butter, you understand that to a dog it is akin to having super glue in their mouths!  The Aztecs, along with their sidekicks the Incas, invented peanut butter about 3000 years ago.  The Aztecs ground the roasted peanuts with a mortar and pestle so the peanut butter wasn’t anywhere as smooth as today’s kids’ favorite but it would have been considered super chunky by today’s standards. 

Peanut butter then travelled back across the Atlantic to Africa where local people mixed it with honey.  It is entirely possible that it made its way back to North America and to every American family’s cupboard along with the possession of newly enslaved Africans!

What Was Unusual and Genius about Ancient Mayan Architecture

  1. It kept homes cool in the summer.
  2. It kept home warm in the winter.
  3. It used an ingenious method of sealing the spaces between rocks so rainwater could not leak into a house.
  4. It was designed to withstand even the most powerful earthquakes.

Answer: The Maya lived in an area that experienced many and devastating earthquakes.  Their architects were a lot more concerned about inventing a way to keep a building from falling down on people than with the aesthetics of how a house or building looked.  As a result, the few Mayan buildings we still have a kind of ugly but they are extremely safe in an earthquake!

The rocks sway with the movement of the earth and then fall back into place perfectly so buildings do not collapse.

Ancient Civilizations were Civilizations in Every Way

We often forget that ancient civilizations had many technological amenities that we enjoy to this day.  After all, it was the ancients who invented the wheel, domesticated fire and animals, developed agriculture, began the long march toward equality for women, and invented games, game play, and the value of having fun.

They also invented gambling on the outcomes of games.  We enjoy the fruits of their inventions and have a lot more time on our hands than they did because we have so much time-saving technology.  In fact, it is a supreme irony that we moderns have to learn how to make the most of our large amount of free time!

Online casino gaming at Jackpot Capital is one of many ways we can responsibly manage our free time!  The games we carry are fun and informative; challenging and purely relaxing; a tongue in cheek adventure and a safe way to harken back to darker times in history.

All the while, gaming has to be fun!  So, enjoy your ventures into the worlds of the ancient peoples of the world.  And here's to a few good wins on the way!

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