Our Theme of the Month this December is “Baked Holiday Bonuses!” Join us on the blog this week and find out everything there is to know about our delicious month ahead…

Each month we here at Jackpot Capital like to honor one particular theme - our Theme of the Month, as we call it - with a post on our blog.This cool Christmas month of December we’ve decided to go for “Baked Holiday Bonuses!” Why is that? Well, it seemed just about right to pick something Christmas related which has to be done with love in order to be loved - Baking - and something that we all love timelessly, regardless of the time of the year - Bonuses! We also found it interesting how the wide variety and availability of all the possible Christmas treats quite literally matches those of our Bonus treats… But enough about the “How come,” why don’t you simply have a read through the post? All will be clear, we promise!

Baking Bonuses… Making Winners

Actually, come to think about it, online casinos - and especially the Jackpot Capital online casino - generally resemble Christmas, gathering people in one virtual place to relax, temporarily forget about everyday life and enjoy Games and Bonuses, pretty much like we do Christmas treats.

Our Bonus treats, for instance, often last for a couple of days - like the Christmas euphoria, in some ways. And they’re just as sweet as any gingerbread cookie, brownie or shortbread star! Interested in trying some out? Then head over to our Promotions page, and check out all the Bonus treats we have on offer. You probably already know these (but a reminder can’t hurt), at Jackpot Capital we’ve got ongoing promotions at all times! As soon as you’ve found a Bonus that suits you, entered the Coupon code into the Cashier - as per usual - and made your minimum deposit of $45, you’ll be ready to savour in your Baked Holiday Bonus delight, whichever one you might have chosen.

Of course, whenever there’s a special occasion, a holiday or a celebration, there are special Bonuses at Jackpot Capital too. For example, this Christmas you’ll be able to visit our Christmas Bakery and try our new Baked Holiday Bonuses. The bakery’s virtual doors will open on December 15h and close on the 25th, and each day we’ll be baking you a different Bonus for a different game. That’s 10 days, 10 Bonuses and 10 Games, with each of these generous Christmas Bonus treats named after a popular Christmas treat.

That said, we thought it would be interesting to go over some of the most popular Christmas treats in the US. Keep reading and find out.

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No Treats, No Christmas!

There aren’t many countries in the world that celebrate Christmas like the US does. With so much cultural influence of the immigration waves, the number and diversity of all the possible Christmas treats is almost unbelievable. Some, however, truly stand out and are even known to people outside of the US. Have a look below!

Gingerbread Men

Used also as a simple Christmas decoration, Gingerbread Men have been symbolizing Xmas for centuries. So long have they been around that we find it hard to think of Christmas and not think of gingerbread. From where we’re now standing, it seems like our love for them is and will remain eternal. Speaking of which, have you tried playing our slot, Eternal Love?

Candy Canes

Yet another treat without which it’s hard to imagine Christmas, candy canes first appeared in Germany around 250 years ago, when a small town choirmaster wanted to make sure kids would remain silent throughout the Christmas service and had given them a bunch of candy canes. All this sweet talk got you craving some candy? Try spinning the reels of our slot, Popinata, and see what you can find once you burst the pinata open!

Christmas Cookies

Though there are probably hundreds of variations of Christmas cookies, they’re quite a fundamental part of Christmas in the US. What else would Santa eat after he had dropped off the presents? If you’d like to check with him what kind of cookies he prefers, play our game, Santastic and ask him yourself!

Naturally, there are many, many other Christmas treats that we could say deserve a spot here, but we’ve decided to leave it at this, at least for now. While you wait for our Christmas Bonus Bakery to open, check out all the games available at Jackpot Capital on our Games page and start prepping for the holidays! We wish you a Merry early Christmas, and hope you enjoy our Baked Holiday Bonuses.

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