We here at Jackpot Capital would like to invite you to celebrate our new Theme of the Month with us - Picnic & Play! Let’s start with our summer casino offers!

It is almost a fact that people, whatever their nationality or cultural background may be, love summer. Whether it’s because of the holidays, certain sports events or simply because of the prospect of going to the beach, the truth is that it really doesn’t matter much; what matters is that there is something about summer that appeals to every type of individual. Or maybe there simply isn’t a type who doesn’t enjoy the infrequent summer tranquility, the outdoors and the idea of letting go of a couple of layers of clothing? Just imagine a picnic in a park, where you and your closest friends would be sitting, chatting and smiling under the shade of a wise, old tree, drinking refreshing cocktails or other cool beverages… What more could you ask for? Oh, that’s right - Jackpot Capital! As long as you are on your Mobile, that’s an option too! Keep reading to add our summer casino offers to your list of reasons for loving this particular summer…

Bonfires, Barbeques, & Bonuses!

When it comes to summer in the US, this love and affection directed towards the summer period are particularly powerful, especially if we consider the rather long list of traditions! Some of these summer traditions are entirely foreign to non-Americans, and are at times even perceived as weird or strange by those who have visited the US during this time of the year. 

Among the most notable of these traditions are American summer camps. People from all over the country send their kids to these camps, where the children often experience life without parents for the first time and get to spend time outdoors with their peers. Then there are summer fairs, which, though they are celebrated in many other parts of the world, seem to be unusually close to American hearts. Going to baseball games, or following them from afar, is another tradition that isn’t shared with other places, as most national sports leagues outside of the US end prior to the start of summer, leaving sports fans with nothing to focus on other than the World Cup, the Continental Cup or the Olympic Games - depending on which year it is. Then there are barbeques, of course, along with bonfires and picnics, all of which have, by now, practically made it onto the worldwide list of summer traditions.

The point here, is that summer is the season of play, picnic and the outdoors; of relaxing, kicking it back and letting our guards down. So synonymous is summer with relaxing, that people all over the United States celebrate the National Relaxation Day on the 15th of August! But they aren’t the only ones… As part of our weekly Hump Day summer casino offers every Wednesday, Jackpot Capital will be celebrating this year’s

Relaxation Day with some refreshing - though in no ways light - bonuses! Read on to find out what we will be celebrating on the other four Wednesdays of this August and hear about all the summer casino offers that we have prepared for you… We won’t be lighting up a bonfire ourselves, but our bonuses will!

Get Outdoors & Play!

Let’s Celebrate August with Summer Casino Offers

As the 1st day of this month falls on a Wednesday, our first Hump Day Bonus will be available on the 1st of August already! In memory of those naïve, worriless times when life used to be about exploring and adventuring, Jackpot Capital will be celebrating ‘World Scout Scarf Day’ on the first Wednesday of the month. Aware of the fact that some of you might not perceive this as ‘cool’ enough of a reason to celebrate, we have prepared some intriguing bonuses to help us get you on board, in addition to making our games as easily accessible as possible, from wherever you may find yourself, as long as you have your mobile!

Our other Hump Day Bonuses will be enjoyable on the ‘International Cat Day’, on the 8th, or the ‘Be An Angel Day’ on the 22nd, and on the ‘More Herbs, Less Salt Day’ on the 29th of this month. But perhaps the most interesting summer casino offer we have for this month is our Game of the Month Promotion, awarding you a 100% (up to $800) Bonus and Double Comp Points when your play our sizzling online slot, Samba Sunset! This is a daily promotion, which means that you can collect your bonus every day for as long as the promotion is valid! All you have to do to embrace this smiling sunset and redeem its complementary, sunny bonuses is make your minimum deposit of $45 and enter the coupon code into the Cashier!

If you are looking for something to do in the meanwhile, you might want to explore the outdoors of our slot Enchanted Garden II, dive deep into the ocean with Crystal Waters, or simply try out some of our other summer-themed slots, like Spring Break or the Caribbean Stud Poker. In any case, start playing today and use these great summer casino offers to create your own summer tradition! Check out our Games page to discover our top titles and remember to visit our Promotions page for other exciting offers! Cheers to our final month of summer - Now, let’s picnic… and play!

Grab a Bonus and Spin!

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