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Are Online and Land Based Blackjack Players Really Different?

Every game we offer has some gamers who love that particular game so much that they see themselves as, say, a progressive jackpot player or as a Banana Jones player!  So, it should be obvious that there are a few different types of blackjack players here at Jackpot Capital Casino.    

There are also types that are unique to online blackjack and types that are unique to land based casino blackjack.  Sometimes, when blackjack players find out which type they are, they are happy to make that discovery and sometimes they decide to change their blackjack player type!

Which type or types are you?

Happy Go Lucky

This type is usually an online casino blackjack player.  We have found at Jackpot Capital online casino, that the best way to play our casino games is with a happy attitude.  A lot of our gamers set time and budgetary limits on their gaming.  Especially in blackjack and video poker, you can play for a long session, relatively, and because good strategy on the gamer’s part brings the house edge close to zero, you will finish the session either slightly ahead or slightly behind.

No wonder our blackjack devotees have such a happy go lucky attitude!

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This type of blackjack player tries to use the best strategy on every hand.  They know that with best strategy, the house edge all but disappears.  The strategist has several sub-types as well.

A strategist needs to be patient.  Every player has a losing streak from time to time and the strategists know that they are making the best decisions statistically so their luck will soon turn around. 

A non-strategist during a small losing streak is likely to increase their bet in an attempt to impatiently win back all the money they have lost up to that point.  This single action is one of the main reasons impatient blackjack players usually lose and patient players often win.

A strategist needs to be something of a student of the game.  The player who plays by hunch alone is the exact opposite of the strategist.  These players might have a type of their own: the “I always stand with 12 or more points” type!

Dedication and Discipline

This is another sub-type of the strategist but they warrant their own type as well.  Dedication leads gamers to study the game.  It leads them to try out different blackjack variations, many of which we offer here at Jackpot Capital.  Dedication leads players to learn the different rules that apply to different variations and how they change the best strategy for that variation.

Discipline allows players to continue to bet the way they have previously decided to bet.  Discipline allows players to avoid using betting systems that almost always lose a lot more money than they win.  Perhaps most important, discipline allows a player to end the session at the predetermined time even if you are ahead and riding a winning streak.

Discipline is the twin of responsible gaming!

Likes to Play Many Variations

This is the last of the blackjack types that refer most often to online gamers.  We’ll explain what we mean and then we’ll segue to land based blackjack player types.  We think you’ll see why we say that it’s better to be an online blackjack player.

At Jackpot Capital, you can play all of our blackjack variations because you never have to give up your seat or look for another table in order to change the variation you want to play.  So, online blackjack players have a much more rounded and eclectic taste in blackjack!

Plays Only One Variation

This is the bane of the land based blackjack player.  They don’t want to give up their seat to look for another table so they play the same variation on and on even after they would really rather try their luck at a different game.  At an online casino, you never have to give up your seat and you can play as many variations as the casino offers from the same “seat”. 

Waits for a Seat

This is a corollary to the above discussion.  Sometimes a player will walk into the casino and the blackjack table he or she wants to play at is full.  So, if you don’t want to play a game that you don’t know as well or if you don’t want to play for higher antes than you would like, you wait.

Sometimes, you wait and wait and wait!

Plays for Higher Stakes than They Would Prefer

This is the other side of the above coin.  If you really want to play and the table you want is full, you might end up at a higher stakes table than you’re comfortable with.  This never happens at Jackpot Capital!

Wanders around the Casino

This is the land based casino blackjack player who can’t find a seat at the table they want to play at and won’t compromise by sitting down at a higher stakes table.  They wander around the casino.  They are always looking at the table they want to play at but the table stays full.

Then, as often as not, a player leaves that table and another player sits down!

Doesn’t Talk at All

Well, you finally got a seat at the table.  All talk of land based casino camaraderie goes out the window—which the casino doesn’t actually have so you’ll play a lot longer than you think you’re playing—and you sit there for the full length of your blackjack session and you don’t say a word.

Even to the dealer, you communicate with hand motions.  Wow!  This is fun!  NOT!

Talks Too Much

This is the Daniel Negreanu of land based blackjack.  This is the player who can’t stop talking.  There are a few sub-types to the talker.

The first sub-type is the braggart who tells you every mistake you make and is full of his or her superior blackjack skill.

The second sub-type is simply the arrogant player who not only tells you every mistake you make but also has nothing good to say about the casino, the hotel, the buffet, the free drinks, the weather and anything else they can think of.

Finally, one of the most annoying non-stop talking sub-types is the drunk.  The drunk is not just a blackjack type.  Since land based casinos love to give away “free” alcoholic drinks, there are always some players at the slots, craps and roulette tables, or blackjack tables who have had too much to drink.

When these players start talking, they often don’t stop!


We saved the most annoying and also the most dangerous for last.  This is the blackjack player who blames you incessantly for making the wrong decision and costing her or him the hand.

These players can get very angry if you “cause” them to lose too many hands.  We suggest that if you’re at a land based casino playing blackjack and you happen to be playing with a blamer, despite all the other disadvantages of giving up your seat that is what you should do in this case.

The real best way to play blackjack, of course, is online at Jackpot Capital Online Casino.

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