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What Sets Jackpot Capital Online Casino Apart?

We’re very happy that you have decided to begin gaming here at Jackpot Capital online casino.  We consider you our partner in fun so to that end we would like you to know a few tips about gaming at an online casino.  As you will see, gaming at an online casino is much more than going for a progressive jackpot.  So, here are a few tips you should keep in mind as you start your online gaming adventure!

Are All Online Casinos Alike?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is “no”.  Online casino gamma began only about 25 years ago.  At that time, there were just a small handful of online casinos.  Since then, the number of online casinos has mushroomed into the thousands.  Some, like Jackpot Capital casino are strong, well-monetized, fair, and completely open about every rule and operation of the casino.

Unfortunately, some online casinos are not open, are not well-monetized, and are not fair.


Any casino, whether online or land-based, relies on word of mouth and reputation to gain new gamers and to keep the gamers who already play there.  At every online casino, every result of every hand and every spin is regulated by the Random Number Generator or RNG.  This software simply chooses cards or stops on roulette wheels or video slots reels at random.  If the RNG is calibrated to return less than is fair, many gamers would not know that it is so.

Jackpot Capital has a return to player rate that fluctuates by the vagaries of luck between 96%-99%!  We have our RNG checked at least every few months to make sure that it is returning a fair amount of all wagers back to gamers.

An Open Casino

At Jackpot Capital, we feel that whenever we have to explain something we should do it in plain and easy to understand language.  There are many online casinos that hide their explanations behind wordy and legalistic language.

The pages that explain the rules and operations of a casino are called the Terms and Conditions or T&C.  Our T&C pages are all written in clear, everyday language.  We encourage all of our gamers to take the time to read our general T&C pages and the T&C pages for every promotion.

You will feel that you are talking to a long time friend!

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Openness also refers to your ability to communicate with the casino.  You can access a representative live on a 24/7 basis.  In addition, you can email us or talk to us through chat.  We suggest calling the casino from time to time with a question or comment.

When you do so, you will feel as if you are talking to an old friend.

Openness also refers to helping you win by teaching you the rules and best strategy for every category of game we feature and for every variation within each category.  If you follow our strategy tips for video poker, for example, you will have about an even chance to win against the house! 

That means that you can play for as long or as short a time as you like and you will probably win a little or lose a little.  This is in keeping with our approach to online gaming: that it should be a fun pastime at all times!

Don’t All Casinos Have Enough Money to Pay Winners?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is also “no”.  There are a number of casinos that rely on the law of averages to have enough money to pay off a big progressive jackpot when a lucky gamer wins it.  The law of averages here means that enough time will pass between progressive jackpot wins that the casino will have money from gamers’ losses to cover the jackpot.

This assumes that the RNG will not determine two wins in rapid succession!  That does happen because the RNG doesn’t know what happened in any previous spin.  Those casinos that are not fully monetized— which means that they don’t have enough money to pay winners—are a bane on all of the online casinos such as Jackpot Capital which are fully monetized!

Broad Selection of Games

It is true that land based casinos have large casino floors with many video slots, blackjack tables, and video poker terminals.  What many gamers find out when they go to land based casinos—and one of the major reasons that gamers come to Jackpot Capital and other online casinos—is that land based casinos have to have many terminals of the same video poker or video slot games to accommodate all of the gamers who want to play those games!

At land based casinos, the mantra is one game fits one while at Jackpot Capital casino the rule of thumb is one game fits all!  At a land based casino only one player can play at one terminal at one time!  At Jackpot Capital millions of gamers can play the same game at the same time!

This is important for every game we offer and for every game land based casinos offer.  At a land based casino you either have to wait for the game you want or you are reluctant to try out any other game for fear of losing your seat at the game you most want to play.  At Jackpot Capital, you can try out every game we offer from the comfort of a single “seat”.

Gaming at land based casinos is inflexible.  Gaming at online casinos like Jackpot Capital is enormously flexible!


There is a good reason why land based casinos offer free food, free drinks, and free accommodations.  Their gamers come and go on a daily basis!  The people who played slots the weekend before may never come back to the casino, ever!  The gamers who play slots at Jackpot Capital casino on a given weekend almost always come back at some other time during the week.

Online gaming is perfect for frequent, quick gaming sessions.  Gaming online is perfect for quiet time unwinding and relaxing before going out again to spend time with friends or family or going back to work at home on the project due soon.

Land based gaming is far too often one long weekend session while online gaming may be enjoyed in 30-60 minute sessions.  As we said earlier, online gaming is enormously flexible.

For this reason, online casinos can give bonus offers and run other promotions simply because the gamers will be around to enjoy playing in a monthly or weekly promotion.


The final element that separates online casinos from each other and from land based casinos is mobile gaming.  Mobile gaming means that you have the casino in your pocket or purse for quick time out gaming whenever the mood hits you.

This is the epitome of flexible gaming!

Some land based casinos actually now offer mobile gaming!  Ask yourself: “Does it make sense to travel to a land based casino to play on their in-house mobile casino?”  NOT!


Because of the massive growth in online casino gaming, we offer a short course on what to look for in a sound online casino.

  • Make sure that the casino is certified and regulated by a reputable outside source.
  • Make sure that the return to player rate is at least 96% and may at times approach 100%.
  • Make sure that the casino is fully monetized.
  • Make sure that the casino is completely transparent, with easy to understand T&C, 24/7 call center, and tutorials to help you win with the best strategy.
  • Make sure that the casino has a broad selection of games.
  • Make sure that the casino has many promotions to reflect the fact that you will be playing often even though your gaming sessions may be short.
  • Make sure that the casino has a mobile adjunct so you can play whenever the need arises for a short gaming break.

Jackpot Capital meets all these criterion - no real surprise!  We want to be the best and we work on it to be sure we ARE the best!

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