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Let us Present a Few Random Yet Helpful Thoughts that will Make Gaming Better

Every so often we put together a page of gaming tips.  Often these tips are all of a single category that help as you play the 300 or so games here at Jackpot Capital Casino.

This time we will present a somewhat eclectic set of ideas and thoughts that we feel sure will help you play better and have more fun.

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You can also write to us via email and chat but our first odd tip is to simply call Jackpot Capital.  Our customer service office never closes and we have well-trained customer service representatives ready to help you.

Surely you must have a question or two or twenty to ask and never did so.  Well, here we are inviting you to do so!

You may ask: What should I ask?  Here are a few questions that you can ask to put the service rep on the spot and then you might imagine a few more all on your own!

  1. How can I learn the best strategy for the many variations of video pokert you offer?
  2. Can you explain how the Random Number Generator works?
  3. Is there any luck in the games of skill?
  4. How do the wild symbols work in Gem Strike, our newest game?
  5. Why does Jackpot Capital carry so many slots?

And the list goes on and on!

As Your Midyear Resolution, Resolve to not Go to a Land-based Casino for at Least a Year!

If—when—you make this resolution a few things will happen immediately or very soon.  You will start to play more often for shorter periods of time.  You will find the time to check out all of our over 300 games.  You will develop an appreciation of the artistry that goes into every new slot, at least one new slot each month.

You will start to plan road trips that assiduously do not include any kind of side trip to a land-based casinos.  You will begin to appreciate more than ever before that gaming and gambling are far different activities.

Gaming is having fun and putting a small wager on the outcome of the spins or the hands.  Gambling is overstaying at the same table or terminal for an interminable length of time most of which you are just trying to recoup losses.

You will develop an appreciation for many other activities that have nothing to do with gaming.  How about cooking or baking?  How about going to the exercise court a few times a week?  How about buying a good pair of field glasses and oohing and ahing at birds in flight?

This list is even more endless than the previous one which was decidedly endless!

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Define Your Gaming Goals

Robert Townsend, in his monumental work “Up the Organization” spoke about a business needing to define itself.  These days that is de rigueur for businesses and they often call it their Mission Statement.

In the case of Avis Car Rental Company, the definition they gave themselves was “a business that rents out cars without drivers”.  That alone got the company to sell a limousine service it owned and gave employees more time to consider how to make Avis better at renting cars without drivers!

A Mission Statement for online gaming should read something like this: To have the most fun while wagering responsibly and playing just enough but not too much!

By defining your gaming goals, you will also automatically develop the habit of defining other goals.  As you might expect by now, this list, too, is endless!

Make Sure that You Truly Understand Volatility

We define games in a few ways.  One is by the return to player rate.  This parameter can be very appropriate and it can also be very misleading.  A good understanding of the return to player rate in combination with the volatility of the game can reap financial benefits right away!

Blackjack and video poker, when played well, have no volatility at all and a return to player rate of about 99.5%.  However, if a gamer plays these games incorrectly, the housed edge rises dramatically as does the volatility.

Volatility is a much bigger factor in slots than in these two games of skill.  Two slots can have the same return to player rate but one has high volatility and the other has low volatility.  In slots, volatility refers to how many players will share in the winnings.  So a slot with high volatility will have many fewer winners but the winners will win much more than in a low volatility slot that has many winners most of whom win just a little.

High volatility slots are best for high rollers and low to medium slots are best for gamers with a modest bankroll.

The fun factor also affects the viability of a game with high volatility.  A great example is Banana Jones, one of our casual games.  This game is a take off on the famous children’s board game Chutes and Ladders and Banana Jones himself is a fun and cuddly take off on Indiana Jones.

This game does have a somewhat high volatility rate but most gamers play it just for fun a few times at most and it is worth playing just to here Banana Jones call out “Yoo Hoo, Yoo Hoo” whenever a player reaches the Crystal Banana!

Treat Online Gaming as an Entertainment

There are a very large number of good entertainments.  Yes, this too is a very long list!  The point here is that when we treat online casino gaming as an entertainment, it becomes a lot more fun.  That’s because entertainments are fun.  If it isn’t fun it isn’t entertaining.  A road trip can and should be fun but a huge traffic jam is no fun at all!

There are two further points to be made here.  First, land-based casino gaming is not an entertainment in itself.  That’s why land-based casinos often have something entertaining to see while a person is at the casino.  You see the exploding volcano once and then you wonder if it was worth all the cost and hassle of getting to the casino to see it!

The second point is that all entertainments have some cost.  Even bird watching involves the cost of good shoes, a good field glass, and the cost of getting to where the birds are.  Combining these two ideas we arrive at the conclusion that the cost of land-based casino gaming is far too high to consider the entire enterprise an entertainment.

In contrast, the only cost to online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital is the bankroll which you can keep within your means and the coffee you drink while playing!

To access all of the entertaining games we have on offer, we suggest that you JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO NOW!

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