Top 5 Adult Halloween Ideas

Halloween has a long, storied tradition but eventually it settled into being a “kid’s holiday”. We all remember, as a young kid, dressing up as our favorite villain from a comic series or tv show. As you got a bit older, that changed into a soldier, or a sports hero. When you got into your teens, the need to be more clever and/or ironical took over as you dressed in a more satirical way. Then you turned 18. What does one do on Halloween after adulthood hits? It’s not an easy answer, but it sure is fun! Join us as we count down the Top 5 Adult Halloween Ideas, to show you how to celebrate one of the most fun times of the year!

1.Scare the Neighborhood!

Everyone loves a good scare. There’s no better thing than a good fright on Halloween! Haunted houses are a time-honored tradition during Halloween season. Whether they be based on old school movies, the ones based on your favorite slasher movies or those that really want to put the fear into you, haunted houses are an adult’s dream and a sure-fire entry into this list. As an adult, the way to celebrate Halloween properly is to find the scariest haunted house imaginable.

We’re not talking about you run-of-the-mill haunted house, we’re talking about the ones that you may have to check your blood pressure after you leave. There are many to choose from and the themes are endless. There are some that are on abandoned farms, that let you roam outside on your own as terrifying scares lurk around each corner and tree. There are others that use abandoned mental hospitals that give off that eerie vibe, even before you step foot inside (imagine that!).

Some of the best ones are based on good old fashioned slasher movies, but even they have stepped it up a notch to make the experience unforgettable. How many times have you heard about someone having the scare of their life at a haunted house? Some of these haunted houses have turned into an adult’s only activity. That’s why we’re placing haunted houses into the Top 5 Adult Halloween Ideas!

2. Dress Up & Hit the Punch!

After visiting a haunted house, you may be parched from the thirst, and the scares. That’s an easy fix, a perfect lead-in to our next entry on the list. What’s better than a party? A Halloween costume party! This tradition won’t go lost on anyone. As a teeneager, the costumes included a favorite basketball player or a movie hero and the punch-bowl was full of, well, punch! The music was Top 40, there were chaperones, plus there was a curfew! Fun?

Yes. But the adult version is definitely the way to go. The ambience needs to be just right, scary yet fun. Nobody wants to be scared out of their mind at a party! The right cocktails need to be on offer, this could be a fun contest, more on that later. Next up, maybe a “Sexiest Costume” contest might just do the trick to liven things up. The possibilities are endless. You’ve paid your dues as an adult, so it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. What better way than to party away your Halloween with good music, great friends and awesome cocktails.

Speaking of cocktails, the way to take the party to the next adult level is to have a Halloween Cocktail contest. That would bring out the fun side in all of your friends, making this Halloween a major hit. From caramel apple martinis to “Morgue-a-ritas”, or perhaps smokin’ skull shots are your thing! There really are no limits to where you can take this idea, that’s why it’s an easy addition to the Top 5 Adult Halloween Ideas list.

3. Spend the (Spooky) Night!

We mentioned haunted houses earlier. Well, we’re back on the subject again, but this time with a twist. We’re not talking about the pretend haunted houses that you know are scary, but in the end, it’s all make-believe, no sir! We’re talking about the REAL haunted houses. Up next on our list, visit a real haunted house in your area and stay the night! How’s that for an adult Halloween?

Bored of the regular Halloween traditions? Parties don’t do it for you. The neighborhood haunted house is good but you know it’s all fake. So you want to take Halloween to the next level and you’re looking for that perfect thing! Well, pack up some camping gear, an extra set of underwear and head on out to the closest abandoned, haunted house in your area, that ought to fill your Halloween scare needs.

Perhaps you’re near Atlanta, you could visit The Old Atlanta Prison Farm. This place was in operation for 50 years, housing inmates that worked for the farm. Reportedly, there have been images taken of ghosts at the grounds, that now stands abandoned and ready for you to take an all-night excursion there with friends!

Maybe you’re just a hop, skip and a jump from Willard New York, the home of the Willard Asylum. This place was built in 1869 with some 50,000 patients having died there. It is an absolute throwback to another time, filled with creepy energy throughout. If there was ever a haunted place to visit, this is it! You, plus some friends, a full night and a overcast moon should do the trick to make this an adult adventure! This entry on our Top 5 Adult Halloween Ideas was an absolute no-brainer. As you sit there to pass the time during one of these sullen nights, perhaps you should take a look at our Top 5 Spookiest Slots list and spin the night away as a distraction. These will keep you occupied in a pinch!

4. Prepare a Fright Night!

The next entry on our list is a simple concept but one that will leave you trembling with a good time. Why not have a scary movie marathon with your closest friends? Sure. This one may seem like something you would do as a young kid, but your parents never let you see the really gory movies, so now’s your chance! Get your best friends together, wait until the sun goes down and pop in the most gory, scary movies you can find.

To make this special, you have to set the stage. Make sure there are good decorations. Skull candles, spiderwebs hanging in unusual places, maybe a life-size serial killer doll in the closet, you get the idea. Then, let the movies take over and you can enjoy a night filled with that special someone clinging on for dear life as you watch your favorite killer slash away. This may be a tradition you keep for years to come.

Remember when you were young, wanting to rent THOSE movies, however your parents put a quick stop to that since you weren’t “old enough” yet. Well now is the time. From hockey mask-wearing killers, to dream stalkers that haunt your nightmares, to knife wielding maniacs that even bullets can’t stop, the choices are endless and the night is young! The first one to scream or jump does the dishes! So, sit back, relax and take in the movies with friends.

5. Solve the Murder Mystery

Last, but certainly not least, is an activity sure to thrill the pants of everyone this evening (perhaps, not literally!); an adult murder mystery dinner! Halloween is a fun time, especially with friends, so why not make one of them a murderer and make the rest solve it! How’s that for a fun time? The stories can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like to make them. The amount of blood is all up to you! How gory will you go?

The concept is easy. Everyone that shows up will be assigned a random card. The card will determine their role in the game. Killer? Witness? Collaborator? Let’s find out! Someone will die, of course, perhaps violently. There will be a killer amongst you, nobody knows who. Suddenly, the lights go off, the unfortunate person is “dead” and the hunt is on! Who is going to solve the mystery? Get to it.

Enjoy a few hours with friends drinking, eating and chatting each other up to solve the mystery! It’ll be a night few will forget. The fun is in the interaction with friends, having an experience that’s definitely out of the norm for a Halloween party, but that’s what makes it so much fun! As the night comes to a close, the killer is caught and your friends leave your house with a smile, which is why you’ll see why this entry into our Top 5 Adult Halloween Ideas was an absolute treat!

We’re sure you’ll agree that the fun is in the doing and all of these are a perfect way to spend Halloween, as an adult. So what are you waiting for? Get on the phone, order those party supplies or pack that camping gear. Whatever you do, make this Halloween a fun, adult version that you’ll remember for years to come! Need some inspiration? This is the time of year to enjoy our selection of Halloween slots, giving you creepy Halloween inspiration and perhaps, the extra cash to pull off the party of the year! Stop by our Bonus page and collect a bonus to get started! Good luck!

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