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Playing Slots is a Great Way to “Win”

Since slots are the most popular game at Jackpot Capital, many gamers ask us for the best strategy that will teach them how to win on slot machines.  Since we get this question so often, we decided to devote an entire article to this subject.

Slots are a Pure Game of Chance

The first thing you have to understand about slots is that they are a game of chance.  Roulette, craps, bingo, keno, and even everyone’s favorite Banana Jones are all examples of games of chance.

So, it would seem that there isn’t any strategy that will guarantee wins on slot machines.  This is both true and not true!  Even in the games of skill such as table poker, video poker, and blackjack chance plays a very large role in the outcome of every hand.

And, yet, we talk about the best strategy to follow in all of these games of skill.  Even live poker, as you can see on YouTube, which may be the greatest game of skill an online casino can offer, has both a massive strategic element and a massive element of chance.

What that all means is that there are strategies for “winning ” at slots even though “winning” may be defined differently in the context of slots than it is in the context of blackjack and poker.

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Return to Player Rate

The slots we offer at Jackpot Capital have a return to player rate of between 96% and 98%.  If a couple of lucky gamers hit a big jackpot in any given time period, the return to player rate might even exceed 100% for a short time!  The return to player rate at Jackpot Capital is higher than the rate at land based casinos because there they have so much more overhead. 

Play Slots Online

So, one giant so-called strategy for winning at slots is to play online.  We will see that there are other good reasons to play slots and all other casino games online and they are all connected to “winning” within the context of our new definition of the term.

What is the True Meaning of Winning?

Let’s divide every activity we do into two categories: activities we enjoy and activities we don’t enjoy.  There is some overlap here.  Take, for instance, going to the dentist.  For the vast majority of the time, this is an activity we don’t enjoy but if someone has a terrible toothache, going to the dentist might be like a dream come true!

We love many activities that can also turn into activities we don’t like, such as eating and overeating, drinking and getting drunk, driving and getting a ticket for speeding, and hundreds of other activities.

So, now we can look at slots as an activity that we love to partake of in which the best “strategy” might be how to keep slots playing from ever becoming an activity we don’t like.  Here, now, are some aspects of slots that will help you “win” every time you play them!

Stay within Your Budget

Almost everyone has to stay within a budget for everything they do.  We eat in restaurants we can afford, we drive cars we can afford, we take vacations we can afford, we buy clothes we can afford and the list goes on and on.

So, setting an affordable budget for slots play is an important strategy for winning.  By always ensuring that you’ll play within a pre-set and realistic budget, you can forget about the money side of slots and enjoy the creative side of slots.

The Creative Side of Slots

You might never have thought about this aspect of slots.  You might simply like going from a modern romantic slot to a slot based in a far away and long gone empire; from space exploration to deep sea adventure; from holiday themes to the fun slots that always make you smile and so on.

Our games provider, Real Time Gaming, has creative teams always working on the next great slot!  They have to develop a theme, find the best characters and symbols to keep gamers’ interest, decide on the game play, and put on all the finishing touches that will make gamers come back to that slot again and again.

And we have a couple of hundred such slots from RTG!

So, staying within your monetary budget and thrilling to the action inherent in every slots game, you will “win”!

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Set a Time Budget

Money is not the only type of budget we recommend every slots player should keep.  Playing online also makes it easy to set a time budget for playing.  You’ll be playing online at home or outside your home when you have a little free time and can play for a short period of time on your mobile device.

In the latter case, the requirements of your day to day responsibilities dictate the length of a mobile gaming session.  At home you have more flexibility.  So, by setting a time budget for at home gaming you automatically “win” by not overdoing a good thing.

This is in deep contrast to what happens at land based casinos where gamers have so little to do aside from gambling that they usually exceed both their best financial budget and their most sensible time budget!

Stay Fresh

This advice for “winning” at slots has several distinct aspects.  Each in its own way is important to making slots play as rewarding as possible.

Play when You Can Concentrate

That means that when you’re tired you should go to sleep or otherwise rest.  The grandest pleasure in slots is enjoying the spinning of the reels and the story line the characters and symbols tell.  We encourage you to put the casino down when you’re tired.  There will always be another time to play!

Playing when you're hungry?  This is similar to the previous advice.  There is a time to play and a time to nourish your body.

Play a Lot of Slots Games

It isn’t just that we offer games in many theme categories for the players who love romance, or space travel, or ancient Greece, or Christmas themed slots and so on.  We offer slots in so many categories so our gamers can learn to love slots in categories they might never try at a land based casino.

When you play slots online, you “win” by enjoying a broad range of exciting slots games without giving up your seat!  We have heard from innumerable new gamers that they never enjoyed the slots machines at the land based casinos they used to go to as much as they enjoy the absolute slots flexibility we offer at Jackpot Capital!

The Final Word

Slots at Jackpot Capital are a lot more than spinning for riches!  They are varied for a varied experience.  They are always available for quick entertainment during your busy day.  They are creative, allowing you to enjoy many different styles of creativity.

Finally, you “win” at slots by having the most fun you can have while relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long, long day!

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