Jackpot Capital Casino Offers Many Variations of Video Poker

Video poker is a very popular game at top online casinos like Jackpot Capital. There are several reasons why video poker has a wider playing cohort online than on land. First, we would also like to point out that Jackpot Capital gives out deposit and no deposit bonuses and all you need to access a bonus is to us the deposit bonus code or the Jackpot Capital no deposit bonus codes.

Video poker is also popular at land-based casinos but slots really do rule the roost there.

Jackpot Capital Gamers Play a Wide Range of Games

This is one of the most striking differences between online and land-based casinos. At a land-based casino, most players play one or two games or they wander about the casino without playing. This happens because their bankroll has diminished and they are “stuck” at the casino for another day or more!

At online casinos such as Jackpot Capital, players usually set time and monetary limits for every gaming session. If they have poor luck and the bankroll empties, they will simply stop the session. After all, gamers are not “stuck” at an online casino!

That means that online casino gamers will play all of the games that casino has on offer which at Jackpot Capital is about 300 games. We offer many variations of video poker. We also allow unlimited free play so a gamer can practice his or her skill at video poker at no risk at all!

In this way, video poker becomes a favorite game of many gamers who came to the online casino milieu after years playing at land-based casinos where they never played video poker at all!

Video Poker Gamers Have to Learn to Value and to Devalue High Cards

It seems odd to discard a high card that might pair and win but that is often the best strategy in video poker. Most video poker players understand breaking up a winning pair to go for a Royal Flush or a straight flush. These hands pay high dollars and they are rare.

If you have four to a Royal Flush or a straight flush, you have to go for the big hand even if you already have a winning pair. Here are the hands you could get even if you don’t hit the Royal Flush or the straight flush:

  1. A flush
  2. A straight
  3. A winning pair

If you have, say, 10, jack, queen, king suited and a second king, you could get a straight flush with a nine or a Royal Flush with an ace of the same suit. There are four nines, four aces, three jacks, three queens, and two kings that can all give you a winning hand. That is 16 cards out of the 47 still in the deck. The odds are one in three that you will get a winning hand. For those odds, it is best to give up the pair of kings.

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Value a Low Pair

Now we get to a situation where a lot of players will throw away a low pair and keep one or two high cards hoping for a winning pair. In most cases, holding the low pair is the correct strategy! There are many ways to get a winning hand with just a low pair.

Let’s say that you have a pair of deuces and a king and queen. A lot of new video poker players, and plenty of experienced players as well, will keep the high cards and throw away the deuces. Here are the winning possibilities in this hand if you hold the high cards:

  1. You get a high pair. There are six cards that can do this.
  2. You get three of a kind. You need two of the three remaining cards of that rank.
  3. You get a full house. You need two one card and one of the other cards.

Clearly, the most likely winning result would be a high pair.

Here are the possibilities if you hold the low pair:

  1. You can get either three of a kind or four of a kind.
  2. You can get another pair in a different card rank which would give you two pair.
  3. You could also get a full house.

By holding the low pair, you are more likely to get three of a kind in that rank than if you hold one or two high cards. Thus, holding the low pair is the play that goes for the better winning hand rather than just a winning hand.

Video Poker Players Make a Decision on Every Hand

It is important to understand this. Video poker is for the gamer who likes a challenge. Slots players play for the excitement and fun of the characters, symbols, themes, bonus rounds and so on. Slots are a more passive game. Online casino gamers can make slots less passive by playing many different slots with very different themes.

Land-based casino players tend to stay with a single slot for long periods of time, making slots at land-based casinos quite passive.

Video poker has fewer variations, of which Jackpot Capital offers many, than slots. The fun in playing video poker is in recognizing the potential value of a hand quickly. As such, video poker is good training ground for any professional who has to size up a situation quickly and see the potential value in a given decision.

Wayne Gretzky Was Considered the Best Player at Sizing up a Situation

Wayne Gretzky was a professional hockey player who played from 1978 to 1999. He is still called the Great One. His great skill was in sizing up a situation faster than anyone else could.

Legend has it that his father coached him when Gretzky was a young boy on the frozen rink behind their house in Canada. Gretzky’s father is said to have told him to not go to where the puck is but to go to where the puck will be.

The same kind of sense is present in every hand in video poker. As we said above, Jackpot Capital offers free paly so you can practice with no risk.

Here are Two Major Decisions That Demonstrate How Important it is to See the Potential Value in a Situation

The President of IBM, Thomas Watson, said in 1943, “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” It is true that in 1943, a computer was the size of a very large room! Still, this is a spectacular misreading of the potential value of a product and an idea.

In 1962, Decca Records invited a little-known British band called the Beatles to an audition. Two weeks after the audition, they told the band’s manager that they were taking a pass. In their words, “Groups are out; four-piece groups with guitars are particularly finished.”

These people probably needed to play video poker!

Here at Jackpot Capital, we try to see long into the future as to the potential value of any game, banking arrangement, promotion, article and so on.


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