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When we fall in love and find our better half, we tend to think of our new relationship as truly special. The truth is, however, that many couples go through the same stages. While the details may vary - whether you get married on a beach or in the countryside, the number of kids you have, or if you opt for a cat instead - many of the feelings and experiences we endure are universal. This week at Jackpot Capital we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a post about the nearly inevitable life cycle of relationships - but don’t worry! We’ve prepared more than just some reading for you! Check out everything you need to know about our One Life, One Love promotion where you get 8 days of surprise bonuses packed with free spins, deposit bonuses, or combinations of both! Deposit and collect this February!

8 Stages of a Successful Relationship

Check out our Jackpot Capital guide to relationships and find the games that have been cleverly hidden in between the lines…

The Stage of Courtship

Maybe you met her at a pub, or he was introduced to you by a mutual friend. Perhaps, she slipped you her number; or he asked for your digits at the coffee house, right outside your apartment. The details are unimportant, really; it’s the spark you both felt that matters! Soon enough, you’re sat across from one another at the swankiest bar downtown or maybe, a secluded park bench. Neither of you stops talking for a second; bouncing between jokes, you feel like you’ve known each other for years, and at the end of the night you even steal a kiss. Welcome to the the Stage of Courtship, where each of you is trying to get get to know the other better, and figure out whether to be Naughty or Nice (not just for the Christmas holidays!). You’re attentive listeners, excited by the prospect of a shared adventure and the promise of a potentially fabulous future...

The Honeymoon Phase

Ahhh, the sweet beginnings. The Honeymoon Phase takes its name, of course, from the vacation newlyweds embark on after their ceremony, assumed to be one of the most blissful holidays we take in our life. Your love is powerful and you feel like a God or Goddess, reminiscent of the strength of a Vulcan, like in our mythical slot title. Your partner’s company feels like a drug and you miss them whenever you are separated. The butterflies in your stomach have moved in permanently and your skin is regularly covered with goosebumps. It’s you two against the world… for the next few weeks, anyway, but up to, even, the next couple of years!

The Power Struggle

As you get to know eachother better, you begin discover differences and where the two of you may have conflicting opinions. The thrill of the Honeymoon period has worn off; routine and gender differences lead you to the Power Struggle. Your partner's once cute habits transformed from adorable to annoying. You begin to ask yourself, Will he ever put his dirty laundry in the hamper? Why does she always have to leave the car full of her trash? How could he forget about Valentine’s Day!? Conflicts erupt as you become more intimate, revealing your vulnerabilities and weaknesses. During this exploration process, you are faced with an important decision - are you able to accept each other's flaws or are you going to need a Witch’s Brew to do the trick?

The Stage of Stability

So, you’ve learned how to fight in a way where both of you win without any Voodoo Magic. The love hangover isn’t always easy but at last, you’ve found someone who accepts you, just the way you are! The thrill of being in love returns, this time deeper and more mature, bringing you to the Stage of Stability. Still, your relationship is impacted by external stressors such as finances, careers, health issues, or having children. It is common to experience high levels of personal accomplishment surrounding many of these factors, while not achieving the same in your romantic relationship. It is therefore, essential to understand each other’s goals and of course, build some winning goals together!

The Serious Commitment Stage

If you made it this far - Congratulations! You’re officially at the Serious Commitment Stage. You’ve been living together for ages, you’re probably thinking of getting married, if you haven’t done so already. Suddenly, you have children in the mix, then a dog, and the Enchanted Garden you’ve always dreamed of. Life happens fast, the kids are already moving out and you’re about to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary! Remember when your biggest concern was, which pizza topping to order when you were both enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon in bed? Where did the time go?

The Co-Creation Stage

With the children out of the house and more time to yourselves, routine can often lead to feelings of stagnation. That’s why you have decided to be a team beyond the realm of your relationship, also known as the Co-Creation Stage. After or even meanwhile nurturing your children, you begin working on mutual projects, or a joint business venture. Perhaps you pick up the same hobbies, like playing Poker together. It is useful to keep in mind that these middle stages are not necessarily a strictly linear process. Rather, think of them as a criss-crossing spiral full of ups and downs and moments characteristic to the each of the three phases.

The Maturation Stage

If you have achieved the Maturation Stage, for better or for worse, you have probably been together for years. Your children are all grown up, now possibly having kids of their own, and you have witnessed them persevere through their own relationship turmoils. You and your partner experience the closest thing to Eternal Love and you are now heading into retirement together.

The Conclusion Stage

The conclusion of any relationship can have three major outcomes; rekindling, settling or termination. It is useful to remember that this can take place at any moment after the Honeymoon Stage, since internal and external stressing factors impacting your relationship are cumulative and ongoing. Partners will either reignite their love and passion, remain in the relationship out of convenience, despite their failure as a couple, or decide to end their shared life and part ways. Love can sometimes be trickier than European Roulette, hang in there!

It would be completely incorrect to say that all relationships go through the exact same cycle, however, many of the above are common universal experiences! At Jackpot Capital, we know relationships aren’t easy. That’s why, this Valentine’s Day, we want to offer you something uncomplicated - no strings attached!

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