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Video poker online at Jackpot Capital or at any other good online casino, has several advantages over video poker at a land-based casino.  Here we will first talk about these advantages and then we will talk about all-important video poker strategy.

Gamers Do Not Travel to Play Video Poker Online

This is a very significant advantage that online video poker has over land-based video poker.  By way of contrast, some gamers say that it is better to travel to a land-based casino to play craps or roulette.

While we disagree in the long run, and while that is not the subject of this article, we do understand that craps and roulette at a land-based casino has somewhat more entertainment value than these games at an online casino.

Video Poker is a Digital Game at All Venues

Video poker at a land-based casino and at an online casino are the same as far as the game play is concerned.  At an online casino, players play video poker at a terminal.  Here at Jackpot Capital, the game is woven into the fabric of all of our digital games.

Thus, there is no extra entertainment value with video poker at a land-based casino over video poker online.  So, why travel at great expense and hassle to a land-based casino just to play video poker?

There is, however, a major disadvantage when a player travels to a land-based casino for video poker.

Jackpot Capital Offers a 9-6 Pay Table in All of Our Video Poker Variations

9-6 means that a gamer wins 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush.  Many land-based casinos now offer only 8-5 (or even 7-5) for a full house and a flush.

This difference is very significant.  If a gamer uses the best strategy on every hand in video poker, he or she can expect to achieve a return to player rate of at least 99.5% and possibly even slightly higher in some variations.

How to Learn the Best Strategy for a Video Poker Variation

Practice makes perfect in many things including in video poker!

There are many video poker strategy cards available online.  Never pay for a video poker strategy card!  As long as we are talking for the moment about things you should never pay for, let us state categorically that you should never pay for a betting system.  You should never play using a betting system.  Video poker strategy is a playing system not a betting system!

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Is Perfect Strategy in Video Poker Complicated?

The most comprehensive video poker strategy chart we have seen has about 80 lines!  Learning a playing strategy of that length takes time.  At this rarified level, video poker represents a profound intellectual challenge to gamers.

On the other hand, there are also plenty of strategy charts that combine several lines where the difference between the lines is super fractional.  These charts make it a lot easier to learn the basics of video poker strategy.  Gamers can always expand their knowledge by incorporated subtleties as they master one level of video poker strategy.

Is It Always Correct to Play Maximum Coins?

For the most part, yes.

Playing maximum coins means that you qualify to win the extra payment for a Royal Flush.  Standard video poker strategy always assumes that the player is betting maximum coins.

However, there are circumstances where playing less than maximum coins is warranted.  The most common such situation is where a gamer has a very limited bankroll and still wants to play video poker.

It is always better to keep control of your bankroll and to play responsibly.  Sometimes playing responsibly means playing minimum coins!  When we see gaming as entertainment and fun before all else, we can see that there are some times that holding back is called for.

How Long Should a Gamer Play Video Poker?

This is a subjective matter.  Still, we always recommend shorter rather than longer sessions in any online casino game.  That is simply because the casino is always “open” for gaming and because, since most players play at home, they have many other important or fun activities that call for their attention.

This is in direct contrast with the situation at land-based casinos where players play way too long and continue playing.  Here are a few of the reasons players should quit or take a break when playing at a land-based casino but often don’t:

  1. Too tired to make good decisions.
  2. Too hungry.
  3. Have had too much free whiskey.
  4. Are getting dehydrated.
  5. Need to use the restroom.  This one truly boggles the mind!

When you play at home at Jackpot Capital, you can always stop when you are tired, hungry, would like a drink, need to hydrate, or need the restroom!  At a land-based casino, players always have in the back of their minds that they spent a pretty penny just getting to the casino and booking a room in the hotel so thy feel the need to play, play, play as a way of getting g their money’s worth.

What happens instead is that casino gets their money’s worth!

We often recommend playing in 30-60 minute sessions.

Should a Gamer Accept a Deposit Bonus?

There are some who say that gamers should not take bonuses.  We cannot figure out why they make this claim!  We say that if the casino is offering a big deposit bonus and free spins to boot, you should take at least some of the bonus.

The free spins will be in slots.  This is actually good for gamers who prefer playing video poker online!  It gives these gamers a quiet respite from the high level of concentration they need for video poker.

Playing Hunches in Video Poker is Very Poor Strategy

The whole idea behind the strategy charts that are based on analysis of millions of hands is that hunches lose a lot more often than following the true strategy.

Playing hunches is one of the least favorable tactics a video poker player can use.  Another is playing above one’s head financially.  Betting too high may be exciting but it is exciting for all the wrong reasons.  There are hundreds of ways to create excitement aside from playing video poker outside of one’s financial range.

Joining Jackpot Capital Online Casino is a Good Way to Play a Hunch

Jackpot Capital has about 300 great games!  We have spoken about video poker here.  We also have a giant library of slots, many variations of blackjack, classic casino games such as craps, roulette, baccarat, and others.  We also have Banana Jones for gamers who like to tickle their funny bone while playing!


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